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    Secure ID progress

    It seems the server mentioned in the blog did not survive the load and it is already down. I recommend not using requiredsecureid until we check and fix the issue.
  2. This does nothing. Instead, localClient[]={}; needs to be added to the server.cfg.
  3. With Arma2 it currently works in a different way. Beta is installed as a separate product, and when you opt-in for a "Test" beta in a beta, you get the performance profiling version instead.
  4. It is just a version with the AI performance already fixed, so that anyone can play with it and not be distracted by the issue which is already know. I have no particular hints on what to look for and I will not provide any guidance on how to use it. I have posted it in response to https://dev-heaven.net/issues/60304#note-75. If someone wants to write a documentation on Wikipedia about the performance profiling, I can revisit and clarify if needed. There will be no performance beta published updated regularly, but may be refreshed from time to time.
  5. Can you try with -maxmem=1024? (Server is unlikely to really need more). If you still see allocation over 2 GB, then I think it is worth checking what is going on there.
  6. If you want to us to check the problem, please, write a full server name here. ---------- Post added at 09:27 ---------- Previous post was at 09:22 ---------- Also make sure you have Dayz Lingor enabled when checking for Dayz Lingor servers - you cannot see them with normal Dayz or with Arma 2 OA without Dayz Lingor. Sometimes the server admin running modified Dayz may need to make some changes as well: - either run a recent beta on the server - or the server needs to contain Dayz in the server name - or the server needs to contain Dayz in the mission name
  7. I explain it that there must be some bug in the beta implementation. Sorry for that, but such things happen, that is why it is a beta. Thank you for reporting the issue with details needed to reproduce it. Now we have a repro, the bug is likely to be fixed quickly. It is impossible to fix issues like "server browser is borked and does not work", but it is well possible to fix bugs which have an easy to follow and reliable repro. I can confirm I can reproduce the issue and the fix should be ready within a day or two. ---------- Post added at 11:03 ---------- Previous post was at 09:35 ---------- Fixed in 96989. The bug was with handling servers with BattlEye not enabled. If you want your server to be visible to players who are not using filters more often, esp. to players using recent beta versions, you can implement following measures to match server browser prioritization: - enable BattlEye - use beta 96016 or newer so that the server location is known to the browser
  8. DAYZ_M is for "unofficial DayZ variants (like Lingor)".
  9. We have implemented a server geo location in this release, so that we can improve the server browser experience in the future. The coordinates should be save in the server ArmA2OA.cfg file in serverLongitude / serverLatitude values (read only, no need to attempt to change them). I would like to ask server admins to check if those fields are correct for them. If they are wrong by a small bit (say off by 1 or 2), it should not matter, but if the value is way off (like locating your server in Australia while it is actually in US), please, report the issue here.
  10. Since build 96643 a new value serverGeoLocAuto=0 can be used in ArmA2OA.cfg to allow server admins to work around mistakes made by the automatic geolocation. When this value is used, values serverLongitude and serverLatitude will be used as written in the file and never overwritten by the game. The values detected by the geoip service will be written to serverLongitudeAuto and serverLatitudeAuto for information purposes but not used. You can also continue posting major mistakes here, chance is the GeoIP service provider could be able to fix his database.
  11. Thanks for letting me know. Can you post your server IP here, or, if you do not want to publish it, sent it to me via PM?
  12. Done in 96074. Wait for the next beta.
  13. It will be smart enough to provide you enough "closest" server, no matter what closest means with your current filter. If there are no servers close, you should see those far away. Only when there are many servers close meeting the filter rules, you should see them first.
  14. No, you will never ever again see the full server list again. There are too many servers and having full list was causing too much load on the matchmaking server. We need to improve or redesign the server browser to be usable even without the complete server list. ---------- Post added at 17:19 ---------- Previous post was at 17:17 ---------- This means nothing yet. Once server longitude / latitude info is populated and confirmed to be working correctly, we will start filtering out distant servers by default, so that you can always see the servers close to you.
  15. I confirm I am aware of the issue. This time, rather than implementing one more hack into the LOD system, I would perhaps rather rework it a bit deeper, however this can take some time. If community agrees the 1.60 was better in this respect, we can revert LOD management to that version meanwhile.
  16. Dedicated server exe actually has a revision number 96016. I am interested in reports from dedicated servers. If you are hosting a dedicated server using normal game exe then yes, I am interested in 96015 version as well. To keep this thread short and workable, please do not post when your server is reporting OK. Post only when it is not OK, as this is what needs to be worked on, and it would be impossible to find in the OK, OK, OK list.
  17. I am not aware of a change which would cause this. The D3D engine does not contain a single change since 94943 at all. As 95417-95883 is still quite a broad range to check every other unrelated change for a possible influence, it might help if you can tell which of the beta builds from http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php is the last to work, and which is the first to break this? What about versions 95819, 95777, 95724, 95660?
  18. If any server admin sees a server to crash and finds a message "Player XXXX message queue item NNN is null" in his .rpt file, please, store the crashdump (mdmp file) and send it to us (PM to me or Bebul, or post a download link here), it will greatly help us identifying once cause of a crash which is currently puzzling to us.
  19. Finally a build went through a new compiler, and here it is for testing: ftp://downloads.bistudio.com/arma2.com/update/a2oa-server-1.62.95577-Alpha.tar.bz2 Please, consider this as a highly experimental "unstable alpha" build. A new compiler was used, which means a different libc++ will be needed to run. Moreover, the server is almost untested at the moment. We have tested its basic operation shortly (connected a single player), but other than that it is untested. Post your experiences here.
  20. checkSignaturesFull checks every byte of the file content, and therefore not only verifies signatures, but also verifies file integrity. It is not fully implemented yet, it fails on DLCs.
  21. We have identified a problem with the PlayerIds used to identify players in the multiplayer games. The problem is that while PlayerIds are unique for individual products, the same PlayerId can be used for a different product and players with different products can play together on the same servers. Products currently conflicting are: A2 / A2Free A2OA / ArmA 2: Reinforcements / ArmA X Anniversary Edition The conflict for the Operation Arrowhead family of products was solved by changing PlayerId for all players using ArmA 2: Reinforcements or ArmA X Anniversary Edition. The users ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead will find their PlayerIds unchanged. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but unfortunately such conflict cannot be solved in a 100 % backwards compatible way. The solution is implemented in build 94002 and will be available as a public beta first, and a stable patch later.
  22. Thanks for reporting, fixed in 95790, will be published most likely sometimes tomorrow.
  23. This beta looks stable for clients, but it is unstable for servers (crashing when some weapons are used). Sorry for that, a new beta should be coming later today.