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    RH weapons

    No no, as I said before I'm taking some time for myself now, I've been playing Tennis and Golf and above all (Steve you are going to laugh on this one) I felt in love with a beautiful Brasilian girl and so sports and love are taking all my free time. Nevertheless, I read this forum everyday and the only reason why I'm not wrighting anything is because I don't have a chance to help so... criticise and not being able to help is not my style. Reply just for saying congrats to you guys it's not worth it since you know very well that I admire all of you Cheers my good friends and ty
  2. Skaven

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Not frustrating, just time consuming, I don't know how many they were but... something like 600 hours were for sure, so now, I'm trying to take some of those hours back, starting to put myself in shape again in the gym and than the usual afternoon tennis/golf games that I like so much. But no worries, I'm still here and I have a lot of projects to work on, as Steve said, it's just some vacations
  3. Skaven

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Too soon Xira, we will update you later, but now we focus on Vr.2 Giving the East side a chance to fight back versus the Racs or whatever was one of our goals, I think we did it. The release day is very close but don't ask how close or Steve will stress Ty all for your continuous support and dedication, we are doing this for you we hope you like them as much as we do
  4. Skaven

    1st Infantry Division

    Looks very good Cam
  5. Skaven

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Well... if you wanna help, Steve (Shadow NX) will send you the final readme version later Â
  6. Skaven

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    All fixed, ty again, please keep it coming About the read me, well... we are making the Russian Army, I think it would be nice to deliver a readme in Russian specially for a question of respect and friendship
  7. Skaven

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Steve my part of the readme is fineshed I'll send it to you once I arrive home. Since English is my third language and since most of you guys probably won't read the readme, I'm gonna post a part of it that may have some mistakes, if you spot some, please help me by pointing them so I can correct it on time, ty  ... from a small part of the read me... ************************* * Some Important Notes: * ************************* 1 - You'll find an ammo box (inside the editor) with all weapons available under the name of "RHS Weapons&Ammo Box", most of the weapons aren't equipped on the soldiers since they are away too many for our ammount of soldiers and also for a realistic point of view, normally you don't see a Russian squad equipped with 10 or 12 different types of weapons, we tried to mantain this by balancing the realism/fun to play factor. 2 - The disposable RPG feature is only available for our custom soldiers, normal BIS units will use our RPGS without droping them after firing. 3 - Most of the weapons may use more than one magazine, they are defined for example as: AK74Mmag/AK74mag/AK74pmag, there is no real advantage between them, we use more than one class, only to allow us to share different color magazines between the same family of weapons, unfortunatetly replacing the magazine models while switching magazines would increase our addon size dramatically, so, for now, we will not include this feature. 4 - Each of this weapons has its own advantages and disadvantages, with time you will understand how to deal with each one of them, for example, you will notice that its slightly easier to turn the iron sights of an AKM than an AKM-GP25 (weight simulation), you will notice that the AKM-PBS1 has its range of fire dramatically decreased to simulate real life standards. A good choice for CQB would be the AKM-S since its fast, light and has a good rate of fire, however don't use it for large distance firefights since the recoil is a lot higher than its future variants ie: AK-74. The AK-103 for example would be a good choice to use for a large caliber controlled distance fire due to its modern standards, or the AK-74M (with a smaller caliber) since its the modern version of the first AK-74 therefore its recoil is decreased. For night missions you would probably like to equip your team with VAL weapons, however if you aim to go mainely CQB (at night) than the AKM-S PBS1 is definitely the weapon you will want to equip yourself with, covered by a VSS sniper of course. Each of the weapon's family has its own recoils, again to simulate the real standards and to allow them not only to look/fire differentely but also to feel differentely when handled by the Human player. Just some examples, I'm sure you will find a lot more as you play with our addon. 5 - All weapons have 5 Distance Lods plus View Pilot, Geometry, Memory and Shadow Lod, the decrease of polys between lods is more or less of 50% per lod, 95% of our weapons use only one texture which means that in terms of gameplay/playability they should be as good as the original BIS weapons, therefore not compromising your FPS and general gameplay, this was one of our main targets on Vr2 and will always be a standard in our RHS creations since we feel it's our responsability towards you to not compromise your ARMA game. 6 - We are not releasing any missions in this release, instead we have a RHS Mission Makers team on our plans, so we can while updating our work (usually 1 Version per month) offer you guys new missions to play from time to time. 7 - By request from the community we release this version 2 without custom soldiers/vehicles models, Version 3 will of course feature not only custom models for the weapons but for all the soldiers and vehicles as well, we are already working on it. 8 - We tried to use all modern features brought to us by the new O2, so we've added for example .rvmat files to all this weapons, as we learn more from our nice new tool we will keep updating them and modernizing them as much as possible, nevertheless you will notice some good 80% change on the old weapons that went from textures, to models to probably everythig we could think of. 9 - We tested our work countless hours however, due to the amount of things we are releasing, it's possible that some bugs may have slipped, we count on you to help us detecting them so we can in the future versions fix them, you are our forward RHS beta tester, you can contact us in the BIS Forum with a Private Message or on our Forum Thread, ty, all help is welcome.
  8. Skaven

    ZU-23 AA Guns

    I tried it, and I like it Törni, the Lods are ok, not perfect but ok, the textures need to be merged, specially now that you normalized them. Damage needs to be worked a little bit more, but... despite this small things I say you did a great job again, congrats and ty for your work
  9. Skaven

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    We took care of it for you Cam, don't worry my friend
  10. Skaven

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    There's no need to change the boots textures, the way BIS mapped the boots makes it almost impossible to make it better. When we release our custom models you will have fresh new boots as well as many other things  But that's for Version 3, now we talk about Vr2: Vr2 is close to the release, beta stage is already advanced, so far we did't spot many bugs which is a good sign (altough something always slips, which are the ones you guys will find for us, so you'll be our beta testers later hehe ). Still, if we have the same bugs we did on Vr 1 (1 bug) than it means we did a good job. I think you guys will like this Version, specially if you liked the one before, lots of things have been added and changed for better. There's some surprises that haven't been mentioned, like for example some weapons that haven't been shown or talked about. Perssonaly I'm very happy with our work and I think this time we defenetly are making the difference for the East Side with lots of quality. We tried to involve as many people as possible 2 heads think better than 1, 10 or more heads are a force to be reckoned and I think this is a good time to talk about all of the people involved (Steve use this for the read me please   ). I did of course forgot someone that I hope to remenber on time  As I said above a force to be reckoned, that travels around the world in places like: (by no special order) Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Japan, South Africa, Russia, US, Netherleands, Polland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Australia, Finland, Canada and Sweden. Version 3 will have a lot more I hope. Sometimes when I talk to this guys I think to myself how can there be wars in this world? We have all sorts of cultures, languages, religions, politics, ages... and we all go along very well, we did specially managed to make something together and that makes me very happy. ty my friends Â
  11. Skaven

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Something from our amazing photographer , Mr. Andrei from Russia (NSX)
  12. I'm getting the same errors with my weapons even with the models worked in the new O2, so... unless someone from BIS explains us why it happens we won't be able to fix it.