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  1. I only play MP coop and it only happens after playing Arma. It is like Windows XP gets confused what application window you are trying to click on after playing Arma. It never happened on the recent beta tests. This bug was connected with 1.14. Did they really use the beta code in the 1.18 patch or did they just re-release 1.14 but with the addon changes ;)
  2. SlipperyJim

    No Official 1.18 announcement? Why?

    Dwarden, nice try with your link trying to make it look like it is a full thread dedicated to 1.18 but the post you linked to is just tacked onto the end of another existing thread. It can EASILY be missed. There should be a STICKY thread with 1.18 as the title. This is much more than a beta test. It is a possible final patch unless any major problems occur. Perhaps BIS doesn't want anyone to know about it so nothing is discovered? As I already mentioned ALL OF THE BETA TESTS got their own announcements threads and feedback threads.
  3. Why hasn't BIS made an official announcement about the 1.18 patch? Every time you have announced a beta patch over the last 3+ years you have made separate threads. Here is the final patch, the most important one you have released, and the news is completely buried and tacked onto the end of other threads. What are you hiding? Most people don't even know the patch exists. There are barely any 1.18 servers because of the lack of your effort making it known that it exists. Come on BIS, care a little about your own product. Merry Xmas. :j:
  4. When I am finished playing Arma 1.18 and I exit to desktop I can't click on links in my internet browser. I also can't click on the browser window to shut it down. This non-functioning click button also applies to almost all open Windows (if not all). It isn't a mouse problem specifically but seems like Windows is confused which is the highlighted window. The only way to fix it (beside a total reboot) is to choose "Log OFF" in the START menu and then "Switch User". This gets me back into Windows and working normally. I use to have this problem with 1.14 all the time but I don't think I had it with the beta tests. For some reason it is back with 1.18. Did you guys just repackage 1.14 and release it as 1.18? :butbut: Windows XP Pro SP3 AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ 2GB RAM Nvidia GTS 8800 320mb Retail disk version of Arma bought in Canada.
  5. Perhaps if they hadn't wasted so much time working on the voice communication we would have a much more stable product sooner AND with with proper linux dedicated servers. Once again BIS bites off more than they could chew instead of fixing the mess they already had. Despite all the above grumbling I am happy to see 1.17 and played with it for a few hours the other day. Need more free time to really test it (and more servers with it!). We REALLY need the dedicated servers so we can finally see the rest of the community using all the SAME version.
  6. SlipperyJim

    Arma 1 abandoned?

    It is a shame they killed Arma 1 with such poor support. Over 3 years of a split community between patches, and poor dedicated server support. BIS killed Arma 1 so why on earth would we trust them with Arma 2 (or any future game for that matter). Yes they released patches long after most companies drop support for a game but it took them 3 years to do what most developers do in a few months.
  7. SlipperyJim

    Arma 1 abandoned?

    What a bunch of clowns. Bankruptcy is in BIS' future if they continue to pee all over their reputation.
  8. SlipperyJim

    Arma 1 abandoned?

    Arma 1 is still abandoned. No patch in sight. Thanks BIS.
  9. SlipperyJim

    Arma 1 abandoned?

    10 patches that screw up more things than they fix. 10 patches that took 3 years just to get the game to a playable level. If you consider that acceptable than there are many other game companies that would like you to beta test their games for free.
  10. SlipperyJim

    New beta patch 1.16

    CrispyGamer.com in a review of Arma 2: After abandoning Arma1 and leaving it unfinished they really expect us to buy Arma 2 with reviews like?
  11. SlipperyJim

    Arma 1 abandoned?

    I completely disagree. They need to finish Arma 1 before expecting their customers to give them more money. Arma 1 is probably still more bug ridden then Arma 2.
  12. SlipperyJim

    Arma 1 abandoned?

    So far they have released several patches and dedicated server files for Arma 2. Still no word on Arma 1's final patch.
  13. SlipperyJim

    Is this game still being patched?

    Great support?! Sure they are still working on Arma1 patches but it is 1 year to 6 months in between each patch!
  14. SlipperyJim

    ArmA feedback thread - based on Beta Patch 1.16

    I personally think they have messed up Arma1. I have a problem that sounds like yours. I play for a while and then the game will completely freeze for about 30 seconds. After the freeze the textures are either messed up (strange colours on the screen) or I get a single huge texture that completely fills my screen. A lot of time after this happens when I exit the game my computer acts strange (mouse won't properly click on windows) or sometimes the screen goes completely black. I have to reboot the computer to get things back to normal. This problem only happens with Arma. It happens a lot with 1.14 but less so with 1.16 patch (but it still happens). It isn't an overheat issue. It is a coding issue with Arma. I greatly suspect the follow article has something to do with this bug. I believe the memory technique they describe that was first introduced in the 1.11 patch is the problem: http://www.bistudio.com/developers-blog/breaking-the-32-bit-barrier-3_en.html
  15. SlipperyJim

    Wonder how many really play this game.

    BIS just released a patch and the dedicated server files for Arma 2. We have to wait 6 months for a patch. Right now there are more Arma1 owners than Arma2. Come on BIS. Where is the 1.17 patch and our dedicated servers?