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  1. SHWiiNG

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Any chance of a translation ...
  2. SHWiiNG

    BI way ahead

    I agree to the second post, We have one of the best communities out there, most others are full of bickering 'kids' who only serve to make a flame war wherever possible, calling members 'noobs' and all that jazz
  3. SHWiiNG

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    BloodnGuts... I Love those nam Pics, your photoshopping skills are fantastic, would you mind spilling some beans on method for achieving that effect.. i have been practising but just cant quite get it.
  4. Great to see these vehicles... buuuut i hope this time around, my tank feels heavy and doesnt slide down hills or do insane jumps, that for me really sucked in Arma
  5. SHWiiNG

    Bye Bye Old BI Forum

    ooww shoot.. that means i will loose my stars from doing nothing but complaining?
  6. SHWiiNG

    Men of War

    I dont know.. whenever i see this, is see Company of Heroes But, it may still be worth a look
  7. SHWiiNG

    Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan

    Just a heads up. Now that Sky here in the UK has deleted all of ross's new afganistan episodes.. They are still on LiveLeak sshhh
  8. SHWiiNG

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Not really Oh well i the more to use as a compaison, the better
  9. SHWiiNG

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Dooh you have revived something that the mods didnt want  Besides, was it not found to be a miss typed comment on a preview or something.. besides.. ssshhhh We are done with this clive Stuff.. Anyway.. I think its only natural that OFP:DR looks like BF2, because of the graphical style of the game. Comparing ARMA2 and BF2, neither is Graphically worse than the other, they merely have different graphical and model styles. ARMA2 Lookes washed out in colour (which I like ) And OFP2 looks slightly more contrasted and higher vibrancy of Colours. Lighting also affects the game more in terms of reflections etc, judging by the screenies. But I will wait patiently for the final version. OOOH new screenies Screenshots
  10. SHWiiNG

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Wow, i am tired of this Clive stuff.. So he said something he was not supposed too.. Oops Look at virtually everyone else that is involved to some degree in product promotion. Television is a great example. This new product will make your life better.. thats probably a lie or a method product promotion. I think what matters is that he IS now working on OFP2, probably doing a good job...and nothing more, I dont think we should continue to shame this guy when people talk crap about a product or their life for that matter all the time to promote themselves or their product. I say we turn to the real debate, and discuss what we have seen from OFP2 the GAME, not its development team
  11. SHWiiNG

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    I agee.. we have just seen tiny snippets of a Work in progress game. So i am apauled at the radical claims and the "fail" approach people are taking to what we have seen so far. Its work in progress people! Sure, there may have some foul play in publicising the development of the game, but i dont see why this should instantly contsitute the game to being 'crap' I on the other hand, remain aprehensive that what we will see is a strong contender to Arma 2
  12. SHWiiNG

    Americas Army 3

    I would say that.. Isurgency has much more of an action orientated approach. Its just more fun, faster paced and you can play as the insurgents lets not forget. I played AA for a week and stopped because it was boring.
  13. SHWiiNG

    Americas Army 3

    The original AA was very good, i mean having to complete training beforehand. However, i found the action to be extremely Slow.. and well, boring. But it was an extremely difficult game to get the hang of when you first got it.
  14. SHWiiNG

    Animation System still rigid?

    Personally, i think its a shame that i have to reload my M249 like it was a M16A2. Additionally, it takes the whole weapon handling concept to a very low level, for example. Clearing jams - Reload animation Fixing a ACOG sight - Reload animation Flip up sights for M203 - Reload animation Thanks to other games i have grown used to the concept of highly detailed weapon handling animations, OFP2 (despite the Patriotic style) has them a bit of an incentive there i think.
  15. SHWiiNG

    Combat Arms

    Personally, im tired of all these UT, Quake and CS clones, lets see some realism, slow paced tactical shooter (Thats not AA) The trouble with the AA community, is that they are too highly developed, meaning every map you play the people who you are playing with are highly experiences and therefore know every trick in the book. Whereas, if you start playing a new game like OFP when it came out, you can move with the community and therefore have a more enjoyable online experience