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  1. i0n0s, Pac from the Invasion 44 mod suggested I try your RTE. I'm having trouble getting it started, and he said you might know what I have missed. I down loaded the file called (Setup.1.5.exe) and installed the RTE. It asked to be installed in Program files and I said ok. It linked to both my Arma1 and Arma2 games. I got two short cuts on the desktop, RTE Capture and Run Arma(2). When I hit the Run Arma(2) short cut it installed the RTE to the games. I then hit the RTE Capture shortcut and there was a Launch Arma(2) button, and it started the game. I watched 2 You Tube tutorials and followed the instructions. I saw in the online manual it said that the RTE can only be run in the Single player mission. I started an SP mission to edit, drop a guy on the map and hit Preview. Once in the mission I hit escape got the pull down menu and...no RTE edit button was there. Both tutorials show the button at the bottom of the menu. I'm not getting one. The manual said " @RTEditor: RealTimeEditor, copy the folder into your ArmA directory and include it into your '-mod'-list." Does this mean I should not have installed the RTE in Program files? But in the Arma directory instead? And I don't understand what, "and include it into your '-mod'-list." I've not seen a mod folder in the game directory before. Also I'm not finding a folder saying,"@RTEditor" in the RTE folder that was installed. Did I not download the right file? Do I need to add something to the shortcut? Do you have an idea where I went wrong? The RTE looks prefect for what I'm trying to do, and will save me many hours. The RTE looks like what I've been needing for mission editing. Hope you can help. Bruce
  2. Stein

    Tutorial 5 - parachuting

    Stein here. thx! that worked...but got a new error message saying," '1#1 ': Error invalid number in expression". This was the script code I copied. _aunits = units L1 _i = 0 _Max = count_aunits #Here (_aunits select _i) action ["EJECT",Helo1] unassignvehicle (_aunits select _i) _i=_i+1 ~1 ?_Max>_i:goto "Here" exit Hopefuuly someone can spot where it can be fixed. Thanks!
  3. The helo sits on the ground with everyone on broad, with an error message that says, "unassignvehicle (_aunits 1#1select _i)';Error Unknown Operator Select_i" . I think my error is in the script.sqs file. I've spent alittle over 2 hours looking for the problem, trying different things, but no luck. I placed 3 way points, WP2 being the jump point. And the mission starts with the music effect from the WP2. Of course the Helo has not gone to WP1 yet, since it is still sittiing on the ground with the engine off. Anyone have any ideas?