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  1. This is the best picture I have that shows one (I didn't think to take a direct picture of it back in 2011 :P ). To my understanding it was just added on sometime, while the "original" system still only has 4. H-60s are ridiculously unstandardized.
  2. Actually H-60s have a 5th EOMS sensor on the belly, around where the transition meets the tail boom section.
  3. Hey guys, just noticed that the PlayWithSix repo includes an older version of ShackTac FTHUD that only properly supports islands in its config. Hoping you can update it to the newest version, which uses a different scripting technique to automatically support all islands. Link here: http://dev.withsix.com/news/745
  4. Awesome! The more experience, the better! All my experience so far is with ARNG birds and one deployment to Kosovo. Haven't even seen a Mike outside of visiting their hanger at Useless for 5 minutes. Even if Franze/Nod don't do their own UH-60, I'd love to see their experience and some of their back-end scripting shared across towards one. You guys thought about making some of common framework for aircraft addons? It'd be awesome if we could get every helicopter addon to have this much fidelity, especially if the TKOH FM starts getting used in ArmA3.
  5. Yeah, did some searches and the only AH-64 with CEFS I can find is a Robbie Tanks brochure for their 125-gallon Reduced Size CEFS: http://www.robbietanks.com/images/advgallery/document/brochure_51_ah-64_rcefs.pdf My state still has some ancient -60As from 79 and 80 (so old they don't have ESSS mounts), but I believe they're still modded up with CMWS, fiber-optic gyros, added vehicle health sensors, and for the inlet filters that you see in Iraq, or on the BIS ArmA2 UH-60s. Though I have heard that they're being sent to the boneyard within the next year or so, to be replaced with some beat up UH-60Ls. But there's always upgrades, like UH-60A+ "Frankenhawks" that were/are used in Afghanistan. Have the T701Cs and maybe the main transmission from a -60L put in, to keep up with the hot and high.
  6. Fair enough, just wanted to add in that if you guys do decide on a UH-60, I can try to provide nearly any non-restricted reference you want, even NSNs on the rivets! :P Another question, does the Block II not incorporate the 200-gallon CEFS (Crashworthy External Fuel System) tanks at all? I wouldn't feel very safe with ERFS tanks that pump hot bleed air into a tank of JP8! :P For some background, it seems AH-64Ds are a lot more standardized than UH-60s, such as no Block IIs having CMWS. While with Blackhawks, they just have whatever's modded on. Half my state's H-60s have CMWS, some don't, one's modded for an internal fuel tank, a few have BFT. Overall rather random, and no change in any designation whenever anything's modded in.
  7. Mmmm, love those sounds of the ignitors kicking in on the T700s. Love all the work you guys have put in so far, and looking forward to seeing your AH-64 perfected. Sorry if these questions were already answered, 20 pages is a lot of time to read through... Curious if you plan on doing any A2CU flight suit skins for your pack? And if you still have any intentions on doing some H-60s down the line? Thanks again for the fun addon!
  8. scfan42

    AH-64 Pack

    Awww, I was looking forward to seeing your AH-64 randomly pop flares at all the false positives the system gives. :P
  9. scfan42

    AH-64 Pack

    Ah, Camp Bondsteel. I can't even imagine how bored the Apache crews were there. Though obviously bored enough to practice that. Aircrew equipment vests are loaded with straps and designed to allow rescue via hoist, or strapping themselves to the Apache like so. Crew chiefs on other helos will tether themselves inside so that they can move freely without worry of falling to their death if they fall out. Also curious if you guys have any CMWS scripts set up. Just got to do some work on a system the other day, so wanted to see if I can help with anything on it.
  10. The profile site appears to be broken. After attempting to sign in, I get "Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects." when directed to https://profile.bistudio.com/profile/legal or https://profile.bistudio.com/profile/offline Error code is from Chrome 25.0.1364.160 m, Firefox 19.0.2 returns "The page isn't redirecting properly"
  11. scfan42

    AH-64 Pack

    Well, since nobody else has asked yet... With ArmA3 alpha next week, you guys plan to continue ArmA2 work or start porting to ArmA3?
  12. scfan42

    AH-64 Pack

    Franze, are you sure you're not working on a DCS: World module mocked up to look like ArmA? :P
  13. scfan42

    AH-64 Pack

    Would love to finally see some proper "Air Warrior" kit in ArmA, but would love to see your Apache first. If you guys do make new crew models, could you also do a regular style helmet for us H-60 and H-47 folks? (I do assume that the ALSE and other gear are the same between helo types.)
  14. scfan42

    AH-64 Pack

    You'd want to go to gatordev for most of the flying parts, since I'm just a mechanic on them. I have a slightly outdated copy of the maintenance manual for H-60As and 60Ls, but I believe those are restricted. I can also take any sort of reference picture needed, at least until next Sept. Though I may be limited to HH-60s for a while. What I have found through searching are some student handouts released by Rucker. They even say "This product is releasable to students from all requesting foreign countries without restrictions," so it should be good to post a link. They include info on the mixing, particularly the ratios of the degrees changed. I'd suggest downloading the PDFs in case they disappear. I'm also in no rush to see H-60s for A2. I'd rather see them in TKOH or A3, so that at least some of the flight sim things can be modeled. Though, if I could request something for the AH-64 and H-60s, it'd be aircrew in their "Air Warrior" get up.
  15. scfan42

    AH-64 Pack

    Yeah, with all the pilot assist stuff off (SAS, BOOST), pushing the collective full down then moving the pedals will cause the collective to raise a couple inches. The mixer is also what runs your Load-Demand Spindles to the engines (Basically, the throttle). For more random trivia, the 20 degree cant to the tail rotor provides about 400 pounds of lift while in a hover. And if you guys are serious about doing a UH-60, I'd love to provide any reference info or photos that I can. If you stay away from H-60Ms and the medevac HH-60s, you won't even have to worry about MFDs. :P