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    ha screw that aint 3 enough
  1. Sgt. Stryker

    Gunmen take 200+ student hostages

    This act disgust me even more than the 9/11 massacre, it makes no sense, children for christ's sake. I wish these dumb ass mother fuckin middleaster allah loving sonabitch fuckin 72 virgin wanabee dicksuckin maytars would just do the world a favor and fuckin kill them selves, whipe thier evil disgusting existence of the face of the earth. This is the worst possible thing I coulda heard after getting slammed by 2 hurricanes, first fuckin thing. Fuckin dirty animals are all they are I swear to god if i was George Wubba I'd fuckin nuke the whole god damn middle east then, let them have thier maytars, let them see what they get they will fucking pay they will and yes everyman on this earth will die if it comes to that, its the end of the world when children die in thier schools, INFANTS!!!!!!!!! WTF no brain no heart just bullshit runnign through thier empty heads, those infants they killed had more thought, emotions, and sensiblilty than those fools. God damn religion and god damn anyone that supports those fuckers. They wont get 72 virgins they will get 72 black men with huge dicks and hungry from some allah preaching ass.
  2. Sgt. Stryker

    what woul you like

    The punisher... please can some one make one i will even make textures for him please soemone help....
  3. Sgt. Stryker

    Tears of the sun seals

    i hate when people try to be dickheads, great work jackal can wait for it all looks awesome.
  4. Sgt. Stryker

    Autumn Nogova

    awseome. to bad u cant shoot out the lights, that would be choice.
  5. Sgt. Stryker

    First imported model from pc halo

    hehe request #1- Sam Fisher, all uniforms from SC:PDT....
  6. Sgt. Stryker

    Blackblood's desert grunts

    these look sweet dude cant wait.... would make a nice punisher model too....
  7. Sgt. Stryker

    Something really Nasty!

    I think it has something to do with the fact that boats dont "pitch" and such but hey how many limitations have been broken allready, who knows.
  8. it was all a scam and all those guys are going to hell for doing that.
  9. Sgt. Stryker

    Autumn Nogova

    permission from BIS?? for what??? havent tons of people made islands using BIS islands and they havent said a thing? Or did all those people actually ask BIS if it was ok? looks awesome dude i cant wait, ofp is finally getting seasons.
  10. Sgt. Stryker

    Nightstalker Shotgun Pack.

    How bout this u all want it? just a really simple job, i prefer it on my 870. i still cant figure out pump grip though.
  11. Sgt. Stryker

    Nightstalker Shotgun Pack.

    how bout a 870 with wood stalk and pump grip, please pretty please? OFP could definaly use a good old fashioned wood shot gun besides the damn kolicsze. Also maybe a sawed off shot gun for a side arm? Anyways excellent work dudes keep it up. OK i did it myself wait to see pics, i will donate it if they want if not it is for my own use.
  12. Sgt. Stryker

    Something really Nasty!

    but he got 3 purple hearts LOL jibjab.com watch and u will laugh, i wish john kerry came wiwth this so i could.... but anyways this ship is awesome and i cant wait for its release, great job klink.
  13. Sgt. Stryker

    Unsung - updates

    the m14 in the latest scrrens we made by scratch
  14. Sgt. Stryker

    Unsung - updates

    no thanks dude we got a few really hi res pics of m14, one of which was a partial blue print to build it.
  15. Sgt. Stryker

    Help me understand.

    Its disgusting how people in other countires treat amreicans just for beign american. I knew a guy who took a bike trip through europe and got treasted like crap until they put a candian flag on thier backpack. It is not becasue of George W Bush, ppl hated america LONG before that so dont even pull that shit, espeically u democrats, you know how many ppl hated US with your beloved clinton. It comes down to this ppl just join the bandwagon of what they think will be best for them, which now a days comes down to hate usa or support usa. Personaly i dont care who likes us or dislikes us casue i only care about the actual individauals. If they dont like me JUST becasue im american then fuckem, i'll go to the next house and see if they are any different.