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  1. most of the effects i mentioned erlier would be applied mostly to low skill level units. those low level soldiers do not snap into 150% mode like vets do. The whole idea is to work physical and mental emotion into the skill level of a unit. Most, if not all the AI act like SF under fire. Explain how a unit with .1 skill can fire back everytime after 3 of his squadmates are shot within 5 seconds and an MG is filling the dirt around him with depleated uranium. Any "green" soldier would panic and most likely freeze.

  2. All is calm. Everything looks normal. Suddenly you hear the wiz of a bullet inches from your head. Your screen becomes blurry for a moment. You recover. MG fire in the distace. The screen appears to shiver slightly. A tank shell explodes to your right. Everything becomes washed out as the explosion attracts all attention. All because you are a soldier in OFP2* with the lowest skill level.

    Here's my idea...

    OFP simulates combat. Yet one thing left untouched is the human aspect of the game on an individual level. Yes, you can make AI seem to panic if a grenade goes off near them, but that is just the begining.

    What if you could simulate the confusion, chaos, dissorientation, and most importantly, EMOTION, of a battle for a player?

    I'll explain. I was playing around with the glare setting w/ DXDLL. Then i got it so everything left trails and such. Now what if that happended to the player when certain stimuli were triggered? Now take the level of stimulation needed to cause effects and base it on the skill level of the unit, or a whole new "composure level".

    Certain events may cause different reactions based on how skilled or composed a unit is. Take enemy fire for example. Enemy units are 400m out. They begin to take shots at you. Your composure level is low - .1 As the enemy bullets begin to zero in on you, your screen becomes slightly blurry. A few rounds kick up dirt in your face. Everything is impossible to see as life is a blur. suddenly another squad attracts the attention of your enemy. As the engage them and stop firing on you, things become more focused and clear.

    That adds another way to add something OFP lacks...

    Suppression. In a game dominated by AI that will do nothing but run or shoot right back at you, your options are small. Add in a supression system, and BOOM, new level of gameplay added.

    How do you add supression to OFP?

    A composure level setting for each individual unit that effects AI and human players alike. No longer will the skill level of a unit not affect the human player inside of it.

  3. AWSOME!

    I noticed you said you are using forest types to achieve this. Do you know if the AI will act normally or will they zigzag and run like they do in forests. Same goes for armor units. Will they drive over things or freeze cuz theyre in a "forest".

    Great job with the island. Still rmemeber seeing the pics in ofp.info and thinking they were sneak peaks of OFP2. That right there says a lot to me. I give you major props for this

  4. I would just like this community to know that you have such an intulectual forum. I have been on here for a long time, and I have come to be able to see things from an "other than american" point of view. As the majority of the regulars here are not American, it is a great way for people to see many different, accepted opinions people have outside from my own. I would like thank everyone for providing such a great forum for me to participate in.

    Welcome to the future of communication....

    The internet....

  5. Maybe we could play @ a certain time.

    And date.

    Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.

    For those who have it.

    And all of us, OFP guys/girls.

    Can take on a group of non OFP players.

    OFP Players vs. DF Players.

    We could call ourselves. =OFP=

    Ex: =OFP= MilitiaSniper

    Then I show you all.

    Why I'm MilitiaSniper. (LOL!) It's a joke!

    C'Mon, it's funny!

    Except when I take head shots.

    So what do you all think?

    Remember it's just a thought.

    Don't slam me on this forum.

    But with OFP playing/training.

    We could wipe the floor.

    And maybe slit a throat or two.

    Sincerely, MilitiaSniper

    "OFF the WALL Team"

    unclesam.gif  unclesam.gif  unclesam.gif  unclesam.gif

    I like that idea. How about J/O?

  6. Quote[/b] ]if ur a bad shot ur can hit a running deer due to the semi-auto

    I'd say that shooting deer with an assault rifle is rather 'unsportsmanlike'. Some old bold action rifle should do the job just fine.

    i agree that 10 shots to take down a deer is "unsportsmanlike" but is it the governments right to state that?

