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  1. Hi, I cannot succeed in flying helos in advanced mode, although having a good HOTAS (Warthog) and Saitek rudder Collective is not smoothly responsive, and the the aircraft strongly yaws to the left without the possibility to counter with pedals in a stable manner is there any issue between Arma3 and Warthog? by the way: I don't have any problem in DCS / FSX / Prepar3Dv2 / XPlane10 thanks
  2. Hi, I'm into the campaign (Attention Disorder) and I've noticed that from time that my character suddenly becomes no more capable to walk/run/crawl at normal and fast pace, and I thought that it was so because the fatigue model now I've played the Within Reach mission, and my pace was slowed down just a little distance from the beginning: I was incapable to complete the mission because the time limit so I deactivated TrackIR5, thence I completed the mission on first attempt, never experiencing the pace slow down has anyone experienced the same issue? thanks (sorry if I missed any reply after searching)
  3. Tozzifan

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    :o :o :o :o please forgive a almost-newbie-old-man returning to this game after a while (switching in time back and forth from sim to sim makes memories fade away....)
  4. Tozzifan

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    In case :) there could be still anyone around here, I submit my problem: from the mission after Operation Owl, my character starts with no weapons Although having many mods activated and played lots of missions and campaigns so far, this is a first-time issue, so I ask for suggestions here, thanks
  5. Tozzifan

    USS Nimitz

    Hello, I'm fairly new to Arma2 mods: I have downloaded the @JDG_Nimitz_v093 file and set up the mod into SIX Launcher options (with all other mods, all of them fine), and obviously copied the @JDG_Nimitz_v093 folder into Steam's Arma2OA folder I am playing Wiki's NAM Memories campaign, for which the Nimitz is required, but I'm stuck at the "Depot" mission, where the carrier seems to be mandatory: "missing file that has been deleted_jdg.carrier", and I'm not able to progress further from there .... please, any suggestion about what I'm missing? thanks
  6. Tozzifan

    Wiki's Creations

    thanks for the hours of fun granted by your work :)
  7. Tozzifan

    [SP/COOP2] Operation Cold Bore

    Hi, I've just downloaded and started the day mission (ACE) I wonder whether there is the possibility to evade strongpoints at bridges or patrols on land stretches, just to know whether max realism is appliable, because swimming or going by boat in daylight or crawling on the shore (under a patrolling chopper) doesn't seem to me a sniper approach :D , so please, which way am I missing to avoid confronting enemies through chokepoints? thanks
  8. Tozzifan

    Wiki's Creations

    [Afghan War Diary v2.1 - #4Eagle Claw] Hi Wiki, this time it happens that, as soon as I click "start" for this mission, A2OA (launched via Six) freezes, and I have to recall Task Manager to kill the game I've tried to remove any mod, except the ones mandatory for the campaign, and to disconnect any peripheral (HOTAS Warthog, TrackIr) as well; of course I have no similar troubles with any other mission or campaign please, do you have any suggestion? thanks
  9. Tozzifan

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    [13 Secret] Hi, I'm relatively new to A2OA+ACE and mods, as I've played in the past only the retail games, and I've installed only recently all the up-to-date stuff; thanks for this campaign and your work, that I'm really enjoying in this mission may you please help me? thanks
  10. Tozzifan

    Wiki's Creations

    Wiki, thanks for your suggestion, in the meantime I've managed to solve: the a10 run won't start because I took a slow prudent approach, so that the friendlies had killed all enemies before I could reach the officer, and the Chinhook arrived without triggering the next task I've restarted the mission and scrambled to the ambush site (leaving my teammates back to avoid them being killed): everything happened correctly
  11. Tozzifan

    Wiki's Creations

    so the steps that I listed to operate the SOFLAM are right ?
  12. Tozzifan

    Wiki's Creations

    other than ACE, CBA, Fallujah: Aliabad Lingor Duala Hazarkot Namalsk Iranian Forces (plus AI) MH47 Chinokk AC130script Tier1operators Rangers2005 TF86 Seals I'm playing also Namalsk and Team shadow SP campaigns; moreover, I've completed several SP missions (Sniper in Takistan, Cold Bore, Fallujah Defense, Sniper in Utes, Sniper hunt), all without issues, so far (although I've never user the SOFLAM, so far :) ) isn't that perhaps I'm missing something to do with ACE? just to be sure: after talking to the officer (task completed), - I select the SOFLAM, - aim at the building (then I hear my own character naming the building as a target), - then I press SPACE to lase the building (red point visible)
  13. Tozzifan

    Wiki's Creations

    [six Days in Fallujah, Spooky] Hi Wiki, I've reached the ambushed convoy.... what did I miss? thanks
  14. Tozzifan

    Wiki's Creations

    I'm returned and discovered Arma2OA-Ace just now...if you're missions are all this interesting, Steam will make me pay A2OA a second time, for the time spent on the sim :D .... and maybe you should expect :o quite a number of questions from me
  15. Tozzifan

    Wiki's Creations

    [six Days in Fallujah, the Hospital] Hi again, Wiki, in the first mission, may you please help me again? :) thanks