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  1. SpongeBob

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Hey I'm getting a new mobo in a couple weeks, after I install it do I need to reinstall my windows? I have a ASUS now and getting a new EVGA. Thanks
  2. SpongeBob

    Military Humor

  3. SpongeBob

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.4

    Thank you so much, I always loved Vietnam era addons, and your's the best around. Any plans for ArmA vietnam addons in the future?
  4. SpongeBob

    Play Arma with out needing the DVD in drive

    I got the Atari DL version so I never have a ArmA disc in my drive.
  5. SpongeBob

    Military Humor

    Sure, he was just trying to jump onto the camel's back... Â
  6. SpongeBob


    No IPod, I went with a LG mp3/video player, and 8gigs is all i need.
  7. SpongeBob

    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    1-0 French, its going to end that way, game over, this thread is useless, closing
  8. SpongeBob

    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    Who won the last wc? Â Was it france? Â For the life of me i can't remember. I can't remember where it was played, was it in france? lol
  9. SpongeBob

    Car running on water?

    Coming soon: 3 dollars a gallon water!
  10. SpongeBob

    RAN Super Seasprite facing the axe.

    Maybe Canada will sell you some of their amazing state-of-the-art Sea Kings, after Canada gets their new S-92 Cyclones in 2008. Â
  11. SpongeBob

    Ingame voice chat

    I love playing OFP and have TS chat being played in my USB headset only, with my speakers putting out in game sound. I hope if AA has VOIP, that its able to setup with different devices.
  12. SpongeBob

    OFP icon pack

    Is that a pink or purple?
  13. SpongeBob

    OFP History?

    Anybody know the exact day it was released in Europe and US? The BIS site just says "June 2001" and "September 2001"
  14. SpongeBob

    Happy St. George's Day!

    Do people get drunk on St. George's day like on St. Patrick's Day? Or is it only bullshit events like on Earth Day yesterday.