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    Dslyecxi's MH-6 Practice Scenario

    Thank you for this mission Dslyecxi. For all those who look for tactical knowledge and skill you are most precious member of this society. By the way, how exactly you made your AI pilot to flight so good? Is there special script for it?
  2. Shinbusan

    Request Polish Community Support

    Three more sounds. These are the ones people suggested lately and I found them interesting. http://szarego.net/arma/project85/3more-project85.rar Of course I am not pro. But I was in army and I am active airsoft player, so more or less, I feel what and how things should be said. Of course the quality is not often so high, as I did not delete anything, just packed all I got hoping the team will sort them out for themself. By teh way there is a little joke, "fire at will-2.wav" is translated in the meaning "Fire at the guy called Will".
  3. Shinbusan

    Request Polish Community Support

    Thx mates And you can call me Grey, as shinbusan is just a forum nick here. Once I did a similar job for Silent War Mod for OFP, but I do not know if they did anything with that... Shame. But if someone would like to record such voice (polish strong accent or language) I am always more then happy to help. If it will be used, please credit Grey from CFOG.
  4. Shinbusan

    Request Polish Community Support

    Hey hey, I'd like to help. Here is a pack with my sounds. There is a lot of choises and variations. Not all really good, but I hope few will be enough. Often I said something else, but the meaning is the same I think. Also in Polish Die American sounds really funny so I even did not try to say it (something else though). Oh, and there is a lot of swearings You can download the pack from here: http://szarego.net/arma/project85/sounds-project85.rar
  5. Shinbusan

    Evolution V3.0

    @Annunaki Nice. But remember ACE mod is coming and more or less will provide similar effects. And if you are realism players I can easily say ACE will be your choice (same as WGL was ours for OFP)
  6. Shinbusan

    Evolution V3.0

    I like Evo but me and my group are starting to have enough of restarting Evo each time. We have very specific way of coop playing (let call it realism way) and we are interesting in doing a list of changes to the overall Evo idea. For private use, if other use is not licensed. I heard that there is Evo template, but in this huge topic I am unable to find it. Some features we are planning: - our fire dispersion script for AI and players - changing the way limiting the use of vehicles (if you are pilot, you can use only air vehicles, if crew, only land heave vehicles) - no vehicle respawn - no vehicle dissapearing - no mission time limit - more diversion between missions - random patrols - cutting Evo area into two or three parts for different missions In other words, we plan to make Evo idea more common coop mission for us where it will suit our style of playing more. Would be great if author of Evo template would create additional topic for it for easy find.
  7. Shinbusan

    FPS stuck on 60

    I thought more power you leave to your CPU, better AI will act. So if you create much more FPS then you left less room for AI. I might really be mislead, so correct me.
  8. Shinbusan

    Advanced Combat Environment

    Do you plan to make it modular as WGL 5 is? It was really good to have so good tool for fast and easy replacement of units. Also, do you plan to divide soldier models (and groups) into desert and woodland, or all in one as was in WGL (which wasn't best solution).
  9. Shinbusan


    The problem like in OFP and addons / mods. If you fire a nade and change fire mode to sinle / auto, open fire instantly, then change to nade, fire nade, again single fire and so on, there will be no reload times between nades in one 'magazine'. It will need manual reload only when changing to a new magazine. Althought better then OFP vest solution, as at least sometimes you must manually reload.
  10. Shinbusan


    STOP OFFTOPIC! Watch out, SPOILER! Returning to the campaign. I manage to get to the third mission (on veteran, first was really frustrating but juicy in the same time). I stole a truck with stingers in it and moved to the buildings marked on the map. And... nothing. Is it bug or I just did not get order? I used stinger and one AT2 if that matter (i do not think so) I would like to say that I think it is bad idea to kill player if he gets too close to abandoned base. Very not climatic. Rather make me regret sending multiple squads then just setdammage 1. Second mission I did by sneaking INTO the base and expoiting stupid AI, I killed all enemy except tank in Cayo. For me it was poor mission, without realism or good athmosphere. I did not see any opportunity to make it properly (as a sniper from the hide in long distance) Not enough cover, too many enemies including armour. Also for fun I killed friends on the beginning of the first mission. Nothing happened, no message or anything. Although, it is nice to play the campaign and first mission was really impressive. But first Strykers... I think they would never ever move in column by road in such a early stage of war and at the front.
  11. Shinbusan

    Realistic and serious gameplay tips please.

