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    Logitech mx 700 mouse problems

    so My decision will be to stop playing ofp too. too bad BIS doesnt help out their community anymore :/
  2. Shiftey

    Logitech mx 700 mouse problems

    thank you greg but.. as you say that advanced utility, i've already tried that, it did not help. So anyone else any suggestions?
  3. Hello there. Recently I have bought a logitech mx 700 mouse because my old one was getting old a bit an d needed replacement So After 2 or 3 months using my new mosue which hasn't encountered any problems on any game, I decided to use it on ofp. so i reinstalled it. And i noticed i could not aim accurately. It seems when i move the mouse real slow it doesn register my movement, but sometimes it suddenly moves, not the movement that i want but too far. Now i've done almost everything thinkable to do, changed the movements speed in windows, inside ofp, installed drivers, plus some strange program somebody told me hehad the same thing. Altered my registry for it, did everything that was said on The avonlady like rivatuner, really everyhting thinkable. please help me out, this problem did not occur with my old mouse, there surely must be some solution for it? thank you in Advance