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    Seb uh-1m

    it isn't available yet m8 sorry. i just posted those pics to give you a taste of what Frandsen did to the uh-1d to make it a uh-1m and the good work of evis coding it
  2. Snake Sh_t

    Desert storm mod

    the ds models are out. http://www.ofp-zone.de/
  3. Snake Sh_t

    I'm too good for opf to be fun

    it seems to me that the game i play is ofp.... can one of you point to me what the game opf is .. i mean i've heard it a lot but......
  4. Snake Sh_t

    Adding equipment?

    you messed up your code
  5. Snake Sh_t

    Before you install resistance...

    i'm very confused right about now. So i'll keep it to 1 ? which will be if i put in a new gun in my addons folder that came with a cpp ? do i gotta re-install my ofp, or is that only for the ppl whom got the new sound pack ?
  6. Snake Sh_t

    Uh-1n by the svfe team

    I have a ? with this UH-1N will i be able to shoot a LAW threw it or will there be an ivisable wall like the UH-1D that martin made?