    Or try 6thsense.eu if you are from Europe. Not a squad, but coop comunity where you will find all you are looking for.
  12. Shinbusan

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    It wasn't so pinky as you are saying. I must say, that a lot changed in myself since I played with ZEUS last time. I know a lot of problems are due public type of game, but there was plenty of unneeded chaos. For me markers on map are bad idea, as it makes it more chaotic. CO/TL gives FUP and everyone runds there in some lunatic mood. Some of time everyone (i guess) looks at map, not at terrain. Still people lost themselves in area. On the beginning there was two teams. Both started in one place. Plenty people, everyone start to run. There was two FUPs marked, but everyone went to only one FUP. No real split of teams. When some run to beach, some stopped at the trees. Not splitted by teams but... by accident. Then next FUP in town. Different marked on map, MUCH different in 'reality'. And then driving cars, when some driver were lost. Maybe only ZEUSes and good known friends should drive cars / other vehicles? Then pvp mission. Mistake during reading breifing. My squad was lost (that was what is suspected, but I was no CO, and I really did not want to argue, specially in English, which is not too well). Thanks for playing with you, guys, you are very good mates. It was lesson for us, that our direction is good for us. We are very open (I think) for new members and publics (in small amount per one mission), but very strict what we expect from players. I think we are something between ZEUS (flexibility and freedom of fighting if needed, we have no leader and ranks) and RAAB (strict formations during marches, strict orders, ability to wait for long time). Personally I think you should start to organize your marches as unit (formation, arcs, scouts). This will give a lot of organization and will be a basis for more organized fighting. But please, do not think I have my nose in skies, I really do not. But I was 'rised' in opinion, that ZEUSes are the best trademark in OFP world and I would like to see you better and better. And yes, I think CFOG (my group) is great, but it was really hard work of all of us and we still working and trying to optimize more and more. Regards Grey aka Shinbusan
  13. Shinbusan

    WGL Missions of the Month

    Some (most) reviewers says that the good missionhas to include great intro and outro, plenty of custom scripts and this kind of crap. Sure, there are some missions (mainly SP) which uses them in proper way, but most of the time it is waste of the time of mission maker and player. For example my friend makes simple intros in les then 30 minutes and they are enought, not to long, simple and shows what is most important, an atmosphere. I the second hand, I almost never do intros for missions (only coops / pvp). I prefer to add some randomness to mission, to make it repeatable (BIG THX for DAC, as now it is much much easier).
  14. Yesterday we used this mortar in MP mission and something strange happened. Everytime we used WP ammunition it exploded in front / over mortar, just few meters away.
  15. Some bugs found by CFOG 1. mortar 82mm (EAST) do not use properly WP ammunition. When it is loaded by player, it works, when by AI it gives <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">deploy cm error: <NULL-object> not in units 2. If you set MON200 or IED and shot it, it will explode with some part of strenght. But it will reappear in your inventory if you are a class with such mine/IED! If you haven't in your class equipment, then after shot it explode with just part of strenght and disapear (model(, but it can be still taken or blown. 3. No textures of wore elements of nsv gun. (i translate it, but i do not know what it means exactly).
  16. Shinbusan

