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  1. sanzinsky

    Island Demo: Project Owl

    me likes. me vury much likes.
  2. sanzinsky

    Predator addon!

    yes, I know it's nice
  3. sanzinsky

    StarWars Addons by Acacyn

    that would be cool wouldn't it! starwars with laserguns!
  4. sanzinsky

    Star Wars mod

    I hate using the word, but erm: DOH!
  5. sanzinsky

    Classic Star Wars Mods

    hi dmaloof, welcome actually there isn't much to add on snowballrules' post. our forums can be found here, and we got a spot on the ofp.info forums too. we are making the starwars universe in chronological order, so eventually yes you will see AT-AT and stuff.
  6. sanzinsky

    FOR WH40K fan

    do you make all walking stuff as "man" units? walking vehicle might be even weaker spot of OPF engine than close combat quiet_man ...
  7. I wouldn't bother ig I were you, max stuff has always got too many polys. and if you try to reduce it, you'll end up doing the whole model from scratch eventually.
  8. sanzinsky

    Operation Farmland Mod

    disgusting but very nice indeed
  9. sanzinsky

    Alien Attacker Vessel v2.0 WIP

    strange that I did not notice this thread earlier. looks great nephilim, I'm looking forward to your next update
  10. sanzinsky

    Star Wars mod

    I made some new pics: more coming up later
  11. sanzinsky

    Star Wars mod

    I wish I could make textures that well
  12. sanzinsky

    Star Light Island

    amoho beach? nice island though, good job
  13. sanzinsky

    Star Wars mod

    looks really sweet cell
  14. sanzinsky

    A Raft

    everything you need haha will be a nce addon