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  1. I meant a CAS with heli as jets aren't in just yet.
  2. Ok I got the arty and CAS to work, is there anyway to sync it up to an AI leader and have them use it when needed?
  3. Sheps

    Automatic mortar fire

    I'm also interested in how I can get the AI to make use of mortars.
  4. Sheps

    Unit initscript for flashlight

    Yeah the AI doesn't seem to want to use the flashlights unfortunately.
  5. First and foremost, this is a comment from someone that knows absolutely nothing about helicopters or any form of aircraft. After fiddling around with the preview for about 30 minutes, I'm having a really hard time seeing how this can be fleshed out into a full game. Turn on Auto Trim and the flying isn't all that dissimilar from the original ARMA heli's. Maybe I'm missing something but this game feels, by the day, more and more like some sort of April Fools joke that refuses to reveal the prank.
  6. Sheps

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Haha, sounds awesome. Sisak has some beautiful rolling fields that would be perfect for warfare, It would be about the most fun you could have in this place.
  7. Couldn't agree more. One thing I hope they change is how helicopters react to damage. I want to see more dramatic drops and allow choppers to crash into the terrain without instantly bursting into flames. I'd love to see a chopper full of men splash into the ground and then see a handful of said men hopping out a little worse for wear.
  8. Wow, these BIS fanboys have extremely short fuses. I thought the 13 year olds talking trash about consoles could be vicious but oh boy! I've purchased every OfP +Arma game from Resistance to Queens Gambit, correct me if I'm wrong but BiS has never given anything away for free. I don't understand why they are worshiped as if they were gods. This franchise was built by the community based additions. I like BIS, I like their games but I'm not going to worship them like they are John Jones and they have the magic elixir to enter heaven, seemingly like some people here are. Anyway to get back on topic, I just spent $40 bucks on the expansion, yes I'm a little miffed that just a month later this'll gets released, hence my tentativeness to engage my wallet and take evasive action.
  9. Purposely leaving stuff out of Arrowhead and then selling it as DLC? I honestly thought much better of BIS. $10 for a handful of new troops, cars and heli's? I'll stick to the community based addons. Thanks, but I'll pass.
  10. Sheps

    SLX Mod WIP

    I've tried the same mission (couple of AH-1's vs K-52's) with both Vanilla OA + SLX and just Vanilla OA. The SLX mod mission is always stuttering and lagging.
  11. Sheps

    SLX Mod WIP

    Has anyone else had FPS issues with the SLX mod? It seems to drop my FPS down by huge leaps!
  12. Sheps

    FV432 British APC

    This'll go perfectly with the MTP infantry! Downloading...
  13. Lol. Inv 1944 was THE mod back in the day! Too bad they had all the promise in the world but not enough man power. Didn't they end up releasing like a half made mod for OFP? If I recall they had the highest quality WW2 U.S + German soldiers with some pretty nice cannons as well. Such a shame.
  14. So I put the dash infront of the Nosplash and it did change a lot of things, unfortunately I'm still experiencing the mod without any sounds at all......
  15. No sound at all. From clicking on the menu to the noise from guns and vehicles are all missing. It's essentially like playing the game without any speakers...