    The Citadel Wargames Server

    Is there a pack of FCM missions converted to WGL somewhere on net?
  17. It's for WGL team and players. Friend of mine (new member of CFOG) wrote a tutorial for WGL AT weapons. Unfortunatly it is in Polish language, but I think you will understand what is most important. There are pictures HOW TO AIM to hit and above pictures there are distances (usually 100-200-300 meters). There is much more in text, as comparing to real world, but atm we do not have version in English (and I do not know will have we). Link: http://cfog.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=88
  18. 1. Make copy of DMA models config file (OperationFlashpoint\@wgl5\bin\model_definitions\dma_army_models_base.hpp). Change its name, whatever you wish (example custom_models_base.hpp. 2. Open it and find unit you want to replace. 3. Copy your favorite addon into WGL (messy, better to use additional folder, example: @wglcustom/addons) 3. UnPBO your favorite addon. 4. Find unit you are interested in its config.hpp file. Find variable model='somefolder/somemodel.p3d'; in its class definition 5. Replace model variable in your own wgl config model file to chosen one (from point 4th). 6. Open OperationFlashpoint\@wgl5\bin\models_base.hpp Change <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">//#define DMA_ARMY_MODELS //#define DMA_NAVAL_MODELS //#define BIS_MODELS #define WGL5_MODELS into: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">//#define DMA_ARMY_MODELS //#define DMA_NAVAL_MODELS //#define BIS_MODELS //#define WGL5_MODELS #define CUSTOM_MODELS 7. Add to this file <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">#ifdef CUSTOM_MODELS #define MODEL_DEFINE_ACTIVE #include "@wgl5\bin\model_definitions\custom_models_base.hpp" #endif 8. Test it. If everything done right it should work. Then ypou need to make proper hidden selections and wounds, but the most important is in this list. After I wrote it, it had to be written in WIKI page, isn't?!
  19. Shinbusan

    Kendo's Dynamic Rangers

    Am I correct that my role is a captain of Delta and I command only 3 men?
  20. Shinbusan

    Wrzesien 1939

    Just we have to add, that Danzig was nor German, nor Polish, it was Free City of Danzig, where about 90%-95% of citizens were Germans and maybe 4-10% Polish (depends on time and source), where both countries had some influences (but Germans much stronger, Polish had Post Office, was in custom union with Danzig and was responsible for foreign affairs). It's state was a republic (under League of Nations protection), set after IWW and it was a continuation of Free City state established by Napoleon Bonaparte.
  21. Shinbusan

    Wrzesien 1939

    I would like to add, that in Poland people thinks about this war in 1939 year that it was a beginning of IIWW and started German aggression and their victories over European countries. Behind the scene there was a secret pact between USSR and III Reich about dividing Poland into two parts, where main river, Vistula, would be a natural border. So in a mind of Poles at 1st September 1939 the World War has began (after some special op by German secret service, Abwera I think, but I am not sure, where it looked like Polish attacked German radio station). At 17th September from the East came Red Army to free Polish nation from enemy, but the true was much different. Red Army never shot to Germans, they never took same area. They sometimes fought with Polish 'rebels', pople who did not listen their commanders, did not give up to communist army of foreign country. After a time it was revealed, that many of Polish officers where sent to Siberia or mass murdered and put into not signed graves. There was plenty of myths about this 1939 war, as always, some told by Germans, some by Polish. As I know, the true is there was some big mistakes about strategy in defense, as someone told, 'Polish generals wanted to defend everything and everywhere', and should just take defense in some strongholds. On the other hand, in the near future no country was able to defend against Germans, whose startegy was known as Blitzkrieg and was something new for every high rank military, who was still thinking in IWW way. All of this is what I know and belive. I am not historian and I do not check it when I write it, so there can be some obvious mistakes. But I wanted to give some background to this mod
  22. I doing something like that, if I finish it some day I can publish config (I did for it special packs with addons without configs, so there is no mess in editor and there is no not needed addons, but this one cannot be publish as it would be against licenses). I have problem with vehicles right now, for example with HMMVEE with mg or something similar, gunner is outside the vehicle. It looks like problem with animations or/and models. Does anyone solved it? I am making two versions of plugins, woodland and desert.
  23. Shinbusan

    Wrzesien 1939

    Do you know that this is English forums and no one with knowing Polish language will not uderstand nothing but you are making mod about something what happened in 1939? Do you know that probably most people do not know that II WW did start in 1939 in Poland (or even in Czech in some way)? Please always add some more info then links to Polish site and picture with Polish description. Regards. Interesting by the way.
  24. Shinbusan

    Realism, Teamwork and Enjoyment.

    Is your www server working? Are we playing tonight? What mission, this one you described? What server? We can use ours if it is only WGL5 addons.
  25. Shinbusan

    Project UK Forces

    Awsome job, looks really pretty I love BLEEM, so I will love these aswell :P And splendid idea with head alternative... for MP gamers sake. But most of you plays coops / pvp, so not suprising