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  1. no, thank you. - just what i wanted to know, i'm basically doing as you suggest (storing a my own reference to my classification of the group's type/purpose when the mission starts and passing it along as a string to my script). ... but i'm happy to see that i'm not reinventing the wheel. Here's an unrelated followup question for you, or anyone :) You can tell your units to watch a direction using 3 - 8 - 1 for watch north, or you can click the ground with alt (you probably know this, but just for clarity as to what i'm talking about) Then there's 'commandWatch' which is the scripting version of this command, you can give it a specific location -- but i'm curious as to the 'north' part for the scripting command. There seems to be pretty solid parity between the players ability to command subordinates the AI and the scripting of the AI. I think i've noticed a discrepancy though but i'm not sure.. I just mention this because the commandWatch obviously has the additional effect (in addition to making the unit watch the direction) of giving radio commands, so i understand you could 'fake it' by getting the relative position of the group leader for the 'effect of north' but i don't think it's the same... - i'm going to test it infact, but i think you'd more likely get radio such as: '2 watch 054033' [gridref] or '2 watch 500m north' [relative pos] or calling out landmarks which is not the same effect. I may test this and maybe post another topic... depends on how many hours i spend fannying about with this :D
  2. I couldn't think of any other way to phrase this... ..But for example, say i spawn a unit using BIS_fnc_spawnGroup. Later, somewhere in a script i am iterating through a foreach / allUnits. I can easily determine which units are squad leaders using typeOf; will the squad leader, or group 'know' about the type of group it is in, or was spawned in? Will it contain any reference back to it's original spawned CfgGroup class? I realise this information would instantly become redundant because you can regroup people on the fly... I am just curious.
  3. Looking at the biki, i've been unable to find any documentation on commanding the ai via the radio, like the commands you get on the 'movement' sub-menu of the radio when you are squad leader of some AI subordinates.. To clarify: things like 'return to formation', 'flank left', 'advance' Is there any reference to these commands? If anyone can lay and knowledge on me regarding this it'd be great xD
  4. I appreciate you're trying to help but i can't see anything there that deals with the actual question: " How do i script a single subordinate to advance 50m ahead of the formation.. Just like the player can order "
  5. I thought id post this topic in the right forum in the hopes that someone has already experienced it... Obviously, this for Arma, not the original Ofp.. i have the sprocket/downloaded version of Arma...  latest patches and the Oxygen 2 PE  RC... The error i get is the thread title..  External Viewer: Attach Failed. No viewer found  -  i get this when i try to load buldozer/the viewer... i havent even loaded a file...  and also, when i have loaded my file Here is my config from O2,  i have changed the Virtual drive letter in the batfile to Z.. because its a little more organised for me, but i get the same error if i leave it as P:\ I have also tried copying all the DLL's from the o2light,  and unless i put the quotes "..." around the  c:\arma.exe  part...  when i go to the viewer, i just get a menu screen... I have posted this new thread as i read people having similar problems,  but im not sure if anyone has had exactly the same problem... ...and i hope me posting this increases the chances of it getting fixed  thanks to anyone who can help [edit] Also.. i have just thought to ask, is there any alternative to buldozer viewer? Can i not import my semi-working models into Arma to view them?? because quite simply... i've stopped making my models and cant continue because i dont know of a way to preview them, if anyone knows how i can preview them directly into Arma without buldozer errors it'd be cool - thanks [/edit]
  6. I am retarded, but these forums are not easy to use. There are 9 stickied threads... :rolleyes: Some of them have to do with Battleye... There is a battleye forum? Is it helpful (or infact distracting) to have these displayed in every forum? I resolved my issue, it was because i am retarded, but i stand by my complaint... I hope at the very least my superfluously ironic elucidation highlights the transparency of this conundrum.
