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  1. Tracer

    No help after my chopper went down?

    No, you had to die. Very true, you couldn't swim in OFP
  2. Tracer

    Binoculars, why can't i...

    ...maybe because you didn't reported this "bug" ? it's been known/reported since OFP! It was well documented back then but it's shocking to find it still exists in ArmA -yes i know ArmA is OFP with an HDR 'coat'.
  3. Tracer

    Binoculars, why can't i...

    Amazing how no one mentions that fact that you can't use binoculars in armoured vehicles (Commander) when unbuttoned either? -you could in say, M1TP2. Anyway, There is an age-old 'bug' still present in ArmA that was present in OFP You have your weapon on 'burst' or 'full' prior to using bins ok. then select bins have a lookie around, see enemy and need to drop him pronto. Switch back to main weapon and it's......yep back to 'semi' mode. Only single round fire... (guns must ALL have worn fire mode switches) How many times i've been killed because of that annoying 'bug'!!! Why hasn't this been addressed?
  4. What's forgotten is that OFP broke the mould regards AI. There's no other title that has dared attempt to emulate an AI battlefield -BF et al is a bloody disaster regarding SP AI! It's easier to chuck out titles like, Americas Army and WWIIO and let the humans do all the hard work and not give a damn about any form of SP AI. There isn't a game out there that has given us miles of open terrain and decent AI that can flank you or hide from you -period! Even your own AI soldiers respond almost 'human like' to their own particular situation -grenades,203,RPG etc. Without you directing them. Now that's clever!! I think folks have become quite complacent to computer gaming of late =read: spoilt! I can count only several titles that made an impact like OFP. Far Cry SWAT3 Just jump out at me with incredible AI. FEAR was good, but again enclosed and heavily scripted. BIOSHOCK has, supposedly, got clever AI -well i've got it pre-ordered so we'll see. Point is, hardly any game out there, FPS, has any real quality open playing fields like ArmA or OFP. It's all enclosed Doomesque levels otherwise. BIS are hardly being challenged? Maybe they will develope a new 'brain' for their baby in the future? The foundation is already there.
  5. Tracer

    1.05 patch install errors...sigh

    Are you using a download accelarator? If you are not, then suggest you do. Any lost interrupted data will corrupt the final download. Also, don't install the game with a V scanner running. I downloaded the 1.05 European patch from http://www.armedassault.com/dwnl_update.html and it worked first time. So i can't see it being a corrupt installer etc.
  6. Tracer

    Check mark for training?

    What is the exact purpose of 'training' -apart from the obvious for a neewbie to ArmA/OFP? I actualy thought (at first before i played the campaign) it was carried into the missions? You know, you get more sniper missions because your an ace shot, or helo pilot sent in against HV targets etc. Would have been a good simple idea to have used the potential.
  7. Tracer

    official complaint to BIS

    I wonder how we used to complain without the internet? Some of us used to just keep our wallets closed in future if a particular company didn't offer support by way of patches etc. Simple easy answer. Instead we have 55 (and growing) pages of 'housewives' bickering over who's grievance is bigger than the poster below them... Do you honestly think BIS is going to trawl through this to find genuine input?? No wonder BIS hardly post anymore -unlike the old forum.
  8. So much so, that after over 2 years of not having OFP/RH/Resistance on my HDD. I'm now replaying the whole thing again from the start! Must be age, but it's good to not be able to remember every damn mission and outcome Compaired to ArmA (i've already commented on the empty campaign) the pure love that BIS poured into OFP et al is what made that baby turn out what it eventualy did. ArmA is premature, the engine is there, but the campaign makers weren't!
  9. Tracer

    Dynamic Campain for arma?

