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  1. FBX -> TXO model converter is available at CarrierCommand.com. Instalation: Extract *.exe and *.dll files into game folder. Documentation for exporting models from Maya to TXO is included in the *.zip file. 3D Studio Max will be available later. File: FBX-TXO_Converter.zip CRC-32: 8c5db26e MD4: b6a4aca06e837f0a31c6bfceef180f2d MD5: 076dd947ae07b8090182c5535bbd2089 SHA-1: 0b26e2fc4e6ec5a3d281ff9ec05ccc1878c373b9
  2. New beta patch (1.07.0025) for CCGM is available at CarrierCommand.com File: Carrier_Command_Patch_1_07_0025_Beta_SDK.zip CRC-32: bf843db5 MD4: 9ffc70d3de8ed092df7c0a6c23cc7523 MD5: 57b04f58a222555394b8368fba23b706 SHA-1: 403410f1ec01730e7caefe0bab157292c1c6d772 Patch 1.07.0025 Changelog --------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added Enemy carrier respawn. The number if its "lives" depends on the current difficulty settings. - Improved enemy carrier's next-island-to-attack decision making process - Improved the enemy item production process. - Improved the enemy tactics when attacking a player controlled island (island takeover). - Fixed the bug where the enemy carrier would not sail away from its starting position for the entire game. - Fixed the bug where some objects on Terminus, Deadlock and Vulcan islands would levitate off the ground. - Fixed the "item was created" bug. The game no longer spams the message when the island storage is full. - Fixed the problem with the enemy carrier where it would keep restarting its attack on an island.
  3. New beta patch for CCGM is available at CarrierCommand.com From this version, it is possible to edit database (items, vehicles speed) via xml files located in scripts/base folder. We made an example how to add new carrier laser weapons (and one more item). Download CarrierLaserGuns Mod File: Carrier_Command_Patch_1.07_0023_Beta_SDK.zip CRC-32: fa626f2b MD4: 12b40d28ab7a32e1194487a4b74585b6 MD5: 440c5cac4b4c41f796121321f5ec6175 SHA-1: e761ef048305a0d11cee5a479239c0b4404a027e Patch 1.07.0023 Changelog --------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed wrong waypoints in the missions on volcanic terrains. - Fixed Launch Drones button. - Fixed situation when the player could get stuck in the elevator. - Fixed empty red slot on the command bar, when player abandon unit. - Fixed situation when load occasionally restart the FPS mission. - Fixed levitating trees on the Terminus island. - Fixed disappearing Rifle crosshair. - Fixed possibility to kill yourself with the turret in the Bacchus mission. - Fixed occasional crash during Timewarp. - Fixed a few levitating building components after destroying. - Fixed scanner enhancement, which did not properly show weapons for droids - Fixed bug when torpedo exploded immediately after launch. - Fixed situation when player could undock the manta inside a carrier. - Fixed Repair gun damaging Manta Shield. - Fixed lag after destroying the last Shield Booster on the island. - Fixed situation when the carrier came out from Timewarp far away from an island. - Fixed availability of Set Sail in tutorial mission Treasure. - Added noise notice when unsuccessfully hacked the Rusty Building. - Added information about type of turrets when a unit with Scanner is undocked. - Changed elevation angles of FLAK cannon. - Removed "invisible" satellite on the Treasure island.
  4. Walrus has three slots for equipment. First slot is used by "small" guns (mg, laser, gatling), second slots is used by capsules and big guns (shell, plasma, missiles etc....), third slot is used by support items like ammobox, computer... Walrus cannot equip two weapons at once.
  5. E key Show/hide debug layer (material tool has to be selected), it will help you see what you're painting with current material, but it will not help you see the final picture, but ... it's really better.
  6. You have to select the terrain in the "Entities (In Map)" listbox. Than you will see the vizualizer in the left-bottom corner and you can move the terrain where you want.
  7. Please look at this page http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Game_Editor_%28Workbench%29_Material_Editing. If this will not help, please make a post here what are you missing there.
  8. A lot of things which are in workbench.chm can be found at: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Workbench
  9. This bug is fixed in new released patch. Do you agree?
  10. Hello, the files which can help are : console.log crash.log enforce.mdmp Of course every additional info (like the crash appears when i destroy enemy units...) will helps.
  11. No, it does not have any dependency on this. It's sad, but i have to say there is a bug when enemy carrier undocking his units. But i believe it will be fixed in upcoming patch.