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    BushWars Mod

    I played the BWM on BattleField Vietnam, and if it wasn't for the dumb AI, it would be my favorite mod for just screwing around. Never really was a fan of BFV, but that mod was creative and original. I'll definitely have to give this one a go. Looks nice from here.
  2. Sand Flea

    "Adult" style sigs

    Where do you live? Nazi Germany? My guess is America At least we can draw cartoons without invoking race riots.
  3. Sand Flea

    28 days/weeks later style zombies?

    Someone needs to look closely at the stickies... Addon Request Thread... hmmm... no Cold War Rearmed Discussion... not quite... Addon Research Topic... not really Armed Assault AddonList... might be a clue, not sure... Why don't you check it out?
  4. Sand Flea

    Does supressive fire work in ArmA game?

    Yeah, I love using the M240, but the trick is to take them out quickly because there really is no suppressive fire in ArmA. They don't cower or make immediate attempts to find over (usually), they immediately return fire and flank you. I ran into a large group of AI from about 200m away, and I started belching out lead with the M240, and immediately after four of the enemy were killed, the AI returned fire with an ungodly amount of lead and I was dead. They were just in the middle of the road... Not a care in the world that four of their buddies just died from a hailstorm of 7.62mm bullets... They just killed me like the unemotional lifeless bastards they are.
  5. Sand Flea

    Influx of Bad Gamers?

    I was just playing on a server today... evolution... And I was taking off in a UH-60 and this TK'er shot the tail rotor with an M136 and we spun out and crashed. And then I got blamed for all the TK's since nobody really knew what happened. And then I was banned. Hooray! Some German server so I don't care to much. It is annoying, because evolution is volumes better than the Beserk bs where everyone is just a leetpwningsniper with a javelin, but it always attracts the most TK'ers. I think they just do it out of frustration with not being able to play the game.
  6. Sand Flea

    Influx of Bad Gamers?

    Is it just me, or has anyone else felt recently that the gameplay in ArmA went down? I feel like there are many more jackasses and BF2 losers playing now than ever. Evolution doesn't feel fun to me anymore because I can't find a server where people get along. I have a 3/4 record this past week for servers turning into a TK/Cheatfest. And there are a ton of servers that keep dumbing things down and editing perfectly good missions so everyone gets a G36 and a Javelin. That just doesn't do it for me. Anyone know of a good server where people still play Armed Assault and not Verbal Assault?
  7. Sand Flea

    Is there a ArmA Huey

    Well played, sir.
  8. Sand Flea

    Mi-17 (RACS) 0.5B

    It's a nice repaint, but I don't think it is in-character of the RACS. I would see them operating like CH-34's or UH-1's or something before they bought commie choppers. I do think it is more realistic of them to have an Mi-8/17 than a UH-60 or AH-1Z though.
  9. I think it is more realistic to have the RACS there, personally. What it comes down to is real armies fighting fictional enemies on a fictional island in a fictional war, so to have that nation represented is probably more realistic. Splitting hairs. Each to his own.
  10. Sand Flea

    RACS Ranking System?

    ... On that note, do you think anyone will care to much if the ranks aren't in the correct language?
  11. Sand Flea

    3rd Version-Skaven's Racs

    That's what I originally was thinking, but the Sahranian military seems to have enough money to dish out for fancy German firearms and superfluous M163's. I suppose the CH34 could fit, but there are so many UH-1's on the market that nearly every third world country has used it in their military if they didn't get an Mi-8.
  12. Sand Flea

    RACS Ranking System?

    On that note about Riboli, I decided to check out the South Korean military about their ranking system, since the USA pretty much formed that military like Sahrani's. South Korea uses an identical ranking system as the US Army, but it became translated into Korean. So only if I had the Esperanto for: Private Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant First Sergeant Sergeant Major Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major
  13. Sand Flea

    RACS Ranking System?

    Right on, well, thanks for your help. I've joined an Esperanto forum on the internet and I'll see if they can help. I've researched it a bit and it is actually a very interesting language.
  14. Sand Flea

    RACS Ranking System?

    I can't read that webpage... What exactly is "armeo"? Also, did you just make up those ranks? They aren't very specific. Only 1 jr. enlisted rank there. soldato - (first class) - (lance coporal or specialist, not entirely necessary) kaporalo sergento - (staff sergeant) - (gunnery sergeant) - (etc) - (second lieutenant, lieutenant junior grade...) leutenanto kapitano majoro kolonelo
  15. Sand Flea

    ArmA Squad Directory

    Hey, could you remove the "HMH-363" entry? We are reforming. Thank you.