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  1. hey everyone, I have been messing with L3DTse. Thought I would try pushing an L3dt terrain thru Visitor. I am always checking out texture tools and height/terrain editor tools with Visitor to arma. Never any problems for a couple of years nows. Now out of the blue I got this error, and I can't track down the problem. Suddenly out of the blue CfgConvertFileChng is trying to read and convert the rvmat files from my P\ca\plants\data. Same for rocks! I have no clue what started this I have been using the same config file forever no changes to any paths or file names. I just save a new texture or height map over an existing one. Using the same name no need to edit layercfg, config.cpp, or rvmats. Always working from the same namespace and saving to the same @SRS folder in ARMA dir. So no changes to config.cpp or binpbo options. I get this same error for all entries in clutter......................... Error reading text file 'ca\plants\data\clutter_grass_general.rvmat' p:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Tools\BinMake\CfgConvertFileChng\CfgConvertFileChng.exe returned error 1 If anyone has come across this or seen a post? The help would be appreciated. I have looked and googled several times and found some references. Nothing that helps in my situation. Thanks all for reading my plea for help.......................
  2. hey Cougar, This is Fence try something along these lines {_x setdammage 1} forEach units group _pilot; (accesses the array with no element preference.) in place of these 2 lines requiring a specific element. if (alive (units _pilot select 0)) then {(units _pilot select 0) setdammage 1}; //(units _pilot select 0) setDamage 1; sleep 3; if (alive (units _pilot select 1)) then {(units _pilot select 1) setdammage 1}; //(units _pilot select 1) setDamage 1; sleep 3; I am not sure of the syntax but I think that's close, but may require macgivering on your part..... catch you on ts when you get your new drive issues sorted your only friend, Fence
  3. I found this thread doing a quick search in the forum for 'firedirection'. Maybe it will be of some help? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=72153&highlight=sound+firedirection
  4. SRS

    Help with map fix

    Kegetys tools CPBO is your best friend. There are other tools for unpacking pbos I think. I use Kegetys comes with simple instructions. http://www.kegetys.net/arma/
  5. Good deal and congrats I did that with my sandbox island. Then I upped the heightmap to 4096 and dropped it to square size 38. textures looked better but sat and mask took awhile and I have a feeling it would start bogging down in game with objects etc... your posted params stand a better chance. If you bump the contrast on the mco files you can yank something that resembles a bit more detail over distance. Cut down on detail in sat_lco. making a larger sat more managable. The detail textures get stretched a good bit even with large ones. But as long as the missions on the map are fun thats what really counts. If I ever have time in a mission, to count the daisies and worry about how real the rock I use for cover looks? Or how many grains of sand are on the beach? SHOOT ME!!!!
  6. source is path to island folder = "rip31st\rip31st_normandy2\" "p:\rip31st\" = is your project folder unless you rearranged something since.
  7. Sorry, rip31st, for the redundancy on the rvmat issue. I thought you had all the path issues and project environment sorted. So many files to track down and correct paths in it takes abit. I'm sorry I can't help you with the build environment I'm not certain if its the same for arma and arma2. I tried to get arma2 yesterday but bestbuy and walmart didn't have it in stock. That's about all there is for local shopping and even thats a couple of hours round trip. I had to order it from newegg. Maybe by xmas. overnight was a bit steep for my budget. I will watch this post, I like the idea of your map sounds like your revamping bf42 in a round about way. It sounds like fun to me. I just had a look at the arma2 terrain tutorial it covers the P: drive setup at the get go as far as what goes where. A quick glance it looks the same as arma. Some of the folder names are different is all. To run that down. Theres even a video there. Nice work on that tutorial. It is well worded easy to follow.
  8. You need to select text during the sat/mask import. The texture files in the rvmats will retain the png extention until binpbo is ran. Then during the binpbo processing they are changed to the paa extention. I noticed though in your binpbo options you have "*.rvmat" listed in the (list of files to copy directly). I posted this in an earlier post, in order too raise concerns about doing that. You need to remove "*.rvmat" from that list, let binpbo handle them. Otherwise you end up with uncompiled rvmat files with wrong extention. You can do it all manually. But it's allot of work. Try removing *.rvmat from that list. Then run binpbo again with "clear folder" checked for GP's.