  7. Right now I own an Ithica Armory 300 winchester magnum, Benelli Tactical 12gauge and a Glock 19. Please tell me what makes them more lethal than an "assault rife"

    A 300 winmag is an elephant gun. I use it to hunt bear in canada. It is more powerfull the a 5.56 round. It is bolt action, but I can clear the chamber quick. Its impractical to use it on an object at close quarters.

    Glock 19 - used for small game and sometimes deer. Its semi-auto. Probably the most dangerous gun I own due to the fact it is small yet does the dammage. On the other hand, I wouldnt be here if I used it on a bear. It would be like shooting a cugar with a BB gun.

    Shotgun - Deer hunting. Works great. Pump-action, yet by the time I recover from the recoil its already "pumped". More lethal then a semi? Nope. Just as much. Would I use this on a Fox? Hell no. Id have fur and bones to pick up.

    The point I am trying to get at is that each gun has a purpose. Assault rifles (atleast the ones the US government classifys as one) are in essance the best designed hunting rifles. They fit to your body well, are accurate and if ur a bad shot ur can hit a running deer due to the semi-auto. Now tell me that by owning one will make me kill people. I already have a gun for whatever situation. If I ever wanted to kill someone, I could. It just proves that they are no different than other guns.

  8. I am in the process of creating a new campaign. Here is the basis of it:

    -=Crimson Ground=-

    In a nutshell-

    -Takes place on Gaia

    -About a revolution

    -You are a high ranking leutanant

    -Realistic battles (you can sit back, watch, and do nothing if you please on some missions. No more "you must take out 20 men and a T80 urself to win even though there are 40 other guys fighting")

    -Much more than just "black ops". Ex. Disguise urself as a civilian, sneak into the city, RPG the generals car. Run and hide. I guess "terrorist" would be a better word. sad_o.gif

    -Intersting missions unlike the general "take morton, defend the counterattack."

    Now a cutscene editor is needed. If you are interested please email me at:


    Some addon requirements:

    (I am using Pappys Y2K3 mod. It would be best if used by cutscene editor too.)

    -Mapfact base objects

    -BAS Russian OPFOR

    -ICP anim


    -possibly more

  9. So what if they had muzzle-loading rifles? They were the most effective firearms (not including artillery pieces) at that time, and they still thought the people should have the right to have them. There's no reason to think that "assault weapons" should be different.

    At that time, the Canada was still considered a British colony and had British soldiers within it. If I remember, the right to own a fire arm was to protect your home if the British were coming.

    What are you defending yourself from now?

    Handguns and shotguns, I'm fine with. But a person able to own an assault rifle is scary. It'd be pretty nasty if Bob at the office didn't get his pay raise.

    I'm begining to think that most people here dont realize what we mean when we say assualt rife. Even without the ban, they are plain SEMI-AUTOMATIC guns. They just have the option of pistol grips, flash supressors, bayonet lugs, telescopic stocks, and magazines over 10 rounds. How does that make it any more lethal? Ohhhh, I can mount a bayonet on the front so I can stab you... now would that go to the stabbing stats or assault rifle stats?

    In other words, this ban isnt about a full-auto G36 with a grenade launcher under it. Its about normal semi auto rifle that had COSMETIC restrictions. Aparently, if it didnt look like an "assault rife" it must not be as lethal.

  10. ...

    Now, given that we have firearms to protect ourselves from tyranny and today's tryanny is enforced at the end of the barrel of an automatic weapon or assault rifle, would it not make sense under the current laws of our nation that the citizens be equally well equipped should that power fall into the wrong hands or be used for the wrong purposes?

    If you argue otherwise, I would like to hear a credible reason backed by historical fact and the letter of the law as read in the Constitution.  Save your breath though, you won't find one.


