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  1. SeppSchrot

    WW1 Mod Release

    This looks so bloody cool. So many units, so few time
  2. SeppSchrot

    ww2 fdf server

    Hello, for you to compare, this is the relevant part of the directory structure under the OFP server base directory where the FDF WW2 based CTI missions from ZZ are run on. Any missing addons are to be found on the FTP server of ZZ. zz united addons section <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> ./bin: config.bin ijl15.dll resource.bin resource.cpp stringtable.csv ./dta: abel.pbo cain.pbo dtaext.pbo hwtl music.pbo voice.pbo anim.pbo data3d.pbo eden.pbo landtext.pbo scripts.pbo anims.pbo data.pbo fonts.pbo misc.pbo sound.pbo ./dta/hwtl: data3d.pbo data.pbo merged.pbo ./finmod: addons bin dta worlds ./finmod/addons: baracken.pbo fdf_maldevic.pbo fdfww_men.pbo bmp2.pbo fdf_mark.pbo fdfww_menw.pbo cti_markers.pbo fdf_mg.pbo fdfww_o.pbo ctiobjects02.pbo fdf_rtx.pbo fdfww_rus.pbo editorupdate102.pbo fdf_rukajarvi.pbo fdfww_scripts.pbo fdf_anim.pbo fdf_rukajarvi_w_c.pbo fdfww_sfx.pbo fdf_a.pbo fdf_rukajarvi_w.pbo fdfww_v.pbo fdf_conf.pbo fdf_rus.pbo fdfww_w.pbo fdf_c.pbo fdf_sfx.pbo flags.pbo fdf_eastborder.pbo fdf_s.pbo kegak103.pbo fdf_eastborder_w.pbo fdf_v12.pbo kegak107.pbo fdf_faces.pbo fdf_v.pbo kegnoecain_snow.pbo fdf_fin.pbo fdf_w12.pbo kub1.pbo fdf_finw.pbo fdf_worlds.pbo kubelwagen1.75.pbo fdf_gfx.pbo fdf_w.pbo kubelwagen_dll.pbo fdf_island_o.pbo fdfww_a.pbo s_o_fdf.pbo fdf_island_s.pbo fdfww_conf_dll.pbo fdf_karjal.pbo fdfww_conf.pbo ./finmod/bin: config.cpp ijl15.dll resource.cpp stringtable.csv ./finmod/dta: anims.pbo fonts.pbo scripts.pbo voice.pbo ./finmod/worlds: fdf_eastborder.wrp fdf_maldevic.wrp fdf_rukajarvi_w.wrp fdf_eastborder_w.wrp fdf_rukajarvi.wrp ./res: addons bin campaigns dta ./res/addons: 6g30.pbo brmd.pbo hunter.pbo mm-1.pbo su25.pbo abox.pbo ch47.pbo kolo.pbo noe.pbo trab.pbo apac.pbo editorupdate102.pbo kozl.pbo oh58.pbo vulcan.pbo biscamel.pbo flags.pbo laserguided.pbo o.pbo xms.pbo bizon.pbo g36a.pbo m2a2.pbo o_wp.pbo bmp2.pbo humr.pbo mini.pbo steyr.pbo ./res/bin: config.bin ijl15.dll resource.bin stringtable.csv ./res/campaigns: resistance.pbo ./res/dta: anim.pbo data3d.pbo dtaext.pbo hwtl misc.pbo anims.pbo data.pbo fonts.pbo landtext.pbo sound.pbo ./res/dta/hwtl: data3d.pbo data.pbo merged.pbo ./worlds: abel.wrp cain.wrp eden.wrp intro.wrp ./@ww2_zz_update: addons ./@ww2_zz_update/addons: aia_go229.pbo boutique.pbo mg42.pbo stm_m4_a3.pbo aia_me109des.pbo breda_zz.pbo normandie.pbo sturmovik.pbo aia_me109.pbo data2.pbo pziii.pbo t34-85.pbo aia_me109snw.pbo dshk.pbo pzw42.pbo thor60cm.pbo b45js2.pbo german.pbo r1.pbo wioska.pbo b45pak40.pbo hedgehog.pbo rustp3.pbo ww2@zz_config_1.0.pbo b45sd252.pbo invdata.pbo rustp.pbo ww2@zz_config_1.1.pbo balloons_ww2_zz.pbo jc_panzer4.pbo ruswp1.pbo ww2@zz_config_1.3.pbo baracken.pbo jmgstuka.pbo ruswp3.pbo ww2@zz_config_me110.pbo barrageusa.pbo lampe.pbo rw.pbo zis2.pbo be45maus.pbo lib_la5fn.pbo saria_obj.pbo bf110.pbo m3.pbo saria.pbo
  3. SeppSchrot

    Thinking about getting ArmA

    How do you like the demo?
  4. SeppSchrot

    How to install a CTI?

