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  1. Skewballzz

    StarWars Addons by Acacyn

    hmmm....IMO this is the only reason I'm keeping OFP installed on my hard drive untill AA... Any chance of a teaser Beta release? I can only check ofp.info so many times a day waiting for this... Incredible job...giving me a reason not to play SWG
  2. Skewballzz

    big cities in game2

    OMG, what map is that bosnia city from? Please tell me its realeased and open for play...
  3. Skewballzz

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    yay, now the airports actually look like airports!
  4. Skewballzz

    AI in ArmA

    I hope when I put a shell into the top story window the explosion isnt 20m below on the ground, yet the effects of the explosion hit things where I aimed
  5. Skewballzz

    Composure Level

    jinef, great points... never looked at it that way
  6. Skewballzz

    Composure Level

    most of the effects i mentioned erlier would be applied mostly to low skill level units. those low level soldiers do not snap into 150% mode like vets do. The whole idea is to work physical and mental emotion into the skill level of a unit. Most, if not all the AI act like SF under fire. Explain how a unit with .1 skill can fire back everytime after 3 of his squadmates are shot within 5 seconds and an MG is filling the dirt around him with depleated uranium. Any "green" soldier would panic and most likely freeze.
  7. Skewballzz

    Composure Level

    thanx guys. Came to me when I was working on a mission where you're a fresh off the boat soldier. I was trying to find a way to "hinder" good players to the level of a no experience guy.
  8. Skewballzz

    Composure Level

    All is calm. Everything looks normal. Suddenly you hear the wiz of a bullet inches from your head. Your screen becomes blurry for a moment. You recover. MG fire in the distace. The screen appears to shiver slightly. A tank shell explodes to your right. Everything becomes washed out as the explosion attracts all attention. All because you are a soldier in OFP2* with the lowest skill level. Here's my idea... OFP simulates combat. Yet one thing left untouched is the human aspect of the game on an individual level. Yes, you can make AI seem to panic if a grenade goes off near them, but that is just the begining. What if you could simulate the confusion, chaos, dissorientation, and most importantly, EMOTION, of a battle for a player? I'll explain. I was playing around with the glare setting w/ DXDLL. Then i got it so everything left trails and such. Now what if that happended to the player when certain stimuli were triggered? Now take the level of stimulation needed to cause effects and base it on the skill level of the unit, or a whole new "composure level". Certain events may cause different reactions based on how skilled or composed a unit is. Take enemy fire for example. Enemy units are 400m out. They begin to take shots at you. Your composure level is low - .1 As the enemy bullets begin to zero in on you, your screen becomes slightly blurry. A few rounds kick up dirt in your face. Everything is impossible to see as life is a blur. suddenly another squad attracts the attention of your enemy. As the engage them and stop firing on you, things become more focused and clear. That adds another way to add something OFP lacks... Suppression. In a game dominated by AI that will do nothing but run or shoot right back at you, your options are small. Add in a supression system, and BOOM, new level of gameplay added. How do you add supression to OFP? A composure level setting for each individual unit that effects AI and human players alike. No longer will the skill level of a unit not affect the human player inside of it.
  9. Skewballzz

    Mapfact discussion thread

    Havent had time to try this out, but I cant wait for the sight of 20 blackhawks streaming past me at full speed tree top hight.
  10. Skewballzz

    Real life photography/photo editing

    damn denoir, those pics make me feel so cold... How cold is it around there right now?
  11. Skewballzz

    Bonaire Island update

    AWSOME! I noticed you said you are using forest types to achieve this. Do you know if the AI will act normally or will they zigzag and run like they do in forests. Same goes for armor units. Will they drive over things or freeze cuz theyre in a "forest". Great job with the island. Still rmemeber seeing the pics in ofp.info and thinking they were sneak peaks of OFP2. That right there says a lot to me. I give you major props for this
  12. Skewballzz


    I would just like this community to know that you have such an intulectual forum. I have been on here for a long time, and I have come to be able to see things from an "other than american" point of view. As the majority of the regulars here are not American, it is a great way for people to see many different, accepted opinions people have outside from my own. I would like thank everyone for providing such a great forum for me to participate in. Welcome to the future of communication.... The internet....
  13. Skewballzz

    New head model

    Damn man, nice job with the head. It's ambitions like yours that keep this community alive.
  14. Skewballzz

    Before you make an island for ofp...

    My best missions on Nogova usualy take place in the north/northeast mountains. Adds to that "partisan" feel and it looks stunning
  15. Skewballzz

    Anyone Play Delta Force BHD?

    I like that idea. How about J/O?