  7. I think.... (Not that anybody asked) - People citing that bf4 video as the greatest thing ever... Then (and quite rightly) only one person? points out the fact the soldier can spin his entire upper-body 180* fracturing his spine to look behind him? That shit happened in the original Half-Life. And to compare that part of the 'animation system' to Arma 3 -- surely in terms of 'realism' or just looks -- Arma 3 is better there no? I mean, i understand what people are saying about 'slidey feet' when people pivot and what-not but (and i'm by no means an expert on the arma specific implementation) surely that's just a by-product of the upper-body disconnect and pelvis region slowly transitioning to match up with the orientation of the upper-body... They can either limit your range of motion to what is realistic for a human being, thereby lessoning 'player control' which is what they had when they had things like 'aiming deadzone' and jesus what a shit-storm that setting brought up... ..Or they can have it like counterstrike, and have the animations completely disconnected and not synchronized, as has been said previously, floaty cam.. Which isn't arma. ...Or they could have some sort of hybrid system, but i don't see anyone here suggesting the 'perfect system' ... And i doubt one of the current devs is going to dream-up an all-new system overnight that completely and perfectly replaces the current system. Maybe we could help with that? *looks over current thread* ..Or not. What we do have now is leaps ahead of the far-more-static previous iterations of the engine, and i applaud the devs on that. ...and i am confident that, as CoBrosStuidos said above, the people, who have the knowledge of how it works under-the-hood, will be able to improve on it. ...I'd also posit the only reason it's apparently so egregious "OH MA GAWD HIS FEETS SLIDED" is because you've not died 14 times in the last 30 seconds and you're actually getting a moment to observe your surroundings and take in the visuals as opposed to getting blasted by lights, bombarded by colours and flashy icons: "nut shot +50 Battle credits" " NEW MRE RECIPE [ Cottage Pie ] Uploaded to your UAV " *goes into epileptic seizure*
  8. Sigh, Yeah i know that's how you do it lads... ..So i did that, but it wouldnt let me click the dropdown... so i (as usual) started to rage-the-fuck-out... and i thought in my moment of insanity: "Ah perhaps they have kind of 'locked it away' to keep retards like myself from hurting themselves" ..So i thought i needed to put in a code, like you do to get access to the legacy builds. ..The truth of the matter is (the punchline) is that i was alt-tabbed out of the game anyway, and had the launcher running too... So, obviously steam wouldnt let me change build whilst the game is actually running. *face 2 desk*
  9. Ok the huron sound-bug is indeed fixed on the dev branch... It is the most recent / least of the issues presented, but i will give credit where credit is due. They have fixed one of their mistakes :) Good job BI :) Also incase it wasn't clear, this is probably one of my favourite games of all-time (i am not just shitting on the game) -- i just wish i could use all the of toys (and they worked) i was speaking of in the first post.
  10. Ok, Where to start. As impressive-looking as this game -can- be at times... For the most part it just feels like a lot of wasted potential. We're given all these toys, but half of them are broken. Lighting: - flashlights are gimmicks -- they're ineffective and NVG's are OP compared. There is no sense of balancing here for Pvp, it's either use NVG's or die. - The illumination rounds from mortars and Flare-grenades are also nigh-useless. -- So the combination of the two, there is no alternative to NVG's.. and furthermore No drawback to using NVG's... no whiteout, no 'fuzziness' no batteries, no interference... Tough choice. - Fog (regardless of how its implemented) does not affect the AI's view distance/visibility/spotting chance... rendering it again, broken / pointless.. (but nice looking) http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22777 Mortars need fixed. Illumination rounds are useless (practically useless, they make a light in the sky, they do not light the ground) We still dont have WP or smoke mortars, which we had in arma2... Huron needs fixed. - http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=21268 This premium chopper which has such a small niche role [Everything it does, can be done better by a ghosthawk, so it doesn't need more cons] i can't even play myself because anytime someone boards it, it makes a horrible cracking sound in 5.1... It's not a minor thing to me if you've got people jumping in and out every few minutes... It's actually very loud. SLI still needs fixed: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=436 I dont even have SLI anymore, but it saddens me to see a 2+ year old ticket on the bug tracker which doesn't allow people using SLI to actually use the pip sights without seeing some horrible flickering shit and the best reply is: "oh yeah, we'll look into it." I appreciate the patches, the ai improvements... But these are not minor things and the fact they are constantly overlooked makes me question how often the devs actually try to play around in the editor or just full-stop play the game.
