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  1. SpectrumWarrior

    ArmA 2 - Server Ban List - ?

    Sorry Dusty: You are unbanned now.
  2. Well can anyone update the step by step to what is needed to do exactly please?
  3. SmokeDog3PARA: Hi, Any news on when to expect the updated step by step tut. and new tools? Thanks, Robert.
  4. SpectrumWarrior

    ArmA 3 Editor

    It would be even nicer if they added thier .pew's in the PBOs so we could edit thier islands. Getting tired of these little 10 and 15 building towns, with maybe one large city on the map. We need more cities of 250\300 +buildings\houses. Kind-a hard to plan a mission with 30\40\50 co-op and all you have are these little towns that can only avg. 10\15 enemies, or a snipers fest from way outside the town because there are no buildings to speak of. Also if you could make it a lot easier to make an ISLAND, I have tried 3 different step by step post in making ISLANDS for ArmA2OA and all I keep getting are all these errors, can't load this texture paa this p3d, that rvmat, ect.ect. Something about bad version or something like that about 48, 49, and 50. P.S. PLEASE release a step by step tut. on making ISLANDS for all ArmA's thanks, Robert.
  5. SpectrumWarrior


    I scanned every post in here and did not see anything about enemy vehicles not respawning, If it has been brought up sorry for the re-post. I have been in many, many, many servers and have d/loaded many versions of this map/mission and have yet to see any enemy vehicle respawn on any server or any map I d/loaded, even the new 0.80 I d/loaded straight from your site and put straight into the editor and tested on my server, and not one enemy vehicle respawned. Can we plase get a fix to this? Thanks, Robert.
  6. SpectrumWarrior

    ArmA 3 Editor

    Hi: I scanned the thread topics and did not see anything for this, so if it is a re-post I am sorry. I hope to GOD you are planing to put EVERYTHING in the editor, all buildings, all roads/sidewalks/runways, all trees/bushes, all rocks, all walls/fences. EVERYTHING please. Thanks, Robert.
  7. Hi: I see nothing has been posted since may 2011. Am I to assume all bugs are worked out in the page 1 (ARMA2OA Map step by step Guide using Arma2p tool) and ready to follow step by step and working proper?
  8. SpectrumWarrior

    ArmA 2 - Server Ban List - ?

    Sorry bud, I went back as far as april 1st and can not find your name in any of my log files as even being in one of my 7 servers. I am the ONLY one that can ban anyone on my servers and I did not ban you, I do not even recognise your name at all. You are going to have to help me out a little bit more here and PM with your game ID so I can check you on the ban list. All I can say is you were in there one day in a different name and someone was in there with that damned darky hack and ban you. PM me and we will get it straightened out ok.
  9. SpectrumWarrior

    Fallujah 1.2

    First: Awesome map!!! Yes: I run Insurgency and Evolution ( Fallujah ) servers. We have guys from all over the world come in there. We kick no-one out for thier ping. We have not ever really had a problem with lag from someone elses ping. PORTS: EVO 2306 and Ins 2320 I have 2 request for shezan74. 1): Please add more buildings in all those empty spaces in the city ( PLENTY OF BUILDINGS lol, the ones needed to run the insurgency spawn in/near/on roof script ) . Me adding them via the editor just runs the files size so high. 2): Please add all the buildings, fences, cranes, walls, roads, etc. everything to the fallujah_hou1_1.pbo for mission makers. this is what I have found the names and p3d's to add my self, I use another editor update for the OA buildings. But you get into too many other editor updaters and you start looking for your players to need that addon to join your server witch is not what I want to do. class cfgpatches { class fallujah_hou { units[] = { "Land_dum_istan3_hromada2", "Wall_L_2m5_gate_EP1", "Wall_L3_gate_EP1", "Wall_L1_gate_EP1", "Wall_L3_pillar_EP1", "Wall_L1_pillar_EP1", "Wall_FenW2_6_EP1", "Wall_L_2m5_EP1", "Wall_L_5m_EP1", "Wall_L1_2m5_EP1", "Wall_L1_5m_EP1", "Wall_L2_5m_EP1", "Wall_L3_5m_EP1", "Wall_L4_10m_EP1", "Wall_L5_10m_EP1", "Wall_L_2m5_corner_EP1", "Wall_L2_5m_End_EP1", "Wall_CBrk_5", "Wall_CGry_5", }; weapons[] = {}; requiredversion = 0.1; requiredaddons[] = {"CAData","CABuildings"}; }; }; Thanks, Robert.
  10. Dwarden: I am running the 1.59 patch on my server and the only real problem I have have personaly found sofar is when you click I ingame to check your score, there is no score listed. The score bar is there but no scores. (ArmA2OA Insurgency, EliteArmaWarriors_Ins_T Map: EAW_Insurgency0_76_US_T) Thanks, Robert.
  11. SpectrumWarrior


    I would like to know one question, How do you increase the enemies that spawn perplayer? Pogoman stated in another forum some where that it is set at 5 perplayer. I would like to increase this amount please. I have many of my own edited versions of this map that I have made, from all foot battle/no armor to lots of extra armor. Added lots of extra buildings etc. I just can not for the life of me figure out how to add enemies spawning. Thanks, Robert. EDIT: Well I finally got the description.ext, class aiNumber {, to start adding enemy ai past 100%. Not sure if this is the proper way of adding Ai but I have it at 500% and have around 20 AI for one player. If there is another way or more proper way please let me know. Thanks, Robert.
  12. SpectrumWarrior

    Insurgency[ACE] and Insurgency[NO ACE]

    I would like to know one question, How do you increase the enemies that spawn perplayer. Pogoman stated in another forum some where that it is set at 5 perplayer. I would like to increase this amount please. Thanks, Robert.
  13. SpectrumWarrior

    Medevac Module

    Hi goliath86: I did not read all 65 pages of this post so if this has been ask sorry for the double post. My question is how do I make the MM_CHOPPER setcaptive true and the medic? I have tried in many different scripts to setcaptive true to no avail and I have tried adding triggers on the map to setcaptive true to no avail. Because 99 out of 100 times it gets shot down b4 the rescue and or after take off for reinsert. It really needs the setcaptive true on it for rescue and reinsert. Thanks, Robert.
  14. SpectrumWarrior

    AddAction on client

    I am so glad I found this post. I have been fighting this matter since arma2 came out lmao
  15. SpectrumWarrior

    VF Ladder Addon

    I am not a scripter, I can some times take someone esles script and edit them a little and get lucky enough that it works using the search for work around codes lol. I hear what you're saying and thanks it was worth a shot in the dark anyway. I am slowly learning things here N there. I'll just keep plucking away at it now N then, probably never get it to work in arma1, and again thanks.