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  1. Im having a simillar problem but with a C-130 that i want to land on an airport and taxi to somewhere in front of the hangars but as soon as he touches ground he makes a INSANE brakein and turns straight of the runway and parks in the middle of the taxiway or close to it.. then the pilot jumps out... Another funny thing that i could mention on the same airport.. i have a chinook coming in with a group of soldiers.. they land and the soldiers exit then i have this group move via wp into a truck and then they are supposed to drive off to a nearby base. only problem is they all dissembark.. then the teamleader moves into the truck and drives of but the soldiers move back into the chopper... all i can say is ????????? and i scrapped that little part of the project.. anyone have any clues on why that happened?? Greetz // StarvinMarvin
  2. StarvinMarvin

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Jup im using 1.1 but i cant find 1.0 anyone have a link to it? edit: Never mind... Lesson learned.. Read carefully before asking :P
  3. StarvinMarvin

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Hi guys!! i also have THIS problem : You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.Ard_MCP_INF1_ACE Seems im not the only one and i dont have a clue about what the problem is. Please assist guys! im dying to test this campaign :D //Good 'ol marv
  4. Yeah as said in the title i have problem in one of my missions. i have a small team of 4 men starting in the middle of a combatzone after a nuclear fallout and they try to get back home bla bla.. anyway ACM works flawless untill all of the guys have died once.. (the mission uses respawn) so if everyone dies one time each the battles fades of and then its piece.. do i need to make a script that syncs the module again with the "new" player after the respawn or what?? please help :D Thanks // Marv
  5. Hi guys! im Marvin, head of a newly created Arma2 team called Brotherhood of Thor or BOT We are an adult gaming team that consists mainly of former 24SAS operatives who wanted to play alittle more Merc style missions. We wanted alot of variety in the missions and wanted to be abit more free from rules that we encountered in previous clans, rules that forced us to act like for example the SAS acts.. We still focus alot on realism, teamplay as well as cooperation in our missions even if we play together as hired guns. We run high quality missions that we try to make following a red line so it turns into a campaign more or less, and as "former special ops operatives" we also do some training once a week to keep our skills and tactics up so that when we do a mission we do it fast exact and deadly. less waiting and reconing and more assaulting and getting the job done more or less :) We are based in europe but anyone can join. We hope to see that anyone applying is over 18 years of age. If you feel that this team could be something for you then go to: http://brotherhoodofthor.darkbb.com/forum.htm and post your application in the RECRUITMENT thread on our forum. The info we need is: Name/ingame name Luke "badass" skywalker Age: Nationality: Availability: ex saturdays sundays.. 19-2200hours Zulu Why you want to join our team: Prefered combatstyle : Sniper/grunt/Pilot/engineer/explosives etc.. Greetz! //StarvinMarvin
  6. StarvinMarvin

    Ambient Combat Module

    I have a similar problem. Not sure if the ACM stops after a while but i noticed that after i died (made a mission playing myself only in a warzone) the ACM seems to stop. not sure if this is because of the ACM stopping after a while or because the dude synced with the Module dies and is replaced by someone else.. do i need a script that syncs the module with the new guy after i respawn maybe?? Greetz // Marv
  7. Silly thing i wanna do to fool my teammates a bit. wanna create a white flare flying randomly around the chopper/plane when we go out to the missionarea together with the main theme from the xfiles :P can this be done and how do i do this? Thanks //Marv
  8. StarvinMarvin

    How to make a timer?

    I almost got it to work by myself with this.. since (time) var is the time the mission have been running i reset it by reduceing it with its own value here at the beginning // _timer = time -time #count ?stoptimer : goto "showtime" ///here its waiting for me to finish/// ~0.1 goto "count" #showtime ///Displays the time taken from start of the script untill stoptime = true/// _timer = time hint format ["Your time: %1 ", _timer] ~8 ///here i wanted to just type hint "timer reset" but that didnt work so i had to use hint format/// hint format ["timer reset"] exit // I always get the time when the script is run.. but the second time i run the course i get the time from that run.. added to the previous run.. for ex: first run (8sec) second run (7sec + 8sec) tried several ways to reset the variable Time but either it gives me "your time = 0" the first or second run, or it still doesnt reset the timer at all. Since the scripts starts by making TIME = 0 i supposed it should reset.. but somehow it remembers my old time. im confused.. to much numbers :P someone please help.
  9. hey guys! need some help here i made an obstacle course and ofcause i want to know how fast i do it so how do i create a timer that starts when i start the course and stops and shows the time when i complete it.. i know its kinda easy stuff... but easy enough to fool my brain gettin rusty.. thanks alot!
  10. strange... tried another building and it worked.... hmm
  11. yeah i tried that.. like this.. probably some silly bug in it thou cause it didnt work _building = nearestBuilding cone #loop hint "checking" ?not alive _building : goto "dead" ~1 goto "loop" #dead hint "building is destroyed" exit
  12. How do i detect if a certain static building (already on map) is destroyed? thanks // Marv
  13. StarvinMarvin

    How to call one script from another?

    got it even easier _number = 0 #loop _number = number+1 bla bla bla ?_number >= 4 : goto "wait"
  14. StarvinMarvin

    How to call one script from another?

    so then if i dont want it to spawn troops untill for example the first squad reached a certain area i just put in a loop Before if (_i == 10) then { _i=0} ; to check if A = true untill it resets the loop or do you mean otherwise?
  15. StarvinMarvin

    How to call one script from another?

    EUREKA!! got it sorted now. i did this: _unit addEventHandler ["killed", {_this exec "alive.sqs"}] and then i put the cross in and removed the body in the alive.sqs scripts.. works for EVERY unit EXCEPT for the last one created.. but since they will be created far of the position i defend there will always be a new guy on the way when this first one dies now there is another questions thou.. Can i make the script launch and spawn like 10 guys.. then wait untill a certain var is = true and then relaunch? wouldnt be to hard i guess.. saw some note about makeing a loop work for 10 times and then start over.. but i forgot how it was done.. any clues?