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  1. Sled88

    Special Units

    Yeah you are right XD
  2. Sled88

    Special Units

    I just tried to create some FBI duds... And a cool female Agent! XD
  3. Sled88

    Special Units

    Good idea... because we also have a chapter in the usa ;)
  4. Hey guys, while working on the Conspiracies Patch for Rising Dead 3, we are working a long time on a, let's say "different" project. I got the old crew again from the OFP-mods and we thought we could do a new thing. Nothing about Chernobyl, Stalker, V.I.R.U.S. or anything else we released so far. This we have an mod and campaign for you which is like L.A. Noir or Heavy Rain. The concept is easy, great atmosphere, some new units, a brilliant story and maybe it will be COOP. Not sure so far. I thought the best thing would be to show you the trailer I made. Because I don't want to tell that much about the story because it is definitly the highlight. We will add some FBI-Teams, and FBI Agents. It would be also cool if someone can spend me some french GIGN-type addons and cars from the french-police. We will have no new island, but some weapons. The players tasks were simple. Search for evidents, hints, shoot gangsters, use tactical brainstuff for some sneak in missions and so on. I am not sure how many addons were released so far which could fit in here, so we have not so much work to do... Maybe you guys know... Using the editor we will have some cool locations just like Paris and so on. We will try to offer an 8-10 hours campaign + several small missions. ATM we are using some gendarma2 units + LAW enforcement cars. Is there anything we could use also? If not we will create some new... This will be our last new project for Arma2. If you have any wishes, tell me. :) And happy new year! XD And here goes the trailer: kPpPMWzDjbk
  5. New Version will be up on Sunday =)
  6. Well, no your not an idiot I just checked it by myself... thanks for that hint: NEW LINK: http://www.file-upload.net/download-6660553/CRD3COOP.rar.html
  7. Hey there guys, thanks for the feedback so far. Playing at night will be important for the upcoming Version 1.01. Because I added radiation... You can see it at night but not at daytime. Therefore you wil get the geiger-counter. The anomalydetector will also get an update later. Anomalies are not moving atm. I hope I can fix all these issues asap!
  8. Sled88

    Conspiracies LOST

    Thank you Ice! =) My focus is atmosphere and story this time!
  9. Sled88

    Conspiracies LOST

    Here I got a 15min long gameplay video for you all:
  10. Some infos about version 1.01: - bugfixing - add 2 new locations: fishervillage and prypiat harbor - add some new additional missions - add radiation - add rating-system 2.3 (known out of Conspiracies Apocalypse but optimized) - add secrets - add loadingscreens some new screenies of the village and harbor: ---------- Post added at 19:44 ---------- Previous post was at 19:24 ----------
  11. I will take a look at this maybe its because of the jump-script.... we will see working on version 1.01
  12. I am working on a vanilla version of CRD3 ;) BTW: ACE should work fine
  13. @Kyle_K_ski: mhhh yea I know^^ Again a more detailed featurelist: - new island with exact rebuild of chernobyl (not finished) ;) - 19 missions in an open-world - Sleeping-Module 1.0 (no animations so far) - Jumping-Module by Arigato - Bash-Module - Weather-Module 1.0 (selfmade simple weatherchanging script) - Accelrated Day/Night change - Weight-Watcher/Tireness by R3F - great atmosphere - featuring real existing places like DUGA-3, NPP, Prypiat ect... - several known and new enemies like glowing zombies or PSI-zombies - PSI-Radiation - Anomalies - a living world (also zombies and cleaners can die through independent fights or anomalies) - Intro & Outro - Coop-playable up to 5 player (additional download) Storyline: Conspiracies Rising Dead 3 is the official sequel to Rising Dead 1 and 2. Because we have not exact intro made for CRD3, I maybe have to explain what the player is about to do in this game. Your mission is to destroy the Powerplant of Chernobyl at all costs. The so called "Free-Roaming" mode is, to say it short, a huge mission where you decide what you do, how you do and when you do your next steps. You can do what you want, as long as you succeed your mission. You can accept additional missions, which were maybe not that neccessary to succeed, but which will maybe bring you closer or easier to your mission-target. Remember that not all creatures or people were hostile to you in the zone...
  14. Of course, everything is possible^^
  15. The COOP file: http://uploaded.net/file/td5lfrsb