  11. I sort of agree... But does it though? The SLI issue is a troubleshooting issue... The huron bug/issue is again, a troubleshooting issue.. if you run surround. The other 2 issues are already on the bug tracker and you are correct, are not strictly troubleshooting issues... If you want to report this and ask to get it moved, you are welcome to.. But i'd feel a bit cheeky posting up a rant thread then politely asking a moderator to 'move my extremely negative thread where it can get more attention please'. Anyway... The SLI one hit a large number of people and the huron is with DLC content... The sli one has just been buried, i mean... It seems like nobody wants to touch that, last time a dev replied it was to pass the buck to nVidia, even though: - some people report it on crossfire - its strictly an Arma issue -- its strictly related to pip -- it was introduced by a patch -- it's only on specific vehicles... (Yes that's correct, it works fine on specific vehicles) Since providing that rationale there hasnt been another dev back in to explain what's going on... ( feeling ignored ) It's been going for enough years now to get the sense its like 'well fuck those SLI guys'. Personally i'm an adult, I understand its a business, and i could actually deal with: but i dislike the feeling that there's just a hope the issue with go away if they ignore it long enough... The lack of confidence / clarification... It translates to a lack of care. Also it fucking irks me, that the huron is a 'DLC' or as BIS likes to put it a 'Premium' chopper, which is so niche to be almost useless except for support then i try it out and i can't even fly it in first person because it sounds shit. A 'premium' piece of equipment that you pay extra for that doesn't work properly on release and when you post up on the bug tracker it feels so rare to get dev input it almost seems like they think they're doing you a favor by replying... :/ Personally i'm not too fussed where this is posted,
  12. I am a virtual person and i am offended by these notions that my opinion isn't worth as much as that of a woman, when in reality its the reverse. [ note: this is obviously not intended to be taken seriously]
  13. political correctness gone maaaad
  14. second topic in a short while.. i'm on a roll :D Ok so skiptime is wonderfully simple, and it works for skipping ahead 3 hours... which is what i want. I searched and used some other geniuses 'fastTime' script too, to slightly speed up the gameTime, but slows it down during dusk/dawn to keep the effect subtle... this mainly uses the 'date' command... Which is great because it gives the mission the flexability to be run from any start date... Also, what i want. So. I have a game-time running slightly faster than real-time, with a script that allows you to skip 3 hours ahead. Believe it or not, this all works fine so far. So you know the purpose, i'm paying my 'mercenaries' by the hour/day (not decided yet. ) ...The problem comes when trying to keep a 'mission elapsed time counter' If i don't use the 'date' command, it doesn't seem to take in account skipTime... So i was going to use, the current in-play 'date' and compare it to the start 'date' variables... ...I wrote a script to do this, but it's going horribly wrong somewhere... and showing my complete lack of arithmetic skills (the scripting was fine, the math/logic was the failing :D ) because at a point it read: Elapsed time: 1day, -9 hours. :D
  15. or you've just taught me another thing so now i have to forget something else! stop please stop!
