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  1. here is a good sized picture of the SA80.... I dont understand what the issue is regarding the size. The rail however, might be a tad big, but the length of the rifle seems spot on
  2. Hi to all, Myself and the PUKF team are trying to fine tune the warrior which we are trying to release. I would like to know what figures allow the Warrior to engage certain targets.. Ie The warrior some-times engages the BMP3 however it never does this until ordered to by a human operator. For AI it does not. How can I change this to allow this to happen? Cheers guys
  3. http://plamill.tripod.com//id54.html that picture may give you a better prosepective of the vehicle (all pics on the website are copyright Plainmilitary)
  4. SWIFT88

    Pukf - WIP

    It has not been discussed but as Pry has noted, it may not happen Im sorry I couldn't answer your question fully but due to the lack of a scripter in the team, it makes life hard to even make the most basic of config's without an error.
  5. We indeed had alot of bugs but we tested addons with VCB as the first ever warriors gave the server's dysnc and thought it to be unfair to release without finally getting to the end of the bug. Im sure a few people will be kicking themselves
  6. I was wondering if i can make a animation, that's already setup, to work while turning... Then resetting to the original position when the vehicle drives straight
  7. SWIFT88

    Event handlers

    I'm inserting it into the CFG vehicles, Its basically a object that I want to add on the rear of a vehicle
  8. I want to attach a vehicle to another vehicle however Im having issues doing this, all i want to do is have the second vehicle turn up with the first on loading ive got the event handlers ready but nothing is coming from it From config from shar.sqs hope you can help cheers
  9. Challenger 2 who knows, it make be reality? Just be aware that was ARMA 1 so we need to port that specific addon across and that will take time, not to mention if its on the top of the list to be done www.pukf.net
  10. Had that problem with my vehicles! nice to hear its working better than before
  11. Just to ensure all parties know what hes on about look below in my sig.....
  12. this reminds me of duke nuke em with the dancers *shake it baby* To be fair why would you play a military simulation to have naked women in it? Every one to their own
  13. SWIFT88

    Bayonet/knife poll

    what the hell is that gun above ??? Try this one for size credit for picture (http://plamill.tripod.com//id66.html)
  14. SWIFT88

    British forces mod

    I think you misunderstood, I'm passing the pics of kit over to him because its hard to find pictures of British kit on ex. The only other sites are google and the mod photo archive which is crap. Ideally when finished the UV map the pictures will come in handy when the textures are being done. Here is the newest SA-80 A2 with new hand guard and ACOG sight http://plamill.tripod.com//id66.html Very hard to find without knowing where to look for pictures similar to the above. Of course UV mapping is the priority, and I agree that its very hard, just keep at it!
  15. Tracker or Whisper bar?