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  1. not true, most game publishers are public, meaning u and i can buy their stocks on a listed stock-market, (EA on NYSE or Ubisoft on LSE) game developers are mostly private meaning their founders or staff own 100% of their equity.
  2. u gotta tax and spend rather then tax cut and spend
  3. Spetz


    I hope India does something to prevent this again, they buying some P8I , E3D AWACs, Phalcon AWAC, maybe some F-18s(in race against Rafeal, F-16, mig-35, eurofighter)
  4. BIS is a private company so it doesn't have to list its sales or profit, we can only speculate by looking on google earth and try to find a lambo or a SLS AMG in the parking lot
  5. that would be nice but it would be alot of work to recreate Manhattan that "good" quality
  6. i think its gotta do with the fact that nobody uses gamespy arcade anymore like for OFP
  7. i think he wants to see the T-72s rolling down Times square,
  8. USA server please, i hate the 100+ ping i get in german servers
  9. Spetz

    Creating Custom Commands?

    back in OFP and Arma you had to make a .ogg file of a recording and place it in a folder somewhere in your directory where you save game is saved,
  10. Spetz

    RTS - Farm Wars

    you should add mad cow disease, if you go try to feed some of your cows to other cows, you can get a cow worth more but also a chance of the cow just exploding :D
  11. The Mod Should be like Mount and Blade, Where you can be a mercenary aswell, but you can also become a general and have an army, You would need to have your own city inorder to provide revenue for your military,
  12. Spetz

    ArmA II is #1!

    We will Have to wait until NPD releases game Sales figures, Its sad i can't be part of the figure until i get some money:(
  13. can we have some pics? I don;t have ArmA 2 yet, but I wanna show my friend whos in the Canadian Forces Reserve Edit: oops i thought this was for ArmA 2 :D
  14. Spetz

    Is it legal for me too...

    some of the prices on that website are extremly low, I doubt is authentic, or would work on Steam