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    Rts-3 1.4 released

    Hi karrillion I am working on a ctf map at the moment. Most of the things that I want to do are already finish but there are some things that I would like to change in my mission (no possibility to carry the enemy flag into the own save zone and automatic flag return by death or a time limit above 5 min) the problem is that my skills in scripting are not really high. So I was reminding that you have written a script like this for your own ctf missions a time ago. Would it be ok for you that I use your scripts in this mission? (There will be a reference in the briefing…) For the case that this is ok for you I would have a second question. My problem is that in all of your ctf missions are really many scripts but I only would need the basic ctf script (take the flags and add the points to the score..) and the problem is now that I don’t know witch parts are needed for the other scripts and witch are for the basic script. So if you accidental have the basic script on our pc I would be very happy when you could post it here. Yes I know that post have nothing to do with rts and I am sorry for that but I must be sure that karr read it and this is the easyiest way. Greetings SN
  2. Silent Noise

    Need help with textview

    I got it now the problem was that my paintshop have comperssed the tga-file but TextView can only work with non compressed files so it crashed every time thx @ Uauma greetings SN
  3. Silent Noise

    Need help with textview

    hi my problem is that I cant convert tga-files to paa/pac with TextView because it crasht every time I try it what the hell could be wrong are there other programms that can do the same job maybe ? Thanks SN
  4. Silent Noise

    V.1.96 beta

    Thank you Parvus I am on the same point of view ! greetings SN
  5. Silent Noise

    Rts 1.0 build and conquer is out

    Hi karr I have some problems with your new version (1.3) of RTS maybe you can give me (or anybody else) some tipps to fix it. When I try to start one of the RTS missions OFP give me the error messages that the addons: 2s19_msta, M109, Mi26; mi26halo can not loaded the problem is this addons are not included in the zip files on your page (my zip files are from yesterday) thats why I have no clou how I can fix it by myself greetings Silent
  6. Silent Noise

    Problem with -mod subdirectories

    ok I have reinstalled my OFP and my Readon drivers and I added the nomap parameter to my shortcut. Now all works fine thx for your help greetings SN
  7. Silent Noise

    Problem with -mod subdirectories

    yes my OFP version is 1.94 beta hmm no I have only searched for mod and subfolder but I see now why "green" would be better... EDIT: the ww2 folder contains the Camel addon
  8. Silent Noise

    Problem with -mod subdirectories

    greetings I have a problem with my addon subfolders in OFP Res. In the last weeks I have installed the RTS-3 Addons from Karr on my computer some people told my that the best way to do this would be the creating of subfolders so I have create this folders: Operation Resistance/@BCA/AddOns /@Nam/AddOns /@Spec/AddOns /@ww2/AddOns all BCA addons are in the BCA/Addons folder and so on I start all this mod with this link: "F:\Operation Resistance\FLASHPOINTBETA.EXE" -nosplash -mod=@BCA;@Nam;@ww2;@Spec but everytime after the klick on this link my OFP screen is completle green and I cant see on of the buttons (Multiplayer..) and an error message like this: Addon BIS Camel requires Addon BIS Weapons Pack or something like that. When I remove the addon subfolders from my Operation Resistance folder I become an error message (same like above but with different addons) too but my OFP starts normal. I have read that this green screen problem can be caused when the W-Buffer option is enabeld but on my pc this option is disabeld. Here are some facts about my PC and the OFP on it: AMD XP 1800 Readon 8500 (new driver) 512 DDRAM Soundblaster Live Player 5.1 soundcard MSI KT3 Ultra2 board (VIA KT333 Chipset) Win2000 (all patches) VIA 4in1 driver installed OFP Video: 1152x864x16 75 Hz Frames: 20.40 VQ:7.19 View:1000 Details: low Hardware TL: On Multitex.: Off W-Buffer: Off Objektshadow: Off Vehicleshadow: Off Clouds: On Blood: On I dont know what I can do against this problem I hope on of you can tell my whats wrong thanks SN