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  1. So, when it worked.....what, exactly, did you do?
  2. If you're playing the Contact SP campaign then you're gonna know what I'm talking about very soon. If not, then I don't think you'll be able to help. P.S. The task I'm referring to is specifically labelled 'Progressively transmit noise'.
  3. *If* the AI driven scripted transport worked....then yes. However, it doesn't work a lot of the time. Anyway, bug reports for you: The new 2nd tier missions don't seem to have an obvious dialog that appears. You make contact with the fella, use the 'request mission' menu option and then you have to notice the mission vehicle icon on the map. The first time some players of ours tried it some other tier 1 missions spawned at almost the exact moment they made contact with the fella.....and then assumed these missions that had just spawned (a capture the outpost and a city supplies) were from him. No-one seems able to pick up a PCML. The menu option is there but nothing happens. Picking up titan launchers works fine. At ports, can we have an option to buy RHIBs as well? Cos those assault boats, or whatever they're called....the dingy with an outboard.....are just so damn slow.
  4. The despawning also happened to a NATO boat we stole. Some people like screwing around underwater, I'm one of em. With AI divers....anyone who doesn't like screwing around underwater can safely ignore them for the most part.
  5. Tried playing with 2x players NATO v 6x players syndikat. The NATO players suffer some minor issues: As all NATO players are in the same group, only the group leader has control over the AI heli transport....which can cause some logistical issues. Recommend making all NATO slots group leaders as per syndikat. We came up with the brilliant idea of stealing some civilian vehicles and driving round pretending to be AI in order to find the enemy.....however, all vehicles seem to despawn after around 2km of travel. This includes boats.....and I blame you for the 15 minutes it took me to swim to shore. :-p The punishment script may be unwarranted for NATO players. We started to get frustrated with the (lack of) transport options and after the AI heli refused to land for the 3rd time we shot the pilot.....and the punishment script kicked in. On the plus side, boat spawn positioning is now much better. Can we have some AI divers to contend with as well?
  6. Ah. That explains why I can't find it. Is the plan to implement it and where can I set it currently in Antistasi Altis?
  7. B, in the Antistasi changelog you mention: NEW OPTION: Simple arsenal access mode. Gear us no longer removed from members upon accessing the arsenal. Default: disabled. Where is this option turned on and does the same functionality exist in WotP?
  8. Alternative method to allow proper boat placement: Don't spawn them with scripts, place them in the editor with a 33% (or less) chance of presence.....then a boat will only be in the same place every 3rd time we launch the mission. Boats won't respawn while in mission but will on relaunch. Then you can place boats by every jetty, harbour and logical place rather than floating around off shore like they've been stolen. And I've never seen the invisible wall issue on Altis in Antistasi, only in WotP on Tanoa.
  9. Also, boat positioning....... boats seem to be abandoned in little groups, sometimes parked on top of each other, out to sea nowhere near harbours or jettys.
  10. B, weird bug. Nothing appears in rpt. Don't know if it's server specific but......occasionally we'll find an invisible barrier in the middle of a road. Anyone else mentioned anything like that? If not it's something on our server causing it. No mods running apart form cba and tfar, however, large player base so occasionally some idiot connects with the clan mods loaded and has things in the arsenal no-one else can see. Might be related.
  11. The attitude I take is....if it's armed it gets shot. If it whinges at me to cease fire then....aw, alright then.
  12. swoop

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    B, we're running a WotP server with 1x HC, seems to be working well. Civ spawning on 3%, contact spawning at 1600m, around 6 players.
  13. swoop

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Are you absolutely sure about that? Cos I'm not.... Maybe B can confirm?