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    Squad Control

    If your AI guys now what takes cover means and can do that and similar tasks well and indicate targets better, yeah the current system is good, although i still dream of a game where i can command a whole platoon to company of troops and still be playing a shooter
  2. SnypaUK


    I dont find being able to instantly switch between weapons all that realistic actually, i prefer the more deliberate way of switching weapons we have already in place, altho i must admit it can get in the way if im doing other stuff
  3. SnypaUK

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    Operation Eclipse: high intensity combat simulator What about this? Conjures up images of Flash and nuclear warfare and the end of the world, then the next part denotes its a military simulator not just a game
  4. SnypaUK

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    Break point: Tactical operations
  5. OK ive been out of the OFP world for quite a while aside from small stints back into it but after randomly poking in again im stunned by all this news. Im right in thinking that not only were BIS making a sequel for us that is looking amazing. Just for fans theyre actually making ANOTHER game in the middle just to bridge the gap for us and keep us happy? I dont think ive ever heard of this being done in gaming history. Im overwhelmed with how great BIS are...You rock! (Yes i am kissing ass lol, make me beta tester )
  6. SnypaUK


    I dont, seen enough special operations games, leave it to someone else and get your own angle of proper infantry work and then have nice noisy fun special ops raids because that is the fun part of a Mil-Sim, when theres rounds whizzing past your head and tanks firing and helicopters zooming overhead. Moments like this were what gave me orgasms in OFP
  7. You ever played OFP? ive probably destroyed at least 100 inanimate churches in that and im a highly observant catholic who cant aim well with a helicopter. Stop finding a reason to get offended
  8. SnypaUK


    On a vaguely related note this chap is wearing british DPM american webbing and carrying an AK
  9. SnypaUK

    Armed Assault - development suggestions to BIS

    Everything i find in OFP is satisfactory apart from Urban warfare and using your units within, vehicle handling and the way units recognise and engage enemy...Thats it...possibly the perfect game?
  10. SnypaUK

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    Operation Flashpoint 2: Boiling Point Operation Flashpoint 2: Post-Modern Warfare Simulator Operation Flashpoint 2: Digital Operations Operation Flashpoint 2: Growing Tensions Oh this is fun thinking of titles anyway what does everyone think? I think they conjure up the modern digital warfare thing theyll want to be conjuring an image of
  11. SnypaUK

    new survey

    Just to persuade you for the cold war NATO v Soviet Union mission. Imagine A dark sunrise in 1985 and you are in high alert with your platoon. In a trench. All of a sudden a massive bombarment starts of your postion. you take cover. When the bombardment finished you get up and see a mushroom cloud far in the distance and you hear the radio chattering about invasions of east europe but your cut short by a company of mechanised infantry attacking your lightly held position. You see AT missiles streaking into BMPs as you try and hold the position. Eventually you get the retreat command and you engage a tactical fallback. The AI covers you as you move and you cover them all the way back to HQ where you hear about whats happened as you see jets streaking overhead... Now wouldnt that make the perfect game? set it against the soviets at the peak of their time and you would have the greatest and ONLY true modern warfare game that would still have enough action and realism.
  12. SnypaUK

    new survey

    I liked the Idea about NATO (notice emphasis not on USA v world) V hyperpower China in taiwan. Good story as would be a "what if" scenario with a soviet invasion of Germany in 1989. Dynamic campaign good as is "Soldier Career" idea although i dont like the idea of going to the bog and eating in a computer game
  13. SnypaUK

    OFP2 - Rainbow Six

    I would say there is a difference between SWAT style CQB and building clearance as used by the military which i have still not seen used well in a tactical game
  14. SnypaUK

    Ai thread

    Id prefer it if AI were a bit less well stupid when im placing them in editor. If i set them to combat then set them to stand still they start crawling off everywhere, ive even seen some run straight at a whole load of enemys and just get slaughtered
  15. SnypaUK

    Reaction during enemy fire?

    Most professional armys would actually be giving out fire control orders such as 100 metres centre of axis base of tree etc section commanders would also be giving out fire control orders as well. Anyway more importantly i agree it would immerse the player a lot more if you heard more screaming rather than the radio droning as thorugh theyre on a shooting range as well as suppressing fire working better. Also while suppressed i wish the AI wouldnt just run round and round like headless chickens and just get slotted I think that the player should be made really inaccurate during a firefight just as AI should. If youve ever sprinted faster than you ever have for 10 metres dropped down and tried to shoot accurately youll realise how inaccurate you can be