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  1. They have, at least according to the patch notes i just DL'd- about to test it. EDIT: Yup playing Nogova right now! Sweet! Thank you for all you do CUP!
  2. sniper pilot

    Arma 3 ,best Gpu drivers.

    Was just thinking about this last night. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Awesome move and news- Most likely if you like ArmAIII enough to play Unsung you most likely will have purchased APEX anyways. Tanoa is so amazing, I haven't had so much fun exploring a map since Tonal from BAS on OFP!!
  4. sniper pilot


    Thank you for this, to be honest I dont even know why I waited this long. Purchased and very happy about it, thanks again for the pep talk, the extra push. I love BIS, I have loved OFP, ARMA for more than 75% of my entire life, I think its safe to say I am, we are customers for life.
  5. Ha! Chammy was the man to go to for sounds back in the day, excited to see him signing on!
  6. sniper pilot

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    So let me ask you then babylonjoke, why do you play ArmA? If you are so unhappy why are you even here and not playing CS:GO? Stop wasting your time, life is short. Edit: guess someone already asked you. Didn't read your entire post, yeah you did pay money for it and you do have the right to give poor feedback. But I guess now that we know that there is no real practical end game for you, we can move on and stop wasting our words on you... --- Next! I am with the camp that you can make ArmA what you want; from super military role playing infantry simulator to har har zombie apocalypse demon jumping shoot em up. That's the beauty of it.
  7. sniper pilot

    C2 -Command And Control

    Anyone else cant place waypoints in the planner for a helicopter pilot (or any unit that is) when sitting in a vehicle? Also having an issue once you order a unit to move say a helicopter the chopper is locked and you cannot board it?
  8. sniper pilot

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Isla Duala for A3

    Wow Tonal is still A-GO?! You are amazing Ice!
  9. Thank You very very Much! Great work as usual!
  10. That would be amazing!
  11. I love it! Cant wait for the release! Though Hopefully one day I can run it without crashing :)
  12. sniper pilot

    EricJ Release thread

    Hmm I wonder if it would be possible to utilize or trick the system into doing the turn out/turn in action that is usually found in tanks as a solution...
  13. sniper pilot

    Real Light V5 - ReShade Preset

    Well they did say it was "White listed" :p Doh! Thanks! Though I guess it still doesnt work :(
  14. sniper pilot

    Real Light V5 - ReShade Preset

    Sorry for a n00b question... but How would you go about disabling battleye if that is the cause of not being able to start with it loaded? I only play singleplayer atm anyways...
  15. sniper pilot

    Real Light V5 - ReShade Preset

    Yeah same here. No matter what I do always crash on start up with the files in the ArmA3 directory :(
  16. sniper pilot

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    I love it! Thanks LJ!!
  17. sniper pilot

    Real Light V5 - ReShade Preset

    Loving those screens LJ! That M14 is sick too. (Personal add on?)
  18. sniper pilot

    Timesetting of the expansion

    100%; calling it "Dean Hall's Game" is a complete joke. No ArmA or OFP, no DayZ simple as that. Skilled addon/mod maker? Yes- but as events have proven, not a game developer at all.
  19. sniper pilot

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    This. Yeah we had reflective water in OFP (as a mod but still.).
  20. sniper pilot

    Timesetting of the expansion

    Wow. That article. Scary stuff, but now everything makes sense, as in everything that had happened to this company and this series makes sense now. Thank you for sharing this.
  21. Thank You!! Not sure why BIS keeps removing features as this was in OFP and I'm sure an ArmA or 2 -- very disappointing. But you and people like you are rebuilding it which I am forever greatful.
  22. sniper pilot

    EricJ Release thread

    Beautiful! Thank you thank you thank you!
  23. sniper pilot

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Just wondering where it was said or confirmed that it will be focused on civilians? Hopefully as in guerrilla warfare. We need better run down technicals imho.
  24. sniper pilot

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Pft wtf? The amount of civilian stuff is what made OFP and Resistance a great milsim game and more immersive. I hope the BIS doesn't have too much fallout from this leak. I'm sure they had contracts with the event planners and sponsors.