    Nearly all flight sims of the early 90's had some sort of dynamicism to them, be it through clever scripting,ability to chose targets,limited resources or whatever, it still had replayability and immersion. EF2000 TAW EAW Falcon 4 F-15 Longbow 2 Wargasm -that was to have been DID's 'virtual battlefield' These are but an example. I thought that due to the huge success of OFP and it's addons, the natural path (for ArmA) was to make a dynamic campaign that had a front line, which raged across the entire theatre. The campaign -could in theory- last months! The natural knock-on effect of not taking out a target is what could easily drive it. nothing like present ArmA. In a sad way, i find the whole campaign in ArmA like HUGE demo! Just when you are getting warmed up, it's finished......... Compaired to OFP it's very poor and absolutely not even remotely like it. As an old vet of OFP etc. I can but wish i could ask the guys at BIS if this (ArmA) was what they realy wanted to release to their 1.5million+ fans that bought the original? There is no doubt the 'heart' is missing from ArmA...That passion that drove OFP to present a world that immersed you, has gone...it's either that or their goals/ideas were too huge! To make ArmA anything like OFP would need another complete longer campaign released. The 'auxiliary' and 'main' objective missions just don't seem to work in this type of game (for me), it's too 'clunky' and disjointed. It reminds me of the C&C3 demo; where you have great FMV that builds you up to the gameplay -but as the demo only has one mission, it leaves you gagging for the full 35mission game! In Arma, the full game is way,way to short... Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope BIS get the idea of what we fans crave for
  10. Tracer

    official complaint to BIS

    It's not really good etique to post private PMs -regardless of the content.
  11. Tracer

    Chopper Insertion Problems

    take a look at the little demo...watch the editor and see how I added commands. Download Your 'demo' chopper hovers about 6ft off the ground, then when you go in the chopper it ejects you at the next waypoint (at about 30ft) killing you!
  12. Just a thought, but copy and paste doesn't always work with some keys or passwords and isn't the same as typing You have to manualy type the key in, in some cases. Give it a go?
  13. Nope i am using a joystick, but it's the gunners head that's really getting -literally- in the way! I keep losing my SA by having to look up at the radar (top screen) because of his head! (as in the target is in front of him and i can't see it! Wish/hope they give us an independant view like the Hokum but slewable. Cheers
  14. Tracer

    official complaint to BIS

    I have the sound blaster audigy 2 ZS and i suffered from a period of sound loss, *but* i solved that by reducing some of the ingame settings. I have an AMD64 3500+ ASUS A8N-E nForce 4 motherboard 120gig and 200gig Western Digital Caviar SE 7,200rpm HDD 1 Gig Crucial Ballistix PC3200 (dual-channel) GeForce 7800GT PCI-E 256mb Audigy 2ZS I found that messing about with  the in game settings -majority on 'normal' except shadows (low) Ground (low) AA High, AF low i could play and not suffer sound loss. I also have turned off EAX. 1280x1024 I admit it's early doors, but it's progress compaired to the beginning when i just ramped up the detail and lost sound as soon as a big battle kicked off! I also suggest this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310353 as it takes a shed load of rubbish off your CPU and RAM. Works real sweet
  15. I seriously can't get to grips with the Cobra (it may be the same with other helos, haven't tried them?) Flying as pilot and telling your gunner to engage with hellfires (as well as you locking up the target) i just can't get to grips with it??? With the new patch i'm getting engaged by Shilkas nearly 1000metres away and i can't even get a lock on them as it's too far! Also i thought you could move the gimble to 'look down' and engage targets instead of having to point the nose at the target to be able to fire and lock them? This of course causes two big problems! 1) Pointing your nose to lock a target means your gaining forward motion and getting closer to the target! 2) You have to lower the helicopter to compensate for the above problem, this puts you close to ground objects; trees,buildings and ground fire! My question: Can BIS please look at allowing us to hold the alt key and slew (yes i know the Spacebar allows you to lock-up targets, but i can't see through my gunners head, since he's infront of me! ) the targeting system independant of pointing the helo or lowering it's altitude and with a clear view as from say, the chin of the helo or without your gunners head in view? Cheers