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  1. Hi I'm using this script in a radio trigger to spawn a new groupmember to me. But in MP all players gets a new group member. Is there a way to only apply this to the player triggering the radio command? unit = group player createUnit ["B_Soldier_F", getPos player, [], 0, "FORM"]; This also goes for this script which spawn a helicopter, but spawns on next to each player.. and not only the one triggering the radio: _veh = "B_Heli_Attack_01_dynamicLoadout_F" createVehicle position player;
  2. Yepp We got two computers running in LAN with a router, each got a legal copy of Arma. But over to the problem. Only one of us can join a online server each. When computer 1 is on a server, computer 2 can't join. When computer 2 is on a server computer 1 can't join that one. Anyone who knows a solution?
  3. stigern

    AI doesn't use Helicopters in Warefare,

    Why not? It's such a huge aspect of the warfare strategy, and it would be great when playing with friends against the AI.
  4. Who doesn't the AI use them?
  5. stigern

    Custom Faces

    Ah, so obvious
  6. Hi I have dl the face pack, and it contains alot of jpegs with faces. But where do I put the face .jpg file after im finished making one?
  7. stigern

    1.05 Slight Delay - Read News

    YES! Can`t wait for this one! Motorcycles
  8. stigern

    Call the EOD Module I

    Nice work! Looing forward to mines, "bouncing betty"
  9. stigern

    DVD dont run!

    Okai, first they use Starforce, And Securerom, and THEN the dvd-orginal-disc become unusable, WTF?
  10. stigern

    Installation doesn't work

    We have same problem here, tried updating a www.drvupdate.com, it was a label at the front of the dvdbay. And still no sign of improvement. It just freezes when I click on the dvddrive in windows. And when its taken out, the computer un-freeze. Damn crap dvd.
  11. stigern


    I got mine delivered from Bol.de to norway, took about 6-7 days.
  12. stigern


    So many "!" and "S" :P Anyway, I think it would be a good idead to release it trough steam, but dunno if it would be.
  13. stigern

    Geforce4 too old?

    Your kidding right? or maybe a spelling fault? 12mb? Â EDIT: oh, nm way to late :P Sorry 9200 with 128mb It would be around equal to a Geforce4 mx420, and its not enough to run arma.
  14. stigern

    Populating Sahrani

    I tried to populate the little island, and it went well, but my way of population was placing out civilians with waypoints and cycle, and some cars. Not effective, it took me like 30 minutes just doing one small city, and it looked a little pre-made :P