    You might kindly ask your government to lift the ban against Stingers, AT4s  and explosive devices as well. You know, today you wouldn't face just infantry, cavalry and some cannons, but tanks and choppers...

    That ammendment might have been appropriate for its time, but today it is just a silly excuse. You won't be able to overthrow an US tyranny backed by its military with some assault rifles.

    One last thing - tyrannies are not enforced at the end of the barrel of an assault rifle. Far more, they are enforced by fear, distrust, collaboration and denunciation, controlled by elements ala Gestapo and Securitate...

    Is today's political situation in the U.S. so far removed from tyranny?

    The 2000 election

    The Patriot Act

    Unreliable news media

    Deepening divide between the American people

    Go tell the Iraqi insurgency they can't defeat a modern military power with IED's and a few assault rifles.  I'd say they are soundly thrashing your argument.


    Anyone else ever look at the books? LESS than 1% of all gun crimes are committed (in the US atleast) with an "Assault Rifle".

    If this ban stays, I propose a new ban on hard car bumpers. Ever bumper needs atleast 3ft of soft padding. That way people are less likely to be killed by them. Ha.

    Will someone tell me how having a telescopic stock makes me a killer? So what if I prefer to have a stock that I can adjust to fit my body? Should I spend $4000 on a custom Springfield armory firearm so it fits me?

    guns dont kill people, people kill people.

  11. I for one already have my rifle chosen and am waiting for the ban to end.  Being a gun lover, in a country filled with them, based off of them and founded by them, it is somewhat my civic duty.

    I already own 3 guns right now.  They work great, they do their job (the bullet leaves the chamber at a high, accurate velocity) but there are limits.

    If someone can explain how my gun having a telescopic stock, pistol grip and 30rd mag makes me a bad person...feel free.  I for one feel that it is my right, and others, to have a damn howitzer if we wanted.  LICENSES ARE KEY....

    Has anyone thought what the 2nd amendment was FOR?  It isnt so you can defend yourself from criminals.  It was to CHECK your government.  Back then they feared that the government would become too powerfull and the only way to check that was with armed citizens.  Read the "founding fathers" journals, books and memos.  Its all there.

    Yes, a revolution may not come about for some time they way things are, and probably never will in my life.  But as an american, it is my duty to the people who started this country to own a gun.  


    EDIT: I say we ban rocks now. Anyone with a rock with jutting edges bigger the 2cm is a criminal. Oh yeah, baseball bats too. Especialy ones with the knob at the end so it doesnt slip out of ur hands. Cars? Yeah, they kill more people than guns...only seems fair. What about ur fists? Gotta pad them up now. New law reqiures you to tape foam around ur fists when u go in public. Blah Blah Blah.

  12.  What is with the 5min load time crazy_o.gif!  I was able to go to the bathroom, grab a coke, and make myself a sandwich while it loaded crazy_o.gif!

    Wow  wow_o.gif

    I only keep soap, toothpaste abd towels there.

    I got to get me a fridge there someday too  tounge_o.gif

    Serisouly, I used a stop-watch timing how long from double-clicking the icon untill I was in-game. 1 minute and 5 seconds (including the annoying splashscreens you can't skip).

    What makes your computer take so long?

    Well not just you, alot of people seem to have that long load-times.

    I'm not using any RAID-0, just a regular IDE and 2GB RAM here.

    2Gig of RAM might be it.... biggrin_o.gif

  13. 1.) Are you planning on combining the Undead mod scripts into the Zombie mod for ease in mission editing purposes.

    2.) Do you have anything on all the units you have (like a list of all the units you are making or have made). I'm just interested in what all the units are.

    3.) Have you found a way for the scripts to be less CPU intensive in massive amounts of zombies.

    4.) Shopping mall?

    5.) Great job with everything, and keep up the good work. If you need any help in the mission editing aspect feel free to PM me or Email me at Skewballzz@aol.com