  16. brilliant cheers. i'm not a -total- idiot i swear! i've done this stuff in c# before, and i remember using the modulo operator there, but there it's like % i think.. but i had no idea it was in ofp/arma :D ..infact i think i have seen it other peoples arma scripts and might've even looked it up before - but memory like a fish i guess. i fear for every bit of knowledge i learn on here for arma scripting im 'losing' other knowledge.. i've hit my cap. :D but yes that's totally 'the more elegant way' i wanted, cheers :)
  17. I've got arma open now... and i've tested it. It's me. So i took your suggestion and simplified the code down to: If ! (IsServer)exitwith{}; _sleepDelay = 2; _startDate = date; While{TRUE}do { // If the time is between 4am and 6pm, lets speed up the updates and reduce the time advance if ( (((Date select 3) > 4)&&((Date select 3) < 6)) or (((Date select 3) > 18)&&((Date select 3) < 20)) ) then { setTimeMultiplier 5; }else{ setTimeMultiplier 10; }; _curDate = date; _elapsedDays = ( (dateToNumber _curDate) - (dateToNumber _startDate) ) * 365; _elapsedHours = _elapsedDays * 24; //_elapsedMins = (_elapsedDays * 60); _elapsedMins = if ((_curDate select 4)>=(_startDate select 4)) then { ((_curDate select 4) - (_startDate select 4)); } else { ((60 - (_startDate select 4)) + (_curDate select 4)); }; _elapsed = format [ "%1, %2, %3", (floor _elapsedDays), (floor _elapsedHours), _elapsedMins ]; player groupChat _elapsed; sleep _sleepDelay; }; It all appears to work :) If anyone finds this useful, have at it. I'm not entirely sure if all the checking is required for _elapsedMins? I couldn't work out (and i guess in truth this is the bit that has been stumping me, not thinking like a computer) a more elegant way to get the 'elapsed time' without getting weird figures like -55 depending on what time i had started the mission...
  18. Hi, i have an ai with a script who runs up to a chair but i cant seem to get him closer than say 2 meters.. and id really like him to be almost ontop of it before i trigger the ambientAnim function... I've tried most things i can think of, off the top of my head, but that's probably not saying much! cheers if anyone can point me in the right direction. _unit setUnitPos "UP"; _unit setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _unit disableAI "FSM"; _unit disableAI "TARGET"; _unit disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _unit disableAI "AIMINGERROR"; _unit disableAI "SUPRESSION"; _unit disableAI "PATHPLAN"; //_unit disableAI "THREAT_PATH"; //_unit assignAsCargo Waldos_Chair; //[_unit] orderGetIn true; //_unit enableCollisionWith Waldos_Chair; _exactPos = Waldos_Chair modelToWorldVisual [0,0,0]; while {_unit distance (position Waldos_Chair) > 2} do { //_done = moveToCompleted _unit; if (unitReady _unit) then { //_unit disableAI "MOVE"; _moveWP = (group _unit) addWaypoint [ _exactPos , 0]; _moveWP waypointAttachVehicle Waldos_Chair; _moveWP setWaypointType "GETIN"; _moveWP setWaypointCompletionRadius 0; //_moveWP setWaypointType "GETIN"; //[group _unit, 1] setWaypointCompletionRadius 1; }; //_unit moveTo (position Waldos_Chair); sleep 2; }; it's almost like there's some built-in collision promixity 'bubble' flux capacitor* around the chair object and he just wont go inside it :( as he seems to dislike other editor placed objects in the same fashion, not wanting to get too close... But obviously as i want him to sit in the chair, the closer the better... thanks! *sorry had to
  19. You say it with such certainty i believe it this time. :D
  20. Doesn't seem to do much for me testing in the editor... which is where i prefer to test to get a quick turnaround on how many ;'s and ()'s i've left out... So i've been avoiding things that involve me having to compile the mission, upload it to dedi.. run multiple copies of arma, etc... ..i prefer things where i can just hit 'preview' and not have to faff about so much... So, i'd argue on whether i'd be 'avoiding all the headache' there mate or just 'replacing the headache with a whole new area of arse ache' :D Wow, searching the functions is something in my sleep deprived state i didnt really think of, i had furiously searched the commands/forums but... Good idea, ill double check :D In terms of my horrible code... I have several non-working examples lol.. but it's exactly what dux said... Something like: _startDate = date; while {true} do { _curDate = date; _minsPassed = (_curDate select 4) - (_startDate select 4); _hrsPassed = ((_curHour * 24 ) - (_startHour * 24 )) / 24; player groupChat format ["%1 Hours, %3 Mins ", _hrsPassed, _minsPassed ]; sleep 5; }; See i could go look it up further, i'm pretty sure i -could- bodge together some sort of working example... But when i do that sort of thing and it ends up being pages of code, just to get the 'elapsed time' of the mission, i know i'm doing something horribly wrong... Because surely it should be much simpler... Liiiike, using the dateToNumber command, which i couldn't work out.. Because: *humps* See, this is where i was going wrong, and this is why i come to here for help. I had tried this (honest) but i was getting some stupidly weird values... I had no idea that i had to multiply it by 365, that logic was completely beyond me lol. Thanks for letting me suckle at the teat of your scripting knowledge/logic sir.
