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  1. thewabbit

    Russian Railways mod

    Now we just need someone to make a flying Back to the Future 3 train.
  2. This is a no-brainer. Call Andy Weir and Fox to get the rights to make "The Martian" in TOM. Let the players play Mark Watney in SP and add MP for other players on the Hermes as they try to save him. Another mode could have the players recreate the Ares 1 and 2 missions (and even the first few days of Ares 3).
  3. I really hope BI is watching this clusterfuck closely, as Kotaku called it, if they want to be around for ARMA 4. Don't be another EA and Ubisoft (and now Bethesda).
  4. I did a video about making VAC work in ARMA 3 again for those that had trouble a few days ago. I have a new video coming out tomorrow about an online platoon script builder I just finished for VAC.
  5. An update for those using VAC, I'm testing a partial online profile generator that is a lot easier than VAC Builder. The first part generates your unit callsigns. There are several options available for 50 soldiers. You can set all your soldiers to use the same callsign and called as 'two' through 'fifty' or use two digit calls for 'one zero' (10) and higher. If you want to play as a platoon commander, you can generate 5 different squads callsigns (ie. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo). If you call 'Charlie 3', it will go to 23. This is a little more complicated so you want to make your squads easy to remember. Since each squad is 10 soldiers, #10 can be called as 'ten' or 'one zero' depending on what you select. It also creates an 'All <squadname>' to select every soldier in a squad. The code is generated in the profile XML format that you can copy/paste into your VAC profile.
  6. For those having trouble with VAC, I created a video on where to find the key-binds to turn VAC on/off, the PTT on/off, the PTT, toggle, and set the sound when turning on.
  7. thewabbit

    Arma3 Videos

    Helo showcase from start to finish with Track IR5 and CH Pro Predals. No 3rd person or auto hover. Flying similar route and landings with the Little Bird. It is much easier. No 3rd person or auto hover.
  8. Thanks for the reminder. I had started on it last night and finished Select One but go distracted with the test video. http://www.simulationhq.com/vac/ VAC Profile v1.3 is now available. The 'Fire Artillery' works but is not perfect. It uses the '[' (previous) key to go up one menu item and activates. When 'Repeat Artillery Fire' is available, that becomes 1 menu item above and 'Fire Artillery' is now two menu items above the default. This is bad UI design by BI but that's how it goes for now. There is no 'go to first item on menu' on this type of menu that I can find. If you know it, please let me know and I'll update the Profile.
  9. Okay. I'm testing version 1.3 now with the salute that goes up and down and the compass/time glances. So far, they are working well. I'm still trying to get one of the dynamic tables to work properly. Most of them want JSON and I'm parsing the profile from the native XML.
  10. Thanks for the ideas Damacles. I don't use the salute much so I haven't added it ... yet. I also like the glance for watch and compass using 'look at' or 'glance at'.
  11. If anyone wants to try it, my new ARMA 3 VAC Profile 1.1 is online. I'm still working on the updates for the site but wanted to get the profile out. You can also see all the commands available and the variations. The table is pulled directly from the VAC profile. http://www.simulationhq.com/vac/
  12. I'm updating the profile today to use two-word voice commands for most commands. Some single word menu commands will remain that way. In the new profile, the O key is Time on/off or Wristwatch on/off. I'm reserving the word 'Watch' for the direction command for the soldiers since that is how the menu lists it. I'll update this thread when I'm finished. I'm also adding functionality to the download website. I have parsed the profile so you can see all the commands of the VAC profile and their key binding, phrases, etc. When I have time (probably over the weekend), I will build the UI so you can build a complete profile online to save and load in VAC. Don't want to use 'Alpha 1-20' to call your soldiers, you will be able to switch it to something else like 'Charlie', 'Foxtrot', 'Golf', or whatever you want.
  13. Thanks for the feedback Damacles and alpha-kilo. In the next update to the profile, I think I am going to move to a two-word activation. I'll start with 'Alpha one', 'Alpha two', 'Alpha three', etc. to select the soldiers. There are some items that can be activated by voice (map, compass, gps, etc.) I added these so you don't have to move your hand off the mouse and WASD while playing. These will also get two-word activation. I don't change stance by voice. It can be done faster by keyboard command without moving the WASD hand. My goal for VAC is immersion but also to allow the player to control the game without looking down.
  14. Airspeed is controlled by the z and y motion of the helicopter. Your mouse or joystick should control the up and down pitch of the nose of the helicopter and the keyboard or throttle should control the altitude of the helicopter. If your Track IR is not working as free look, you need to enable it under the controller button in the controls panel.
  15. I use CTRL + ALT + F1 to center TRACK IR. CTRL + ALT + F9 to turn on/off FRAPS. TrackIR5 while testing new ARMA 3 VAC Profile TrackIR5 with CH Pro Pedals on the Helo Showcase