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    Ai thread

    Ive just downloaded and started playing Hidden and dangerous deluxe and after getting pissed off with the game a couple of times and uninstalling it. i reinstalled it and tried it properly and ive now realised OFPs AI problem. The H &D AI seems to be perfect. theyre smart enough to give you a feeling you have some competent troops with you (look OfP who are able to shoot but theyre not all disturbing inhuman snipers AKA rainbow six or GR. this gives you a good fairly drawn out firefight without you marvelling at the sheer incompetence of your teammates. OFP2 you have H & D to beat I know you will do it.
  2. Snypa UK

    Spec ops

    Oh god no infiltration missions they piss me off
  3. Snypa UK

    Land navigation

    Turn it to veteran mode if you want a bit more of a navigational challenge but i see what you mean by it being a bit simple although on the other hand you can navigate with just a map and compass if you want and a magellan if you really have to
  4. Snypa UK

    What kind of armor would you like?

    I hope BIS dont make this into another vietnam em up theres millions of them. Perhaps theyll make a high intensity jungle conflict?
  5. Snypa UK

    Spec ops

    Yes thats one problem they just wonder right into the middle of the enemy camp for no reason
  6. Snypa UK

    The installer

    The resistance installer was quite cool as well but the CWC one reigns supreme
  7. Snypa UK


    seriously though its too long and cumbersome for MOUT and CQB as well as carrying in a helicopter or APC
  8. Snypa UK

    Total war 2006

    The best quote i can think of is "ah but would you have broken the vase if i hadnt said anything?" That summarizes nostradamus
  9. Snypa UK


    I guess its a bad idea to call it a dead turtle then?
  10. Snypa UK

    Mission ideas

    continuing on the Dynamic campaign idea perhaps it could all be one mission. for example if we take the OFP resistance campaign wouldnt it be cool if you had one base in the hills at the start along with some troops then you plan the mission all in game so you decide where you go perhaps you perform reconnaisance first on your own then go back to base and have your troops join you then go blow it up you would have to excercise judgement so you dont attack a tank company using 12 men with a few AKs between them. Then youve completed your mission and the game autosaves. You then get a few more troops join you from the woods and you sit there with the map all in real time and plan what to do. If BIS made a command engine you could make a multi section platoon and wait till night and attack a tank base. steal some tanks and hold the city this could capture you another savegame once you capture the city. This means you have a base more troops join you and you start getting enough people to command and not have to lead or you could be at the front of every attack taking over a squad leader. A good game with the same kind of dynamic campaign is Apache Havoc except you dont get more troops each time (or choppers) but you plan your sorties and you can fly them yourself or leave others to do it for you
  11. Snypa UK


    It would be good for atmosphere in a firefight as well
  12. Snypa UK


    Christ unlucky we had our whole company do that and the worst we got was the back of someones SUSAT popped out which is very bad in combat. Thats on a range where range restrictions apply when youre expecting imminent combat with the enemy the safety should be off anyway. Besides all that its a third of a second to take off the safety and putting your finger in. I have a feeling youve believed andy mcnab too much. Thats true one of the scary things they changed by putting in a shroud on the magazine You feel free to carry an SLR on a 50 mile T.a.b. Also its ammunition weighs a lot. Its not incredibly accurate. Its not very maneuvaerable, useless for mechanized and Airborne infantry as well as for MOUT but your right about clubbing the enemy with it Thats the job of your LSWs (minimis in the near future and GPMGs) Besides all that the barrel can take that much anyway but you should be trying to minimize spray and pray as you have to carry ammunition which is another advantage of the 5.56. Yes i have most fun ive had but in real life your section would not all be carrying L85s it would be carrying L86s or minimis with them
  13. Snypa UK


    Its not a gun a gun is on wheels its a rifle (sorry just something our sargeant gets pissed off about its very funny)
  14. Snypa UK


    The SLR is about as maneuverable as a dead rabbit and weighs far too much as for those storys about bayonets breaking your friend is very unlucky. The safety catch thing is rubbish while i agree thats a problem you wouldnt be in imminent contact with the enemy and have the safety off. The scariest problem of the A1 was that with safety catch on you could strike its barrel and it would fire
  15. Snypa UK


    THe L85 has good balance and is now very reliable. The new magazines are heavier now because the metal is thicker so they dont bend and become unusable when dropped the 7.62 round is more lethal indeed but the point of the 5.56 is to maim enemys and not always kill them. This is because you tie up about 4-10 troops looking after a wounded man whereas a dead man can be left. big GPMGs have big 7.62 bullets to kill lots of people as with 50.cals but thay just blow people to bits. The L85A1 is known for unreliability so the Mod got heckler and koch to fix it and came out with the L85A2 this is very reliable and the times ive used it (although with blanks ill admit apart from on Shooting range) its has been very reliable as long as you clean it once a day. Just remember that these are all very modern weapons all designed within the last 5 years (although i dont know about steyr aug) and the ones that werent designed recently eg AK are all heavy because of the wooden butt that makes it back heavy