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  1. *edited* sry, my bad...
  2. if this works out then bohemia could be setting a milestone with VBS2 and for virtual simulating anyway. winder how this would effect the gaming comunity...
  3. just a guess but.... how about VBS2 being a complete seperate product and being based on the "real virtuality" engine? burt maybe V2.0 or 2.1?? of course it looks like OFP or ArmA or VBS1...cause the actual engine is the same. just another version (like I said my guess). pretty much like the development of the unreal engine over the years. just like that improved I guess the BI engine will keep on improving. ArmA will be a commercial gaming product and is tailored to be exactly that. VBS2 is a military combat sim and I'm sure the engine is put the way it is needed for that. It's like saying: Is AmericasArmy based on HalfLife or was it based on CounterStrike? Or maybe Unreal Tournament. I bet this wont be in ArmA:
  4. sniperandy

    Armed Assault or Operation Flashpoint 2?

    who knows, maybe it finally turns out that OFP2 will now be AA after the crack that went down with codemasters a bit back. but who knows...
  5. sniperandy


    so you're saying this is miss informed?...maybe some stuff is just not to be told you know? (i know the other issues they had with USARMY1, but that doesn't belong here warhawk ) i don't wanna take this anymore off-topic. so hopefully AA will be released before christmas and I also hope the "new" AA side goes online soon so we all get a better insight on what AA will bring us.
  6. sniperandy


    thank god it's a free world and I can think what I want. so long as I dont say that's how it is cause it would confuse people hearing more shait about the different products. maybe also you wanna swith on your brains from time to time before hitting the keyboards..
  7. sniperandy


    i think people still dont see the difference between BI & BIA. since BI is working on completing AA with allmost all they got BIA has shifted most dev work from VBS1 to VBS2 atm. this might also be the reason why the USARMY1 module and the patch are so delayed. because they need VBS2 up and running for the convention. still armed assault is a different story and maybe people should realise this some day.
  8. sniperandy

    When (what date) did you all first play ofp?

    sept. 2002 I joined the forum. so I guess I got it a few months before that. can't belive you still have the same installation of both windows and ofp on your PC barataccas... no wonder you got probs with your mashine...
  9. video link: @neph: didn't forget the beer... got to boxes of it right there next to the bottles
  10. i got mine in VBS but some "important" equipment in mine:
  11. is this what you want?? (cause this is what I want for christmas) @neph: i got my own hummer in VBS...:)
  12. sniperandy


    or better AmericsArmy packed with cheats even it got PunkBuster running and still needs a lot of Fog to be set on them tiny maps they got...
  13. sniperandy


    the converence got a open day. i think it's the 1st. of december. also track this site for any news related: http://www.vbs2.info
  14. sniperandy

    OFP2 on preorder !!!!!

    this has been on amazon for ages now. and it aint AA anyway... some crapy FPS codemasters is gonna release now using the name they got the copyright for.
  15. sniperandy


    so i wonder, what has all that to do with the release of AA? ...looking... last update for SWAT4 was... yeah remember now...when they added all the advertising being streamed right into the game. as many many games will do in the future... really a shame "nobody" plays OFP / VBS anymore... BIS could have added all the advertisement too then....**joking** LOL