  9. I cut kjus into .hpp files hacked it for arma1 it compiles fine here. No errors. my test island runs fine in game. I have to do some last minute xmas shopping I guess I will swing by bestbuy see if they have arma2. Get on the same page with you guys. Not much going on in the arma1 visitor forum. I hesitate to post any advice at times not having arma2. Not exactly sure how different it would be from arma1, as far as visitor is concerned. the config files I can see clutter has changed. Thats got to be an improvement. N1 kju that config is lean and mean ready too rock and roll. I keep mine broken down into .hpps'. Just use the includes in the cpp. But thats just the way i work. Makes it easier for me to turn things on and off while testing. I also found some things you excluded weren't needed for arma1. This cleaned up my CfgWorlds.hpp abit thanks.
  10. The one he posted is good, 'based on the one you posted Rip31st'. It may be the forums formating of your posted config. But I found mismatches of "{}" a typo so on. Thats all cleaned in the one kju posted. I'm gonna hedge on the rvmat files. They must get added to the wrp file. I can't find them anywhere else in an unpboed working island. They are also listed in the dep file. Maybe your wrp file doesn't binarize. Because your rvmats aren't what is expected. You can completly remove the config.cpp file from your project folder, and compile the island. It just won't show up in game. That is you could if everything else is good to go?
  11. In your c:\arma_temp folder in with your wrp file is there a *.wrp.dep file its a text file it lists I'm guessing dependancies. Maybe you'll find a clue there. I note that in my *.wrp.dep file the rvmat files are listed there. I noticed that you have *.rvmat in your list of files to copy directly. Is there something different about the rvmat files in arma2 or with steam. Normally binpbo or binmake? calls a utility when you run binpbo. Its called CfgConvertFileChng 'from the readme' (- this tool converts rvmats to binarized format). It or something else changes the png to paa in the rvmat files as well. Atleast thats been my luck worry free rvmat files so far. Kju posted while I was looking through your config. The config at that link has it all sorted. I was begining to find more errors. But if you use the one from kju that will sort it all. So I'll remove those things from this post. I remembered coming across a post in the arma visitor forum about a steam issue. I just tracked it down. Looks like you probably already read that post. Thats about all that caught my eye.
  12. I can process that size image. My problem would be sending the image to anyone. I am stuck on dialup for awhile. It sucks but I have to watch every dime and nickle for awhile. Anyone should be able to. It will just be slow going it will require a minimum of 70 gigs of drive space free. You would be best starting at full size just use enough colors to define cities, forests, roads, a basic layout. Slice it into easier to work with segments. Do the details then stitch it together. Theres always a work around. It wouldn't be easy but it would be an epic piece of work. A bigger bone then I would wana chew on. ---------- Post added at 05:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:17 PM ---------- The bigest problem I see is getting any elevation detail at these dimensions. I am going to alter the parameters and size of the heightmap some see if I can get something with better elevation detail. Still using the same sandbox island as mentioned earlier in the post. I'll give this a few hours of time today. sort out the math and a workaround for the sat and mask. The island I am sandboxing per your specs is not crasing in arma1 at 1.14. even with vision set at 10000. however its just island very few buildings or objects on it.
  13. The 'import sat,mask' should create a lot of *.png files, *.rvmat files. in the layers folder. dozer takes that info converts your textures in the data folder and the layers folder. At that point you should have all you need for wrp file. I don't get a .lst file in the layers folder just allot of image files and rvmats.
  14. Ok lets eliminate the config.cpp file temporarily move it to your desktop run binpbo. Make sure clear temp folder is checked Give it about 3-5 minutes tops. The island won't show up in the game of course. But if it does pack it then you know the problems in the config file. If it still doesn't complete that leaves an issue with the build environment or settings in binpbo. ---------- Post added at 09:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:30 PM ---------- We could be focusing in the wrong direction. Also a possibility one of the bintools fell on the harddrive the wrong way. Injuring itself during the install.