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  1. What exactly do each of the (S, D, L, C) indicators mean? Can't find it in the documentation.
  2. sabre4809

    Will ARMA3 feature realistic tank armor?

    I would be happy with this, enable caption translation.
  3. sabre4809

    Take On: Hinds!

    SUPERHIND!, wow nice job BIS it looks good, finally a hind with a decent cannon. Those are INGWE missiles on there aswell . Awesome even if the name is wrong, its just Superhind MkII, III, IV or V. Or Mi-24 Superhind, since most of them come from Mi-24s. Algeria and Azerbaijan are the only operators I know of. Well don't all Russian Hinds use SACLOS weapons which are commanded properly by gunner in Arma already(non-tab). For the Superhind, the INGWE is a SACLOS beam riding missile so should be no huge diff there. BUT they could give it the Mokopa, which is LOAL, LOBL with either Semi active laser, or Radar, or Imaging Infrared(So a like Hellfire and Javelin). It is also capable of using Hellfires aswell anyway. So maybe its in there.
  4. THANK YOU!! This is one of the things I really hated when we lost it when ArmA1 came out. With the OFP system you just had to point at the road(or where you are going) and hey presto, smooth analogue steering with the mouse. From ArmA on we had to either switch to keyboard altogether or get used to a mix, neither of which where as smooth.
  5. Ferrari Virtual Race has nothing to do with FVA. One is some terrible arcady marketing game the other is a decent sim on the Netkar Pro engine, from Kunos Simulazioni. SMS, is from some Simbin dev guys. Not sure what happened or why but Ian Bell who started the Blimey Games part of Simbin, started or joined Slightly Mad Studios. Then it was announced that they bought Blimey, shortly later Simbin where said to be in a very poor state financially. Don't know how much that will make CARS like GTR2 though. I'm looking forward to seeing how all these games come out in the long run. rF2, is looking hot with its track tech and for a beta the handling is looking good for the heavier and/or mechanical grip based cars with lighter more thoroughbred aero cars like World Series is very meh. But I have had very little time with it admittedly. CARS, I haven't touched but it looks amazing however opinions of people I trust about the handling/tire model hasn't been amazing for now. I have little hope with GTR3. GTR2, RACE xyz where all disappointing enough. I am putting ALOT of faith in the new Live for Speed tire model, if/when it gets finished. Netkar Pro is my current choice, best physics across the board, from suspension, through tire model, wet surface etc etc. Just massively crippled by its net code and massive learning curve. So Assetto Corsa is naturally high up on my list, more of the same running of a spanking new engine with a larger team. iRental, new tire model is tard ville, and I'm glad too, save money. Great if you want to learn a track but NKPro, maybe now rF2 and hopefully soon LFS is/are better. All in all its nice having so much choice and competition in the PC sim arena finally. :mad:Just sucks that I very probably....wait 100% certainly will not be able to play any of them to much extent at all for the foreseeable future.
  6. Always been doing that. Nope. E: Tried all vanilla maps, won't work. Lase and 'TGP' works fine. Tried, starting on ground and in air, tried starting as pilot then boarding. Multiple aircraft using correct ordnance. Regarding the Russian stuff, if you can get the laser guided bombs, KAB 500Ls working that'd be awesome :) .
  7. Been using ACE. Now tryed without it and only vanilla plus required mods, still no joy. No CCRP or CCIP actions or any of it come up ever. All I have in the action menu is intervals and HUD colour, zoom, mode.
  8. No where near the required capability. Ignoring the Su-25, I'd like to employ these weapons accurately and effectively. The current ACE implementation falls short.
  9. I have always had hold breath bound to H (since the default binding for H is pointless) and disabled the right mouse binding so you can zoom without holding breath. Then with H bound to hold breath I use Logi profiler to get it to bind H to a joy button. Works for me. I cannot get any of the CCRP or CCIP stuff to work, they just dont show up at all, no action menu regarding them, nothing. Would it also be possible for you to somehow get it working for the Russian guided weapons, Laser KABs and KH-29L and KH-25ML?
  10. Theres bucket loads of potential in this, esp if it works nicely on MP. Is there any future possibility of adding subordinate Artificial Commanders? So a primary who gives orders to a Plt Lead who then controls his own squads. Perhaps also a system to tether squads in the same platoon(synced to a common commander?) together to ensure mutual support?
  11. sabre4809

    Realtime immersive - Militar simulator cryengine

    From Dec 2011 http://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/archive/2011/December/Pages/GamingTechnologyPutsSoldiers%E2%80%99BootsonGround.aspx So still going to use RTI thing, but using VBS2 for now. Personally, RTI looks like a game, it just doesn't look to be structured how a Simulator should/needs to be structured. Surely a Sim is there to learn/train/practice procedures in a controlled, repeatable and cheap manner? I don't see how immersion applies to a simulator. It is always going to fall waaayy short. This sort of thing surely applies far better. Still not real but fills the role better.
  12. sabre4809

    War with Iran.

    RQ-170. Hot tip: Don't read British media. Apparently they are now claiming to have 'taken control' and landed it.
  13. Like others have said, the default view is zoomed out. When you 'zoom'/hold right mouse, you get to what can be proportioned to normal vision. Yes the FOV is narrow, but heck you have a small monitor to look through trying to simulate human vision, what do you expect?
  14. sabre4809

    Maks 2011

    Yeah maybe BIS got some real inside info and in 10 years we will see the real Caiman :p , and it isn't just some creativeness from BIS. Anyone else think that Russian aircraft, jets in particular just have so much more character, more than any other nations craft? Except maybe a Mirage.
  15. sabre4809

    Maks 2011

    Kinda right, the KA 50 was chosen, but very long ago for the Soviet Union but by the time it got into service its obvious shortfalls and fall of the Soviet Union suffocated it of funding. Neither the Ka or Havoc where meant to replace the Hind at that stage but just take over its main anti-tank role. They where meant to be Specialised Anti-Tank helicopters which Kamov committed to whole heartedly while the Mi-28, a chopper already effectively with 10 years of development behind it, was still trying to be a gunship and was using quite old technology. The Ka was the new shiny special thing and it made the Havoc look silly. They kept developing the Havoc but after the fall of the USSR it also lost alot of funding. Until suddenly they realised the Hind needed replacing and that a specialised AT heli is not really that needed anymore opposed to a versatile all weather modern gunship, enter the Mi-28N and Super Hind. The MI-28 was chosen, Black Shark put to this special forces role that suits its little numbers(20 or something) and the Ka-52 in a role that I know nothing about. Anyway they are all built by the same company now.