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  1. This looks awesome! FYI I don't think dev tools will be released anytime soon, from what I've heard DayZ standalone moddability is pretty far down the roadmap, but that discussion should be kept on the DayZ forums.
  2. Taviana. I know these are DayZ maps, but count up the 1km grids and you'll get an idea how big they are: http://dayzdb.com/map/taviana http://dayzdb.com/map/panthera
  3. Hi guys, I'm working on creating my favourite ski-resort in Arma Google maps link: http://goo.gl/maps/huxsc I thought I'd share some screenshots etc. in-case any of you want to see this sort of thing in Arma. Remember it's very early days but here you can get an idea what sort of map this will be: http://i.imgur.com/ATDRkSS.jpg (331 kB) http://i.imgur.com/utFmsJ4.jpg (373 kB) The idea is for it to be snowy above 800m and fade into grass below that I'm new to map making so it may take a while for it to be released but I can't wait for it myself, and if anyone would like to help out with modelling some buildings/advice for making snowy maps that would speed up the process and improve the end result :) If feedback is largely positive I'll post more screenshots every major update. -- R3con
  4. Unfortunately no plans for that, however if one day I decide to expand the map to 20x20 I'll definitely include some sort of airstrip!
  5. You bet! http://goo.gl/maps/2HzqY
  6. SASrecon

    Run in bush

    Hmm in the ticket it says Running on the road should take less effort than running on grass. Actually over longer distances it's better to run on Grass, it absorbs more of the impact when you're running/carrying weight for example. Maybe if you're wearing trainers and sprinting on a man-made flat surface then it's quicker over a short distance but over a longer distance/if you're wearing boots and you're not sprinting flat-out I really don't believe there would be that big a difference in speed/fatigue. So maybe they could tweak it so that if you're doing the burst-sprint it's quicker on a road, but running/jogging is just as quick on grass as it is on a road? But with the bushes I completely agree, it would be a cool feature to play around with :)
  7. SASrecon

    Ugh. Focus on fixing controls.

    What d'you mean 'added' freelook? It's always been there just press alt? again, just bind everything normally and use alt? It's an Alpha?
  8. SASrecon

    Arma 3 Teamspeak Skin

    Looks awesome! Only problem I have is that I'm finding it difficult to quickly distinguish player names and channel names :P
  9. SASrecon

    global banned on arma 2 going over to arma 3

    But you'll always get the mongos who download some fake PC-boost software which steals their CD-Key and to get banned from all Arma games because of that would simply suck..
  10. SASrecon

    25 Euro Store Gift From BIS : Many Thanks.

    Many thanks BIS! I'll get myself PMC an ACR with it, then gift the Arma X I got from Arma 3 Supporter edition to someone else and not waste a load of games just because I want the DLCs :P
  11. SASrecon

    Wind simulation

    Hi, I'm sure you can work out what my suggestion is from the title, here are some examples of what is affected: More realistic (and in some cases more fun) flying, if this feature works well in TOH, I guess it could be implemented into ARMA III.Parachuting could also be affected and strong winds would make it harder to glide into the direction the wind is coming from. [*]Affected bullet flight-paths like in ACE. [*]Module-based feature, so the wind can be adjusted (possibly under the weather module), removed or set as random by the mission maker. [*]Smoke will be affected and for a challenge of good placement of a smoke grenade one will have to consider which way the wind is blowing to provide useful visual-obstruction from the enemy. [*]Small boats which sit high in the water would be affected by wind, from what I can tell at the moment the waves in ARMA2 only cause boats to move up and down, maybe in ARMA3 there could be some lean-type rotation/movement in boats. I'm sure there are other things which could be affected by wind but here's just an idea which I'd like to see feedback of, from the community :rolleyes2:
  12. Oh god not this again...
  13. Hey I've been having some problems with creating some missions in the Arma3 Alpha (not Lite). I can't seem to extract a mission to a PBO in the MPMissions folder, all I can do is create a mission.sqm file. Also when I was trying to create a MPmission in the regular editor all I could do was create the sqm again, and exporting it to a MPmission wouldn't make it appear in my list of MPmissions, so I had to copy+paste all the mission contents and recreate it in the 'multiplayer editor', even then I still couldn't extract to a PBO, but it would appear in my list of MPmissions (as an sqm file under 'Arma 3 Alpha - Other ProfilesNAMEHERE\MPMissions', as my 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam_Library\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions' is completely empty except the readme file). Anyone got any suggestions? I've always had the CD copy of Arma, could it be a steam problem? i.e. should I verify integrity of game cache/reinstall? Would hope for a simpler fix >.> I should probably also mention (in-case this is an issue with my Steam Directory), my regular Steam directory is on my Harddrive (D:/) but I installed Arma3 on my SSD (C:/). But don't see how this should be a problem as all the directories of MPmissions, missions etc. are all set up, they're just empty :( cheers, R3con
  14. SASrecon

    Can't seem to create PBO in MPmissions

    Fixed - For anyone else who has this problem, solution is to run steam as administrator :S
  15. Water-surface bug where you can see the sea-floor without the water blocking your view.
  16. SASrecon

    Arma 3 Random Game Crashes?

    Yea had, 2 or 3 crashes playing multiplayer with a friend in about an hour of playing, dunno if it's any use to the devs tho if we just say 'ohh my game crashes' are there any log files we should report to bugtracker? (Sry I'm new to crash-reporting, but I wanna help out with the alpha process :P)
  17. SASrecon

    ArmA 3 is a Beacon of Light

    haha, was just about to post this: -DLJPr2lyno
  18. SASrecon

    Changing stance while moving? Is it possible?

    Well actually only since a few months after A2 release they made it possible to merge 2 animations from both upper and lower-body, enabling people to reload whilst moving (But sadly still haven't made it possible to switch to your sidearm whilst moving). Wasn't possible at A2 release (iirc) or before.
  19. SASrecon

    Bistore discount?

    That's because you were looking at the price without tax, probably after putting it in your basket. At the moment the total price for me if i convert it to dollars is: $30.30, Tax: $5.26 so Total - Tax: $25.04, simple maths really.
  20. Because other developers like to use simple/stupid AI. The AI took up a whole core in A2, I'm guessing it's the same in A3, simply because of how many processes and calculations it has to go through to produce a vaguely human-looking response and act completely on its own accord. In most shooters nowadays AI is completely scripted, so it NEEDS you to command it pretty heavily, this 'commanding'/scripting of AI behaviour relieves a lot of performance and can provide some sort of immersion if placed well in a narrow environment but in a mil sim you need AI which can adapt to all situations, run around and take cover without you telling it to, fly a helicopter without recording its path manually, drive a car and avoid obstacles (hell, even looking at some A3 gameplays on youtube, the AI drives better than most players) not just how to take cover behind one piece of cover in a corridoor-shooter scenario and pop-up upon a 'detection trigger' or after a certain interval. As for the visuals, I don't know very much about GPU/CPU usage, someone else would have to answer that :P
  21. SASrecon

    Can't buy supporter edition?

    https://twitter.com/Arma3official/status/308964684806094848 & https://twitter.com/bohemiainteract/status/308967860078772224 "Supporters! Fear not if you had troubles buying #Arma3 #Alpha Supporter Edition; working on a credits solution that is reasonable for all!" & "We apologize for the problems with Arma 3 on http://Store.bistudio.com .We are working hard on sorting out the issues and will keep you updated." Respectively.
  22. SASrecon

    Can't buy supporter edition?

    Same, I assume they're working on it though if it's been taken down?