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  1. I like the camo a lot, but why they all carry silenced M4's?
  2. SittingDuck

    Vilas' addons

    Look under VIL in de mission editor. When installed properly (and that shouldn't be too hard) you'll find the new units under this the VIL class. There might be several VIL classes, like VIL, VIL 2005 etc. depending on which packs you installed Btw. i love the Militia/Police, but the MP5 the police officers are carrying is a little underpowered imho. You have to hit a enemy with at least 3 bullets before he goes down. This is from less then 50 meters, not counting headshots. And i miss something else: a BRDM with MG in Militia colors would be nice for riot control/escort duties.
  3. SittingDuck

    Military Humor

    If it isn't, then Canada is in trouble :P Some years ago when they set up a international war crimes court here in Holland the USA made a law that said that if there is any armed forces personnell on trial for war crimes then the Pentagon has the right to free them by any means. Including a invasion :P Not sure if it counts for Canada also..
  4. SittingDuck

    Military Humor

    Sorry for the bumping, but i saw this thread and read the first pages and a story that my boss told me, a Lieutenant 1st class (i work as a civilian in the dutch Ministry of Defence), told me once came into my mind. Years before, when he was still a Corporal 1st class he was stationed in Seedorf, Germany and one day he and his unit were on a excercise. They had this camp set up an put a sentry with a .50 in the field. They told the guy who was behind this .50 that they expected that the Russians might use chemical weapons. So he had to watch the enviroment (grass, trees and the animals around). After a while my boss was on patrol with some of his mates and found the guy behind the .50 sleeping. Instead of reporting this to their CO they decided to take the .50 and hide it somewhere. After some minutes the CO, who knew this guy, went to check on him. He found him asleep without the .50 and woke the guy up and dragged him to his office. Once arrived he had to explain the missing .50 and why he was asleep. The guy said with a dead serious face that he wasn't sleeping, but he was watching some patch of grass that slowly went down to the ground. But he still didn't explained the missing .50, so the CO asked about this. The guy, again with a serious face explained that after he watched the grass go down the ruskies came to take the .50. Bceause he was alone and had no time to sound the alarm, he played dead. This guy could be courtmarshalled for this "incident" but the CO was litterally laughing his ass off and told him to just get the f*ck out of his face and office and never mention to anybody what happened.
  5. SittingDuck

    Nogova 2004 released!

    But adding or expanding cities would be nice, you could expand Modrava and the highway should end at Modrava, not the airport. And like SandVoss says, expand the villages, at least the villages near the highway. Now it looks like half of the island is still in the 80's and the other half is well beyond the year 2000. But don't change the north much, except Modrava beceause i want to use the north as a base for the resistance
  6. SittingDuck

    Another OFP Movie

    nice movie... i know the singer, can't remember his name but he's old. no, ancient :P
  7. SittingDuck

    Help! ctd at random!

    I also set the Virtual Memory to 600 Mb, which, according to BIS tech support, should help, but it didn't Any ideas?
  8. SittingDuck

    Help! ctd at random!

    yes, it's an onboard soundcard, and it doesn't support hardware acceleration
  9. SittingDuck

    Help! ctd at random!

    and i cleaned my HD, i have 22 GB free on my HD, and the Virtual Memory is higher then 550 Mb My Specs: AMD Athlon 1000 Mhz 128 Mb RAM Nvidia GeForce2 MX/MX400 32 Mb Via Tech motherboard Via PCI Audio Controller (WDM) Samsung DVD-ROM Windows 2000 Professional DirectX 8.1b Detonator XP drivers v. 23.11 (i tried the latest drivers also, but it didn't help) Game version: 1.00 (it doesn't matter what version i have, had 1.46 installed, 1.40 and 1.30, it didn't help at all)
  10. SittingDuck

    Help! ctd at random!

    Since i installed Windows 2000 Professional, and Operation Flashpoint, the game crashes at random to my desktop, but only when i'm playing the game, not in the menu, or in the mission editor (except when using the preview mode). The game was one of the few games i could play whitout problems on Win98SE and with WinME, but with Win2k, it is one of the worst running games (only GTA3 is even worse). I tried everything i could possibly think of, i tried downgrading my detonator XP drivers, i installed DirectX 8, i installed DirectX 8.1b (the new version) i reinstalled the 29.80 detonator drivers, i tried updating my soundcard drivers, which disabled my soundcard, and leaving me no other option but to install the old drivers again. And i already emailed Codemasters tech support, but they couldn't help. Any ideas on what possibly solve my problem?