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    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    1.6 ghz is very nice, pm me plz how you did cause i'm crasing out by 1.55 ghz or something I didn't do anything particular. Enabled overclocking in the nvidia control panel using the coolbits reg and then just trying. I can't go beyond 1,6Ghz though, the slider doesn't go any further
  2. SirViper

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I would highly recommend the 7900GS card. I have the ASUS version of it and it's highly overclockable. I run it stable with Core at 580Mhz and Memory at 1,6Ghz with the stock fan. ArmA runs sweet in 1280x960 for me with my Core 2 Duo @ 3Ghz and 2GB RAM.
  3. SirViper

    Finishing first mission

    Ok thanks, but they aren't dead yet Guess I have to stop being Sam Fisher and be a little Rambo instead...
  4. SirViper

    Finishing first mission

    I am that small camp looking for the documents but I can't find them. I've gone through every tent at the location but to no success. Can anybody point out where to look? I hope this isn't a triggering issue, as I haven't blown up the tanks yet.