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  1. brilliant update guys  , i haven't run around all the islands in depth yet but so far all is looking good, i have noticed that no ladders seem to be working on objects though, but a small bug like that can't spoil this for me Â
  2. Soul Catcher

    SLX Vehicles

    hi all, i done the config for the Mcnools desert vehicles, im no super scripting person but if someone can let me know what would have to be added to the config (if it is just a config thing) to make them compatible i would be more than happy to update them for everyone (obviously pending permission from McNools to update the pack). Â
  3. sweeeet  , brings back loads of old memories  , really looking foward to the island pack and hoping that kolgujev might be one of them Â
  4. Soul Catcher

    Project: UK Forces

    sweeeet looking good, glad to see the bayonet will be back, will it be similar to the OFP version in that when you get a certain distance from an enemy with the bayonet equipped it will automatically kick in the anim?
  5. Hi all , BSF STUDIOS proudly presents to you the UKF Weapon Packs converted for ArmA (with full permission), these packs will provide you with a fairly comprehensive set of modern british weapons, they will NOT replace any of the default ArmA weapons and can be found in the editor under the EMPTY\AMMO menu in the "UKF Weapon & Ammo Box". All weapon and ammo classnames are contained in the readme. These weapons are just placeholders for the time being until UKF release their eventual ArmA quality replacements, and as such will not be supported by UKF and or BSF STUDIOS (unless there's any major problems  ). (temp link removed) Any mirrors are greatly needed and appreciated Armaholic Mirror RKSL Studios Mirror Armed-Assault.de Mirror Combat Prison Mirror here's some screenies
  6. Soul Catcher

    Semi-transparent textures

    thanks for the advice guys, unfortunately it didn't work and i still ended up with the solid white background (most probably due to my lack of ability and understanding in photoshop CS2), but i just re-installed and used photoshop 7.0 and everything is fine now my textures are working as they should .
  7. Soul Catcher

    Semi-transparent textures

    I have been having the same problems trying to make some inventory pics for some weapons, i've got photoshop CS2, i make a new image (with background as transparent), then i create a new layer and paste my weapon image into it (a screen grab of bulldozer) then i select and delete the bulldozer background (leaving me with just the weapon). everything looks fine so i then save the image as wep_ca.tga (32bit). I open the new wep_ca.tga in texview2 and all i get is the weapon on a solid white background, i save it as a .paa with texview2 but it still has a solid white background. I have tried the steps mentioned before but it still wont work, does anyone have any ideas on where im going wrong?
  8. This addon will provide you with a set of retextured M16A2's, M16A4's and G36's. All weapons come in a desert camo and in a camo that is suitable for use in north Sahrani. As a bonus there is also a desert retexture of the binoculars. These weapons will not replace any of the default weapons, they can all be found in the editor in the Empty\Ammo menu in the "Plumose & Soul Catcher Weapon Crate". Armed Assault EU mirror Armaholic Mirror Armed Assault Info Mirror All mirrors and screenshots greatly appreciated  more screenshots will follow soon. Sorry i forgot to include the classnames in the readme  classnames plum_m16a2 plum_m16a2m203 plum_m16a4 plum_m16a4_acog plum_m16a4m203 plum_m16a4m203_acog plum_g36a plum_g36c plum_g36k plum_binocular for the north sahrani versions just add "_g" (minus quotes) to the end of the classname (not the binoculars though).
  9. Soul Catcher

    BSF STUDIOS presents

    thanks for the interest, there were plans to add more to the pack but at the moment i am uncertain as to when that may be as plumose was the texture man (i just done the config and hex editing for him) and i believe (might be wrong  ) he has been more interested in making islands at the mo Â
  10. Soul Catcher

    Sakakah Al Jawf OPEN BETA

    love it, performs much better than sahrani for me, not noticed any lag at all
  11. Soul Catcher

    Queens Gambit Pistol Problem

    yea i've noticed this problem aswell, but it only happens with some of the new units, although i have found that two of the merc units are fine.
  12. Soul Catcher

    BSF STUDIOS proudly presents

    thanks for all the comments and for bringing to light any bugs. As i said i might make a slight update at some point in the future but im afraid i have no release date to give, it'll be done when/if its done. The LSW does use a different recoil when in the prone position to account for the bipod etc. but it does not have an increased accuracy. this will/may be addressed if there is an update.
  13. Soul Catcher

    BSF STUDIOS proudly presents

    @GD Mast: i know about the scopes issue , couldn't seem to find a fix at the time, when/if i do an update i'll be sure to get it fixed though . Has anyone else spotted any major bugs/glitches ??
  14. Soul Catcher

    BSF STUDIOS proudly presents

    @bravo 6: yea they got shadows, some are pretty crude but their functional. The pistols being slightly transparent was an oversight on my half, maybe fixed in a small update at a later point along with normalmaps being added...maybe
  15. Soul Catcher

    BSF STUDIOS proudly presents

    thanks for the comments guys, first post has been updated with some mirrors.
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    as usual looking top notch mate
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    looking sweet
  18. Soul Catcher


    looking sweet
  19. Soul Catcher

    BSF STUDIOS presents

    thanks for the comments and the mirrors guys, i'll try to get some screenshots up by the end of the day.
  20. Soul Catcher

    BSF STUDIOS presents

    No, sorry they are a standalone addon so dont replace the default BIS ArmA weapons.
  21. Soul Catcher

    BSF STUDIOS presents

    @ jerryhopper - Thanks for the mirror  @ FlyinBullets - They're reskins of the default ArmA guns.
  22. Soul Catcher


    nice one, looks good
  23. Soul Catcher


    nice one, looks good
  24. BSF STUDIOS proudly present all of lennard's re-textured M4's and M107's  in one stand-alone addon. These weapons will not replace any default weapon in the game, they can be found in "Lennards weapon crate" in the editor under the Empty\Ammo class with all the other ammo & weapon crates. any screenshots and mirrors are greatly appreciated. download link (7 days only) Armaholic Mirror Armed Assault Zone Mirror <a href="ftp//www.armedassault.info/armad/addons/Desert_US_Wep_Pack_v0.1.zip" target="_blank">Armed Assault Info Mirror</a> Some screenshots, thanks to Da Rat  bigger bigger Thank you for all links and thanks to Imutep fo the screenshots Â
  25. Soul Catcher

    Desert US Weapons Pack

    ok fair enuff  , i could've made the readme a bit more detailed i suppose, my bad  . edited first post to try cut down on the confusion.