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  1. I have been following BIS work since the first time I played OFP back in 2001. For some reason I never really got into Arma (1) but with Arma2 i'm back playing again :)
  2. S_Z

    Analogue Throttle

    Are you sure that work? If I do that "increase throttle" overrides "analog throttle" for the airplanes. I can not move slowly down the runway like I can if I unbind the "increase/decrease throtte" and only use the analog option.
  3. S_Z

    Analogue Throttle

    I tried it out with a A-10 and it seem to work for me. I got one problem though. It seems that this new analog options does not work with helicopters and if you map the throttle on your joystick to both the new and the old throttle option the old one seem to override the new one. This means you can't use your joystick for both airplanes and helicopters? Or am I missing something too?
  4. Thats certainly not the solution I would like to see...The long grass adds alot to making the environment feel real imo. I think it looks great.
  5. I can buy that the gras is effecting the AIs ability to spot you, however once they do the gras does not seem to be help much for you. I did some tests where put myself prone in a flat area with alot of gras and an enemy group moving towards me slowly. I then shoot in the air to get their attention and make them go prone too (they are still quite far away). I roll around a bit to change my location. From my view I can see nothing but gras. As soon as the AI spot my new location im dead in 1 to 3 shots. This from an AI that also is prone, far away with alot of gras around him. He should not be able to kill me in just a couple of shots. However if I only use one enemy soldier and run the same "mission" the AI seem to react better. He usually does not go prone an shot me instantly but instead run for cover and trying to get closer. Im guessing when using a group solders that are not prone can report my location to the ones who are prone? If so they are a bit too good at reporting positions...
  6. Are you sure none of them moved? I did the same experiment myself and from my experience they do not know of each other as long as no one moves.I used the barracks next to the airstrip on the small island. I put one solder on each side next to a window then start the mission. Both solders just stand there, if i go inside and open a door so the two soldiers see each other through the windows they both react and hit the ground :) I then put a group on each side instead. At start they are unaware of each other but as soon as someone moves they all get alerted. Im not sure what to make out of it. I saw soldiers running pass each other which showed they did not see though buildings. But at one point I saw two soldiers try to shoot one another though a corner of the building. It looked quite funny, both shooting straight in the wall, it ended with both soldiers throw a grenade at the same time and kill each other :D I think as many other already said that the hearing is the biggest issue, they seem to hear a bit too well.
  7. S_Z

    A-10s wont use their main gun

    At first I also thought it had to do with the joystick but as I said even when I didnt touch the joystick and only used the keyboard it did this every till i pull to the left.I just tried disabling the joystick but that resulted in some even more weird rudder issues. Now it doesn't matter what way I turn, when i release the rudder key the rudder keeps going back an forth for a few second. I searched the community issue track and found this reported bug: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/2041 Perhaps my issue is related to that one. I can still aim quite well using rudder (when the joystick is connected) so i just hope they fix this in an future patch. Enough off-topic from me :)
  8. S_Z

    A-10s wont use their main gun

    When you say you don't have any control, do you mean they don't have any effect at higher speed? My rudder works fine at higher speed (~500) but for some reason, regardless of speed, after using the rudder to pull left it automaticly pull to the right for a second which is quite annoying. This does not happen when I use the rudders to pull to the right and its not my joystick, using keyboard gives the same effect. Sorry for off-topic...
  9. That did the trick! Thanks alot! :)
  10. Thanks for clarifying my issue, synch_c :) This is exactly what I was trying to say. Its not he end of the world but I hope it's on some bug list and will get fixed back to how it was in Arma/OFP when the more serious bugs are fixed.
  11. Yeah, I guess that is pretty much the same way as I described in my first post. You select one of your units, select a sub menu (doesnt have to be the "target"-menu) and then right click on the enemy and your unit will target that soldier.Im having a hard time believeing they intentionally added a pointless selection of a sub menu in order to make a unit target a selected enemy. It has to be a bug.
  12. I don't want my soldier to engage/attack, just want him to target the enemy soldier so he is ready to take him out on my "fire" command.
  13. Sorry if this has been asked before, i have tried search for it both here as well as on the community issue tracker page. Im having some trouble assign targets using the mouse cursor as you could do in OFP/Arma. Selecting an AI solder in my command and then pressing the right mouse button while having the cursor on a (known) enemy soldier doesn't do anything. For some reason it does seem to work if I bring up the menu and select a sub menu like "team" or "communication" and then right click on the enemy soldier. Does not seem very logical to me :/ Have something been changed since arma/ofp or is it a known bug?
  14. But it was supposed to improve AI driving skill and it would nice to hear (or see) something about that.
  15. It would be nice if someone could post a similar clip as this, but running on 1.02 code for us poor fellows who have not got our copies of Arm2 yet...the post office still got mine :mad: