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  1. Snowflake

    Nam pack server?

    hello, indeed zeus addon server has nam pack + dozens of other good addons. website for download: ZEUS IP: Port: 2500 TS 2 Server is provided - same IP like server greetz snowflake
  2. Snowflake

    Script executed via addaction

    thought that it's just executed on client thx for the solution bye snowflake
  3. sorry if it is a stupid question, but also stupid questions deserve an answer i have a script exectued via addaction command. now where is that script exectued, just on that client where it is started, on all clients or also on the server? and if it's not executed on server and how do i force a script (started on one client) to run on the server? server exec "server.sqs"? thx for the hepl in advance greetz snowflake
  4. Snowflake

    Switchmove problems

    hello, imho fx stuff just works while executed in scripts. just write it in a script (hostage.sqs or whatever) and let the civilians execute it. hope it works. greetz snowflake
  5. Snowflake

    No 5.1 sound (rear speaker)

    thx bn880 & stewart, i tried it with just acceleration on and it didn't help either (tank coming from behind was louder in front speakers as in rear speakers), but u'r right. i started ofp whilst running that 5.1 test program and then tried it and now it works. either i always have to start it that way or decrease the acceleration thx for the help greetz snowflake
  6. Snowflake

    No 5.1 sound (rear speaker)

    thx, checked and it says speaker setup: 5.1 speakers
  7. Snowflake

    No 5.1 sound (rear speaker)

    hey thx for the fast reply, did already try it out, but then i always have the sound as if someone is flushing the toilet all the time and also no rear speakers. i also decreased the acceleration at dxdiag to zero, but didn't help... greetz snowflake
  8. Snowflake

    No 5.1 sound (rear speaker)

    Hello, i have following problem. in windows i get wonderful 5.1 sound (testing with multichannel audio demo). after starting ofp res i just got sound out of 2 speakers. eax and acceleration are turned off. system specs: * 1600 xp * a7v266-e sound onboard (chipset cmi8738) * used audio driver: c-media 0639 latest one * windoof xp prof * 768 mb ddr-ram thx for any help greetz snowflake
  9. why not rename your specified marker to respawn_west, respawn_east or respawn_guerrila (depends which side u play as coop player) and create the description.ext file? greetz snowflake
  10. Snowflake

    Ofp gamma problem

    had the same problem with my radeon 7500. at version 1.46 I could easily restore the gamma settings by going into the video setup and edit the gamma settings again. don't know if it works in res.. greetz snowflake
  11. Snowflake

    Targeting and aim

    hi Sh@d0w_Killer, wait i've read a post someone writes the same as u. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">snow you should come back and play at our server it's been a long time since you have been there!<span id='postcolor'> my stuff isn't good enough for playing ofp.r, i need some more ram  additional i don't like the new island that much. u can't hide in bushes... that's why i prefer playing 1.46 than 1.75. greetz snowflake
  12. Snowflake

    Stupid waypoints!

    hi carnophage9, perhaps u forgot to click on show always at the waypoints setup (below on activation after u set them)... greetz snowflake
  13. Snowflake

    I can't play resistance without it crashing...

    hi@all for the guys with the soundblaster live ! card i've got 2 links - if u know german visit this page - patch for soundblaster live (in german too but easy to understand) hope this might help greetz snowflake
  14. Snowflake

    Targeting and aim

    hi Sh@d0w_Killer, i had same problem after installing a unofficial soundaddon at version 1.46. laws fell shorter than they used to. the problem was fixed with an update of the sound addon (i think it was satchels sound mod). so perhaps u have some unofficial addon which doesn't work correctly with 1.75. greetz snowflake
  15. and u need a description.ext in your mission folder. and inside the description.ext the lines: respawn=3 respawndelay=15 keep the 3 it stands for respawn at the marker neo mentioned. 15 is the delay time in seconds. u may change it for ur purposes greetz snowflake btw: 155 days left till christmas