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  1. Skul

    Best Space simulation?

    There is one called 'Time of Defiance', which is supposed to be pretty good. I tried the trial version, but didn't have any idea of what to do. I read the tutorial and followed it to the letter, but hardly anything happened. I guess it's one of those games that you really have to get into to enjoy, like the Final Fantasy series. It's got 4,000km x 4,000km playing fields, hundreds of players fighting to control thousands of islands and games that can last up to 4 weeks... among other things. If you like the sound of it, here's the website: Time of Defiance Webpage Maybe I should download the trial again and see if I can do any better second time around...? [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  2. Skul

    East VS West - Episode 01

    *cough! splutter!* Say what? EvW is out, now? Took yer long enough... downloading... [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  3. Skul

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    Awesome demo! I was expecting it to be real jerky on my PC, but it ran surprisingly smoothly. My only gripe was the loading times on my machine. Guess I'll need to get that extra memory I've been meaning to buy! *Digs into pocket and brings out 13p, a half-eaten peppermint and 6 fluffballs* Ah, hell... [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  4. Skul

    TcM Crap Sky 1.0

    Anyone in my mod who decides to make that shall be fired immediately! You know what? Some guys in my high school liked to watch that! I'm serious! They watched the bleedin' TELETUBBIES! Freaks! ...Hey, aren't there some teletubbie models out there? Line 'em up and shoot 'em down! [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  5. Skul

    TcM Crap Sky 1.0

    *Draws the magnum* [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  6. Skul

    Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

    ...Whoah...! [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  7. Skul

    Metal Gear Solid 3

    Prepare yourself for the unexpected and confusing twists which will undoubtedly make their appearance. When are we gonna see the continuation of MGS2 is what I wanna know! [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  8. Skul

    Ask a mod

    Yay Hellfish! You appeared in a screenshot! You can go kill yourself, now, because everything you do after this point will amount to nothing... [!Gareth Gates must die!] H-Hey! I was only kidding! No, Hellfish! No! No!! NOOOO!!! <span id='ME'><center>Skul has been forcefully disconnected from the forums</center></span>
  9. Skul

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    A concern for the 2 people in the world who don't have an internet connection, yes. [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  10. Skul

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    It's Half-Life 2sday (see the pun? eh? eh? ) and I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat. I'll be waiting 'til Christmas Day to open up my retail copy of HL2, you lucky Steam-purchasing bastards! Don't anybody let out any spoilers, or I'll send the hired goons round! [!Gareth Gates must die!] (<-- crowbar method preferable)
  11. Skul

    Today, Halo 2 has gone

    There were rumours about a Halo 3. So, the second one sets the scene for a third, eh? Interesting... I'm waiting until Christmas Morn' to get my hands on it. [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  12. Skul

    Ask a mod

    I betcha can't wait, eh, m21? What could be worse than "2nd Chance Lance"? Hmmmm..."placebo's personal assistant?" [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  13. Skul

    Ask a mod

    At least it's not gay, like the old one. I truly hated that. Thanks for changing it, Fubar. I was about to send the hired goons round! [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  14. Skul

    Ask a mod

    They're gonna use that against you, though! No fear? No sense! [!Gareth Gates must die!]
  15. Skul

    Ask a mod

    PLEASE change my title! After all the years of laughter and... stuff I've given you. Come on, your most loved and valued member of all time is asking for a favour... please? [!Gareth Gates must die!]