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  1. Well, not PHYSICAL help...I made my way to the mortar crew to transport the mortar back to the ERV, but was unable to work out how to carry it. It never gave me the option to pick it up. Perhaps it was because I was pretty much fully loaded. I would have dropped spare magazines and first aid kits to carry it, but it never showed me an icon to indicate that I could carry it. Later on in the mission (no spoilers), it gave me the option to try this side mission again, but then gave me a "mission complete" message. Looking at YouTube walkthroughs was not helpful, as no-one was even given that side mission (most vids were over a year old). It this possible? How do I achieve this if I replay the mission?
  2. steved

    I need a combat vest

    George, I'm very happy that Arma 3 always tell me what loadout is recommended for every mission I am tasked with, and that all I need to do is approach the "armoury", it tells me what I need AND gears me up. In the mission where we take a mini-sub to the North of Girna, I was supplied with a re-breather vest and a pair of fins. I was pleased to see the vest and the fins attached to my belt for that mission. After it was completed, we commandeered a truck and headed back to Camp Maxwell (I think), and I am briefed and sent out again. I go to the armourer, and I get the default loadout for the next mission, but nothing in the way of special or extra equipment is required. I still had my re-breather vest on. I wanted to swap it for some kind of LAND BASED combat vest, either with or without extra armour protection, merely so I could bring along a few extra medikits and a few extra magazines. The re-breather vest does not permit the extra kit as it has no "slots" or "carrying capacity". I was a bit disappointed, but this is the Army after all. I took off my re-breather vest, putting it back in the crate, but there was no other type of vest available in the support crate.I proceeded to the assembly point, and checked myself out in third person view, and I still had my fins hanging at my waist. I don't want to have to repeat a mission, or the rob the corpse of a downed comrade or enemy to get a vest for this mission. How can I get geared up? Also, I can't remember the scuba mission from my first play through of ARMA 3. Is it a new mission, or was it so unremarkable last time that I forgot about it? Thanks for anyone who cares to help me in this endeavour. Check Six (aka steved)
  3. I completed the underwater mission beach assault, and when I got out of the water, I was impressed to see I had a re-breather vest on, with fins hanging from my belt. Nice touch!. I now find myself wearing this all the time. The next mission briefing appears, and I go to re-arm, and I am still wearing the re-breather with the fins. I open the support crate, but there is no vest there. I really need to have the vest BEFORE the mission, I can't take the chance of stripping one of an enemy or downed comrade. Help please! How can I change this (once great, but now ridiculous) outfit?
  4. steved

    Apex Protocol Campaign

    Thanks to everyone that took the time to answer. It has been helpful.
  5. Hi, Playing through Arma 3 campaign again as a single player, and am loving it all over again. The Apex DLC looks interesting, and I note that it has a co-op campaign, but can the campaign be played as a single player, or do you need to be part of a squad, or playing with friends or other online players? I read a post from someone who completed the first mission alone as a sniper, but is this possible for run-of-the-mill players, or elite hard core Arma 3 experts only? Do I need friends? Cos...sniff...I got no friends...WAH!! Check Six
  6. steved

    Please help a noob reload

    Thanks EDCase and flyingpig. You've helped me to realise I should be more careful in selecting my ammunition. I still have trouble picking items up from deceased comrades and enemies and ammunition cases and then utilising them, but I'll keep working at it. Fantastic community here. Check Six
  7. steved

