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  1. Seventh


    This is the only link to the song you refer ... hmmm I fail to hear the your point...we don't make it a habit of listen to 1983 punk groups. (although some of their later work is a little funky)...anyway here is the only link I could find to this song... Retreat Page MP3 Direct Link Retreat MP3
  2. Seventh

    The future of operation flashpoint

    I remember that Shuttle game, after you launch you had to open the Bay doors to cool it down, it had like 5 million buttons and I always managed to burn up coming home from what I remember, but still crazy sim for back them, it was pretty cool just pressing buttons and having no idea what they do. Also another amazing game years ago was called Carrier Command, Amiga and PC, I don't think many people will know about this game, but there was 2 futuristic Aircraft carriers and a massive map 100 Island, the idea was to track down the enemy Carrier while setting up a supply infrastructure, it was really amazing...far to complex to explain...
  3. Seventh

    Deadly spent cartridges

    Take a look at your Memory properties, its very simple to fix.
  4. Seventh

    Question about 3d models

    No you don't have to make this model, it is generated by the engine depending on class and how its defined...
  5. Seventh

    Flashpoint on xbox

    I think you'll be surprised when you see OFP on XBox. With the introduction of the addition features, campaigns and all upgrades, it will be well worth getting if you own Xbox. Also the price of Xbox has come down heaps in the past few weeks, in Australia today I heard it was selling for $400 AUD around $200 USD. You have to remember not everyone has a high end PC or even a PC, at least Xbox lets more people access and experience this amazing game.
  6. Seventh


    I'm sure you will see VBS1 Models and features in some future products and no BIS own all rights to everything. So the future of OFP looks good in 2002 and beyond.
  7. Seventh

    VBS -Explain.

    I have been reading the thread and most of the imformation here is way outdated or incorrect, once the new VBS website is completed you will see the new changes. There will be a press release soon...