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  1. Hi all, I too had major gfx glitches with strange shapes popping up and certain textures being transparent but one of the above listed tweaks and fixes solved anything. I've resolved the issue by uninstalling current ati drivers and installing an older ati catalyst v 12.1 I'm working away from home and using an older laptop with hd3650 gfx and these newer ati drivers have caused merry havok with all my BIS games. Hope this helps out anyone using an older mobile gfx card like me. All the best, SSD
  2. SouthSaturnDelta

    Steam - never get out of the boat ...

    Poached eggs you say...... (Thread is tale of one mans liberation from Steam opression) Long story short - I couldnt get mods to run on steam. Disk arma2,steam OA.Combined ops and mods no worky. Months of misery. *Yes there is modmanager but atm I have all disk. No more steam,No issues,Happy Skiddy. MGM have contacted me to work on script for making tale into feature film.Screech from saved by bell to play me,Liam Neeson as Infam0us,and Dead3yez plays himself.
  3. theres a few servers out there - Many hosted but there are 2 Ded servers I know of The Grunts Kellys Heroes Gits clan
  4. Just got a hard copy of OA and I will NEVER AGAIN buy anything from steam. This has ruined my life for long enough.
  5. SouthSaturnDelta

    GITS Evolution Vietnam

    mmmm, looks very good,am downloading now mr Eggbeast. Anyone playing it tonight perchance?
  6. @JW CUSTOM wrt your server ,are you perchance using steam oa and disk arma2? As I have major issues with this combination and uploading missions.I reverted to using arma2 and the above solutions worked. Also re more spaces in the jungle / grassland - inside the editor there is a map placeable called uns_misc --- uns_grass_cutter_20 ect. These will make you a clearing and you can build a vill, ect. @Sav Yeah, get that crow,else I'm gonna agent orange the whole province!
  7. LIke the sound of this mission,but where do I download it from?
  8. DM missions using Unsung found on the ArmaNam forums here http://www.armanam.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=62&n=last#bottom
  9. SouthSaturnDelta

    receiving data mission not loading

    Its steam.
  10. Hi all, I am running a ded server and have made a mission that I am trying to host. After selecting start mission I see receiving data for ages and then the mission dosnt start and kicks me back to mission select screen. I have the error 20:41:41 Mission Uns_hell_in_a_cell.csj_lowlands read from bank. 20:41:46 Roles assigned. 20:41:47 Reading mission ... 20:42:31 Cannot open object ca\rocks2\r2_boulder2.p3d On the server rpt file is found File description.ext, line 950: '/RscTitles/OptionsAvailable/GGHUD_Respawn.h': Missing ';' at the end of line File description.ext, line 961: '/RscTitles/OptionsAvailable/GGHUD_EndGame.h': Missing ';' at the end of line File description.ext, line 951: '/RscTitles/OptionsAvailable/GGHUD_Respawn.h': Missing ';' at the end of line File description.ext, line 962: '/RscTitles/OptionsAvailable/GGHUD_EndGame.h': Missing ';' at the end of line I am running arrowhead combined opps and the unsung mod. I have disk arma2, steam arrowhead. Thanks,# Skiddy
  11. SouthSaturnDelta

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Good point mate,also the voices are a bit naff to say the least.My guy sounds like Dolph Ludgren/stallone mix.The officers sound like the ladyman from Mighty Boosh.
  12. SouthSaturnDelta

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Loving the new units folks,shame I got steam but if you work away from home a lot like me there isnt much of an altrnative...especially when on ts everyone is honking on about the new stuff ect.I regret not waiting and getting Arrowhead in disk format and lost a hell of a lot of my life playing with addon folders. DLC packs look set to be a lucrative spin off for BI as well - possibly something that was on the cards long before now (I remember many years back someone suggesting this). I hate steam.
  13. SouthSaturnDelta

    Reason of my absence.

    Welcome back Jerry! Indeed I too have missed the Sahrani radio shows - perhaps a few of us could get together and record a few new ads to pop inbetween the music ( I listen to as I type this). Anyway I hope your health improves and its great to see one of the communitys real characters at large again!