  21. are you certain of this? I ask because, again, on disabling Pathplan / Threatplan, i noticed the ai actually getting stuck on objects [ the edge of a house, i believe it was ] inbetween, attempting to move towards the chair... ( - and Since all the houses have positions around them for viable cover, i assumed at the time, that it may have something to do with "path planning" of routes between startpoint/destination avoiding objects on the way. ) ..But, i don't say that with any certainty/authority... Because i was trying a lot of things and i'm aware of my own failings when it comes to not following correct scientific method of change-one-variable-at-a-time-and-test. :D
  22. stilton

    Fast Travel Script

    *cough* I dont even know why i said that it was possible... I used that module recently and i guess for some reason i was sure you could. Sorry? Sorry dude i'm the propoganda monster today, spreading disinformation amongst an innocent forum populace... ...Keep it on the down low but i hear arma 4 is out next week. *eats cyanide* Personally i've never used the new arma 3 respawn templates system so i don't really know jack about that... Wish i could help sorry :)
  23. stilton

    Fast Travel Script

    You should investigate the "sites" modules / functions /scripts that come associated... As they have an 'interactive' option... That (i believe) allows you to teleport to 'owned' bases. Alternatively you could just lay those down near your 'area' and all the work is already done for you... I'd point you closer than that, but when it comes to actually going into the config/inner workings of modules it's not something i'm too shit-hot on :) Failing that, if you've already got the rest setup you're simply looking to use "addAction" to attach the scroll wheel action to the flag no?
  24. with all due respect... absolutely no offence intended but the last 3 replies aren't very helpful :D I think to be honest, samatra nailed it with his 'hacky' solution because it actually deals with the question i asked. The other replies don't i said: ai with a script who runs up to a chair but i cant seem to get him closer than say 2 meters So, its the " getting close-to the chair " that i'm having problems with... because of some sort of, (as i said -- but ill repeat) some sort of what feels like a collision mesh around the chair itself. Try this in the editor yourself before giving feedback, if your chair objects allow AI civilians to run -through-* them, by placing a waypoint behind them, must be something im doing wrong... Note that i'm saying through here.. Because if your chairs, in your editor missions force the civilian to pass -around- them.. then the civilian is also, for you too, using some sort of pathfinding/collision detection with an extremely large collision mesh attached to the chair. (Which, tbfh, needs adjusted. ). I've tried making a waypoint with scripting with a completion radius of 0, and 0.5 meters On the chairs world coordinates and loop it, and the guy just runs a 3m circle around the chair... Also... the 'attachTo' command is not relevant to the question.. I can get him to animate into the chair after the fact, its the actual getting close... ( Although i do appreciate you explaining another hacky way of getting him to make small teleports towards it lol - +1 for imagination i guess :D ) Re: PATHPLAN / THREATPLAN is taken from either BIsims or Take-on biki... the engine does not throw any scripting errors (with -showScriptErrors on) when disabling this ai-subset... and the ai did seem to respond with a more direct route... So i would say that 'pathplan' does actually do something... But i have no idea in truth.
  25. Wow thanks.. i had considered considering using setDir but didn't know of a good way i could force the unit forward, thanks for telling me about... playActionNow "WalkF" and since all my coding is 'hacky', this should fit right in :D