    Please help a noob reload

    Thanks Sgt Major. I know that my reload button is correctly mapped, as it DOES change mags for me. I also knew that Arma remembers the rounds remaining in the magazine (which is more realistic, but not what most gamers are familiar with). I do look at my inventory and observe the magazine that is on the right hand side (currently equipped) and choose EXACTLY that magazine, to every detail. Thanks for the tip about the equipment that CAN be mounted being grey, and also the repack mod (I won't use it....not yet anyway). Any other ideas guys?? Check Six
  8. I am having trouble working out how to re-load. Yeah, I know..."Press 'r" dude!!!" What is happening is that on occasion I run out of ammo in the field, despite being careful to load a few extra mags at the base before setting out. I get myself in a situation where my current mag has only 3 or 4 rounds, and I need to re-load. "R" won't change my mag. I check in my backpack where the extra mags I carried are waiting, and they are there, but I can't seems to drag them across, or press "R". After I select my weapon of choice, I check the mag supplied with the weapon and ensure that I pick up extras of that magazine, matching calibre and size etc. I've even tried dropping my mag onto the ground, and then trying to re-load, but that doesn't seem to work either. I drop my 3 round magazine on the ground, walk a few metres away to make sure I don't pick THAT one up, then drop one of my "full" mags and try to pick that up. but again, it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Check Six
  9. Well, I solved this problem today. I uninstalled the whole thing AGAIN, got my receipt and took it back to the point of sale. I showed it to the salesperson, who immediately recognised that the disc itself did not have "Operation Arrowhead" in the logo. When I opened the game when I got home, I merely thought that BI were saving money by utilising the same label for the expansion pack. I suspected that the salesperson had merely gone along the drawer full of discs and selected the first one that had "Arma" written on it. That was exactly what had happened. The salesperson on duty ducked down into his drawer, and retrieved another disc. This one had the "Operation Arrowhead" superimposed on the logo. Can't wait to get it home and fire it up, but I will have to wait a few days (I work nights, so I'm not going to install and start play at 1am).
  10. I click on the desktop icon, the Start menu appears, I have "Options" menu to change audio, video, controls etc, Single player, Multiplayer. I click on Single Player, Select "Campaign", and there is just "Harvest Red" in there. That's where I would have expected "Operation Arrowhead to appear. But it is not present.
  11. I bought ArmA 2 OA today, and I already had ArmA 2 on my computer (finished once, having another crack at it). I went to install, it asked me if I wanted to re-install. "OK" says I. I eagerly launched the game, and there was "Harvest Red" staring at me again. I didn't want to finish it the second time...maybe not yet anyways...I wanted to play the "Standalone Expansion" of OA. I couldn't find any reference to OA at all. Perhaps it was because I "reinstalled" the expansion. So I uninstalled, and installed Arma 2 OA. Now I have to go back and do boot camp again, campaign is still Harvest Red - SAME MISSIONS! My question is this...where is OA? As a "Standalone Expansion" with "ArmA 2 not required to play this game", surely I don't have to complete "Harvest Red" AGAIN to enter OA missions. It should be a seperate campaign. Did Bohemia Interactive accidentally drop an ArmA 2 disc in the box I bought instead of an expansion disk? I bought an ArmA 2, and was also given a copy as a present. Do I now have THREE copies of the same game? I only play Single Player, and I didn't use Steam at all. Do I need to "activate" it or similar using "Steam" to get it to work? How do I get to play "Operation Arrowhead"? Any help is gratefully accepted.
  12. All good advice guys. I was stuck on the southern approach road to the third village (the one with the APC's and a few technicals). I had a single RPG round I looted off some guy I killed, and the dilemna was who to shoot (cos I HAD to scoot).
  13. That's good information there IronPants. Most other times I've jumped into an APC I entered from the rear doors,and then selected my seating position once I was on board. Also the information on how to deply it is good stuff as well. I was just going to "hang around" and wait for truckloads of supplies to arrive to help me take the third village. Bored with that, I ventured out to the third village with the two rebel squads and one technical. The machine gun nest on the road (Southern approach)was easy to take out. Anyone help with a tip on taking out the third village? Also, I can see I get (for example) $43 for taking out a technical (nearly at the expense of my own life)...how can I afford to build a factory and buy APC's? "Another strategy is to capture the second town and just wait until you get enough money for a heavy factory and a BMP-2...it's easy sailing once you're mechanized."
  14. Nope. Gonna try that shortly. Got to go to the bank now, and give it a try after that. I thought that would be what I had to do. Thanks for all your help whopper_with_cheese.
  15. My main screen shows me and razor team as four seperate icons, as they have for all the game so far, not Nato Symbols. The NATO Symbols are on my "Map View". but are not controllable or contactable.