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  1. Shadow_Spyder

    SJB Submachinegun Pack

    Any chance for an ammo box with these weapons in it? Or maybe a list of class names for the weapons and ammo so I can drop them in my own box?
  2. I believe its a weapon his Team Leader or Squad Leader character uses.... dont quote me on that though... unless im right lol
  3. Shadow_Spyder

    USEC F117 (v1.3)

    Thanks you thank you thank you thank you
  4. Shadow_Spyder

    SeXyWombat's Tank Damage System

    Sounds good! Keep up the good work and hope to see that beta/demo soon.
  5. Shadow_Spyder

    SLX MOD public release

    1st question: Removeallweapons This 2nd question: this setdamage "anything under 1" Example: This setdamage 0.7
  6. Shadow_Spyder

    SLX MOD public release

    This setcaptive true in the units Init line. ~~ALSO~~ Any chance of getting the ability to drag downed soldiers around as a separate mod? I love this ability and would love to have just that separate part for my units online co-op play. Thx
  7. Shadow_Spyder

    GLT's hands on AfrographX CH-47

    Any chance for a Marine medevac Ch-47? Love your UH60 Medevac... but my unit is a marine unit, we could use something marine.... or maybe a UH1 if you can get your hands on one of those...
  8. Shadow_Spyder

    middle eastern civilians

    Been a little while.... any updated news on these great civis?
  9. Shadow_Spyder

    If we had JDAMs

    Off Topic, but I too am an Area 51 member over at FO forums... nice to see a familiar name. Plus, that also means you definitely know what your talking about when it comes to aerial munitions and the likes lol.
  10. Shadow_Spyder

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Pics of the 31st MEU's latest MCRT Class: Two New Recruits: Pvt Galloway & Pvt Lopez Two of the Four Instructors: SSgt Panko & Sgt Stewart Other Instructors: Lt Haines & Cpl Roe www.31stmeu.org
  11. Shadow_Spyder

    If we had JDAMs

    Laser Guided Bombs are usually GBU's. JDAMS are GPS Guided... very nice bombs they are.
  12. Shadow_Spyder

    Mapfact releases 3DE-Project

    I try running the run.exe and i get this: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. " or soemthing along those lines. I am the system admin so I don't know wtf it's talking about.... any tips? ~~EDIT~~ and trying the batch file will load up the cmd prompt for a second, it closes, and nothing happens. I have right clicked, edited, and changed the starting line to my arma directory, which is normal default except for I use E drive and not the normal C drive. ~~EDIT~~ Got it working now.... I decided to go reading through the pages of this topic and found out how to let my AVG allow the stuff to run.
  13. Shadow_Spyder

    Afghanistan Mountains

    Just tried this out... very nice map. Some little villages every now n then would be really kewl.
  14. Shadow_Spyder

    middle eastern civilians

    I think this is a very good idea
  15. Shadow_Spyder

    Project T-800

    Looking good, definitely will be a must have for the sci-fi lovers. It'll be fun to see human vs machine war. Any chance for new "future" weapons or something for these mean machines to use?