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  1. Squirrel 911

    Arma 3 BETA multiplayer FPS drop

    I've had to do a reinstall of my PC as my SSD crashed. Since the reinstall i can't play Arma 3 multiplayer because the FPS is below 15! PC spec i7 3770k 4.6ghz 8gb 1600 mhz ram 256 Plextor M5 Pro SSD GTX 780 So high end machine. Single player is no problem, 60+ fps! Anyone got a fix for multiplayer?
  2. Jason, i think you may need to format your PC and start again? I can help you out, just let me know.
  3. Squirrel 911

    Graphics settings change when reload

    I will check that tonight and come back to you. All settings reset to default.
  4. What settings should i run the game at with the below spec? i7 3.8ghz 275GTX OC2 BFG Thanks
  5. Squirrel 911

    Graphics settings change when reload

    I haven't made any changes at all. Just a normal install.
  6. Hi all, Have a minor issue. When i reload my game it doesn't seem to hold the previous settings. My machine can run the game no problem on High, but it seems to reset to default when i quit and reload. Can anyone help? Thanks
  7. Guys, After playing Arma 2 and adjusting my settings to high, when i reload the game the next time around it sets them back to normal. Is there a way around this?
  8. Squirrel 911


    After reading this thread, I think i'm gonna go for Win 7 on my new build. Every little bit i can squeeze outta Arma 2 the better!
  9. Is there any performance difference in ARMA 2 running win 7 over Vista?
  10. There is a down side to running Windows 7 RC...... Upgrading to a European edition of Windows 7 Available only in Europe, the Windows 7 E editions ship without Microsoft’s Internet Explorer built in. The web browser-less release, made available by Microsoft in an attempt to conform with EU law, doesn’t offer an in-place upgrade from any prior edition of Windows. Put simply, that means European consumers can’t perform an in-place upgrade to Windows 7 whatsoever. That also means that Microsoft won’t be offering Upgrade Editions of the software at European retail destinations. Instead, European customers will be treated to full Windows 7 E editions at upgrade prices. Despite the lack of a built-in browser, the Windows 7 E edition does carry one notable advantage. Being a full edition of Windows 7, it doesn’t offer in-place upgrades, but clean installations are available without the need for an existing, activated Windows operating systems. European users, then, can simply wipe a hard drive and install any version of Windows 7 E. Who’d have thought upgrading to a new operating system could be so complex?
  11. Just about to build my new pc and wondered if i should run arma 2 under Vista or Win 7?
  12. This has got to be a joke right?
  13. Oh i see is because you're running 1280 x 1024. Make sense now
  14. Really? What about a DX4 33mhz with a voodoo 3 16mb? Are you serious it works fine on a 9500gt?