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  1. STS_SolidSnake


    Marines don't use the MH-6 helicopter
  2. I must sound stupid but i can't find any download link?? If i click on the title or on details it brings me to a page with Administrator and publishers address etc..
  3. For me it would be: -Atmosphere (Sounds, general feeling, graphics, animations etc.) -AI, Huge improvement on their behaviour in combat which contributes alot in the atmosphere section. -Reload while walking.
  4. STS_SolidSnake


    Score: 2701.63 1920x1200 All settings normal postprocess on high and shadow detail on high AMD Phenom II X4 920 @ 2.8Ghz 4 Gb DDR2 800mhz Ram Geforce 9800GTX+ Windows Vista 32bit Sp1
  5. After playing around a couple of hours this weekend, specially in multiplayer i must say this game is great, it really is worth 40€ in it's current state. After buying Left 4 Dead for the same price which is a game with a content close to nothing, and seeing valve releasing l4d 2 a year later same price, this game's 40€ is NOTHING next to that. Really good price that i am willing to pay double for a developer like Bohemia. One of the only games available that really deserves a higher price. No doubt knowing BIS this game will get even better after all the next patchs, but the atmosphere is really excellent, love the mp games where we are dropped off by mh-60s and hearing the chopper fly away in 5.1 surround is just... Wow! Never experienced anything like that in any other game. There are a couple of annoying bugs left out, but nothing really major, the game is very playable, i've had tons of fun this weekend with the german community, can't wait for the game to be released worldwide where the real stuff is gonna start.
  6. STS_SolidSnake

    ARMA 2 Micro AI Thread

    After messing around in the editor, having some fights in the editor, i found the AI to be very random. They seem to use covers alot and wait around corners before continuing, they hide behind fences and anything that could block the view. They act realistically, i haven't been killed once by a superhero lynx eye AI, and haven't died once by a single shot. When they spot me at a certain distance, they fire around me, i think it's really good as sometimes i just died and others i could get away with it by running to the nearest cover. I noticed they lost sight of you if your standing on the grass firing at them, once you go prone they still fire at you, but if you sneak away or something by still being prone, they stop firing. My only dislikes about this AI is how they control vehicles Sometimes pilot land the MV-22 to disembark all the troop inside, but sometimes it just flies around the drop spot. And as for driving cars and tanks/APC's it's still the same as in Armed Assault 1, they crash into building and tree's, even on straight road they go out of the road so they reverse back on the road go left right and stuff.. Hell, i even placed a BRDM 2000meters away, it was supposed to come help out their troops but it came 2 times on 5 tries.. That's my only disappointment regarding the AI, otherwise when it's not driving/piloting i think it's fine! I only had the "AI not firing at me even tho I'm standing next to them" bug happen once, but it will probably be fixed in no-time.
  7. STS_SolidSnake

    Morphicon (petergames.de) ArmA 2 Download Released

    Yeah basically wait, then when done go to the folder where you downloaded it to and double click the main file
  8. STS_SolidSnake

    Dynamic conversation system

    I haven't seen this happen once, but there is a game logic named "Surrender", haven't tried it out yet.
  9. STS_SolidSnake

    Dual/Quad CPU Support - How effective?

    My game is a bit sluggish too at 1680x1050 (i can go up to 1920x1200) 100% fillrate, medium and high settings AMD Phenom X4 920 @ 2.8ghz
  10. STS_SolidSnake

    Aircraft Carrier

    The aircraft carrier is only on the Utes map, it can't be moved it's like a building. Too bad it isn't on Chernarus :mad:
  11. STS_SolidSnake

    ArmA 2 German Release Thread

    The voices are the same for every release, English for american soldiers, russian for the others, and some czech
  12. STS_SolidSnake

    Morphicon (petergames.de) ArmA 2 Download Released

    Just ordered from petergames.de starting download.. 59 minutes to wait, hurry i wanna play so badly :)
  13. STS_SolidSnake

    Morphicon (petergames.de) ArmA 2 Download Released

    So how do you change the PBO's to make the game in english? I'm hesitating to order from petergames.de for 40€(no tax yaay :)), so i can play tonight but my german is not really good, even tho i live in switzerland and the game is supposed to be released here too.
  14. STS_SolidSnake

    The new Star Trek Film

    Really great movie, i never watched star trek before, i don't know much about the original series but i enjoyed this movie and this could be a nice trilogy if they keep up with the same quality :)
  15. STS_SolidSnake

    ArmA II release date discussion thread

    Smells like a delay to me too..