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  1. 3 hours ago, redarmy said:

    I have not actually downloaded newest version yet,previous version does not have the issue your describing on my end


    I have to start getting back into mission editing and I'm getting an "error 73 bad version" apparently related to the gutting knife.p3d.

  2. any news for us English speakers?

    505 release is still confirmed for the 16.02.2007!

    Uh yeah, but the 505 doesn't include United States.......

    Quote[/b] ]I'm still waiting for confirmation but the information I've received is that the 505 deal includes: South Africa, Japan, Australia & New Zealand amongst other countries, full list is:

    United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, Andorra, San Marino, The Vatican City, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia, Lichtenstein, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Japan.

    So as it stands right now, there is absolutely no news about this game ever being released in the United States. At least no news from BIS anyway. Their refusal to post anything makes me truly believe that this game will not be coming to the United States at all.

    Prolly for the best anyway, American gamers usually expect that their games work properly. We dont usually settle for buggy games that have had 10 years to work on problems that still aren't fixed.

    Who needs a US publisher if you have the internet.

    Stop winging about it and just pre-order the game at one of the X locations it is available and you'll have t around the release date. And your last line is just so wrong.

  3. It was already announced last year when that video was shown the first time that the elevators are scripted. If that video would have been never shown nobody would care about them working or not. What is more important to me is that AI patrolling inside the hotel now. And somebody got a good script working that makes it possible and that's great. The elevators would have been nice but never mind them. Do one of the other 1million++ things you can do with arma and forget about the elevator for now.

  4. Try something like this for your server.cfg:

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">hostname="ArmaMods.net Demo Server01 (build 5116)";


    passwordAdmin ="aamstaff";

    motd[]= {"Welcome to our ArmAmods.net Demo Server01.",

    "This server runs ArmA Demo build 5116.",




    "more blabla",

    "last bit of blabla"};












    class Missions


    class MPCTF_01 // name for the mission, can be anything


    template = M02CaptureTheFlag.SaraLite;

    cadetMode = 1; // difficulty 0=veteran 1=cadet (not only AI, but radar, map etc)


    class MPCOOP_01 // name for the mission, can be anything


    template = M01Cooperative.SaraLite;

    cadetMode = 1; // difficulty 0=veteran 1=cadet (not only AI, but radar, map etc)



    Tje Server FPS still drops from about 45-50 to about 4-7 if the CTI is played with more than 4 players and CPU load is still to high...

    As for adding missions. I thought missions could be run from the addons folder now:

    Quote[/b] ]5110 - Fixed: Dedicated server can use missions in addons now

    Seems like that's not what BIS meant with saying this. I created a coop mission in Armed Assault using SaraLite. Soon as that is placed in the servers addon folder it wont launch any more. Returning a data corrupted error....shame but understandable.

  5. I know the supposed release date for the 505 version is february 27th or thereabouts but i'd like to know how long the special edition usually takes to be released after the standard version. Any Germans,Czech or Polish players want to enlighten me....

    February 16th. is the confirmed release date for the 505 version of Armed Assault. There is no official info on their special edition yet. But you can be sure that it will be all over this site and the community sites soon as it is announced.

  6. @Crouch Monkey,

    I was thinking this during yesterday session actually.

    For battles that scale you guys should use a delete body script.

    So that the mess is cleaned up after a while.

    We're running a dedicated server for the arma demo over at ArmAmods.net.

    And the server FPS drops from around 45-50 FPS to 4-7 FPS soon as there is 4-5 players on it playing the CTI. CPU load is insane as well. It shoots to a constant 100% soon as there is a few people on that CTI.

    The demo server is running on a Pentium 4 with 2.8ghz with 1GB of ram on a shared 7GBit line.

  7. In order to see your "arma.rpt" you must make sure that "hidden files" are displayed in your win explorer. Once you set hidden files to be displayed go to start-->search and run a search for "arma.*" on your computer. It will display your arma.rpt file.

    I'll have a look at your dxdiag.txt


    Not Found

    The requested URL /DxDiag.txt was not found on this server.

  8. why not just have two seperate installs of Arma then... one with the language patcher, one without so that you can play MP without being labled a cheat.
    Quote[/b] ]It's 505's own job to go out and find their audience.

    Thus its your own job to go out and solve a problem you created

    That's a very arrogant opinion.

    Do you honestly see any big fuzz about signing the unofficial language addon?

    I don't believe that the language patcher is triggering the cheat protection. I have the German ArmA version installed since it's release. I patched it every time and applied the language patcher again. I can't see any of this problems people are on about.

    And people don't need to label you a cheater because it is known that patched versions connect with the message "modified file /Ca.pbo etc.

    If you as a admin know what to look for then you can prevent people to cheat pretty much. and that without the verifysginature. just add vital files that are not part of the language patcher to your "checkfile" in the cfg.

    Sara.pbo for example since a few days and some other files...