    Hello, as with any other ordinary mission, all required addons have to be installed on you system. That said, there are CTI mission which don't use any non-standard addons. And on the other end of the spectrum some CTIs use several gigabytes of them. I assume you have already played a CTI in multiplayer, so we can be sure you have the needed addons already. All you have to do now is going into the ofp/MPMissionsCache directory on your harddrive. There you will find all missions you have played online yet. Pick out the one you'd like to play at your own. And copy it to the ofp/MPMissions folder. This means you are now able to start and host this mission independently. Start the game and select multiplayer, but this time don't select any foreign server but instead click 'New'. Choose the proper mission and slot in the side you want to play. The important thing is to leave the AI enabled for the enemy's side commander slot and to give him enough AI 'players', otherwise he won't be a worthy foe. You can take the commander's position of your side or any player slot as you like. Start the game and play as usual. Most of the current CTIs recognize on their own whether it is a human or AI commander and take proper actions. However, some CTI offer special flavors branded COOP. If so, you had better taken these. You will not be able to save the state of the game.
  5. SeppSchrot

    24/7 Daytime on ArmA Server?

    If you have access to the mission files on the server, you can always open it up and insert a one-liner in a script that resets the daytime to morning in the evening.
  6. SeppSchrot

    editor interface

    On OFPEC.
  7. SeppSchrot

    Duplicate files

    Hello, no, it's no problem as long as they have same content. Problems start when you have for example two different versions of an addon and you start both of them because you can't tell one apart from the other. That said I discourage you from putting anything non-official in the res folder. One folder for one mod and only start the ones you actually want to play. No rule without exception though: You should make an separate island folder which you will load as well most of the time.
  8. SeppSchrot

    Odd artifact

    Hello, sounds like too much anti-aliasing to me. In Windows, go to the NVIDIA settings and look for the panel where you can adjust the level of fullscreen antialiasing (FSAA). Maybe it is set to override the application's settings. Lower it or even turn it off.
  9. SeppSchrot

    Random enemies on a mission

    For basic randomizing, this will do it. But if you want to implement any decent system, you will have to learn scripting sooner or later. (I recommend sooner as you can realize most things that the editor allows you with scripts but not the other way around.) e.g. if you want to have a primary and a secondary mission out of ten possibilities each with a proper briefing. Luckily--as OFP has been around for so many years--its editing section is well documented. Start with reading here: http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/ and trial and error. There are no shortcuts for you, I'am afraid. BTW, I had learned scripting with this tutorial, so I recommend it to you now http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depo....cat=xyz
  10. SeppSchrot

    Random enemies on a mission

    There is a slider in the editor called "probability of presence". Maybe you have to switch your editor to advanced mode first if not already done so. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mission_Editor_User_Interface_(OFP) Insert Unit picture In the same way you did with a unit that has a probability of 1.
  11. SeppSchrot

    Random enemies on a mission

    I really do not want to cow you down, but this has been done already in several missions now. Don't get discouraged, it is just that this will be nothing particular new.
  12. SeppSchrot

    admin without being in the server

    Hmm, if I want to remove one single player from outside, I look into the -netlog logfile for the last player who has connected and still is. There I can obtain his IP address. (Whish I could query the server directly for that) The next step is to prevent any game-server data from being sent to him, thus effectively timing him out. I do this with iptables (GNU/Linux); non-Server Windows hosts do need a 3rd party firewall installed I think. Not the kindest way to archive this, I'd rather drop him a chat line explaining what's happening before. Of course, the packet dropping should be limited by port and removed ASAP as the kicked player didn't proactively do anything wrong.
  13. SeppSchrot

    yellow square blues

    If it is more confusing than helpful, why don't you switch it off then?
  14. SeppSchrot


    Hello, no Home-PC System on earth is known to stem OFP:Resistance on highest settings at the time of writing. Especially visibility distance is a bottomless pit performance eater. Please ask yourself in honesty how much range of vision in full detail you are going to need. PS: Fullest terrain detail is not to be recommended anyway because it is to bumpy to drive on. Huge memory eater as well. Ok, the midlevel detail and 3000m should be no problem for your setup though. Try tweaking the LOD setting in the preferences. Oh, and I ran into slowdowns when told my NVIDIA to always antialiase. Because of the many bushes which had to be smoothed it had a huge performance impact.
  15. SeppSchrot

    Script Help

    Events http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addEventHandler